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Found 12 results

  1. FingersCrossed

    Keeping State Updated

    Hello everyone How is everyone doing? Sorry for not being on this forum more - been a bit busy getting ready for our activation trip as well as getting everything done in the house so we can sell. Need some advice please - we are going to activate our visa's in July this year with the plan to move over to Victoria end of next year. Do I need to let the Victoria government know of my plans or do I only need to get hold of them once we have officially moved to Australia to live? Concerned about this line in my email from them: "As per Victorian Government nomination conditions, you must keep the Skilled and Business Migration Program informed of your arrival date and address once you arrive in Australia. Upon arrival you will be required to complete surveys over the course of your two year commitment to Victoria. " I have no problem dropping them a email message or phoning them - however in the same breath I dont want to waste their time if they dont really care about activation trips. I still have to December 2021 to MOVE there according to my Visa - so am I correct in saying that I should only get hold of them once we have officially moved there? Thanks FIngersCrossed
  2. Charne

    Hi my name is Charne and I'm an...

    I bet you thought I was going to say alcoholic but no, I'm an... African. I've been spying on the forums since June 2014 and decided to climb out of the shadows and into the light to get me some of the action After contemplating where to post my questions or concerns I thought an introduction is in order/ and a good place to start. My partner and I have been on the migration train since May 2014 when we had decided to move over. We've been spending the bulk of our time waiting for my partner's occupation to show up on a state sponsorship list. Late last week after South Australia had released their new point system we realized we had to spark to get our application done and unfortunately we had to abandon the 190 Visa we were originally gunning for due to a lack of points on account of work experience. Earlier this week we've lodged a state nomination application, our intentions is to apply for a 489 visa and with this, new thoughts and concerns came to mind about finding work on a Visa that has a short life span/dependent on renewals/citizenship applications. I suppose we don't need any specific advice, I'd just like some greater support system for our journey as most of you have been through it all and I want to gain ALL the wisdom and share some too!! I'll be posting again should something be burning in my mind. Nice to meet you guys.
  3. Hi Team, We are in a bit of a predicament... Here are the facts: I have received an ACT state sponsorship on the 11th of July 2014. According to the CO, I have 30 days to lodge my EOI. Then once the visa invitation is issued, i will have 60 days to apply for the 190 visa. She also mentioned that ACT nomination will expire after 90 days. Here is the problem: I require a further 5 points to qualify for a 190 visa, which i am planning to make up with a higher IELTS score. I have booked my new IELTS exam BUT they only had a spot on the 16 of August 2014 with an expected date for releasing my results at the 29th of August. Taking the timelines mentioned above into consideration, i will not be able to lodge in time as i need to lodge an EOI before the 10th of August. How will the fact that my points score will be too low, if i lodge before I my receive the new IELTS score, affect the process. Could someone perhaps offer some advice on options i might have? I am very concerned with timelines as i will not be allowed to resubmit an application for State sponsorship in ACT due to the fact that my occupation has been removed from the skills list. Your views/advise will be highly appreciated. Thank you
  4. shannonc4

    Thought we'd share our story

    Hi all, Hubby (Albrough) and I decided that it would be a good idea to journal our experiences so far. It's quite humbling to see how far you've come and hopefully it will reassure some of you. Getting to that point... We met through a dating site on Facebook in 2008 and shortly after we met, we decided that we wanted a bit of an adventure; we were young enough and had nothing holding us back in RSA so started looking at different options. We looked at working on yachts, cruise liners, the water parks in Dubai and lastly OZ. I had always had this strong pull towards OZ and after sharing this idea with Albrough, we decided to look into it. We had our first assessment with André Burger & Associates in September 2008. At that point, it didn't look good. We were told that I had a degree but no experience and Albrough had to much experience and no degree. So... we forgot the notion and decided just to press on and make the best of our situation in RSA. In 2011 we spent a weekend in Cape Town were Albrough proposed and from there, we started planning or wedding. In July of 2012, after being broken into and dealing with out of our control and Albrough seeing 2 dead bodies on the way to work in the space of a week, we decided to re-look at OZ but decided to wait until after our wedding. The process... We were married on the 1st of September that year and soon after our wedding we got stuck into researching immigrating to OZ. I had spent many nights researching points and doing all sorts of on-line tests and by chance, a week later, Reuven from Migrate2OZ called us. He did a quick assessment and gave us some guidance on which visa would be most suitable; after chatting about it for awhile we decided to appoint him as our agent in late October. From there we quickly started getting our paper work together in order to start our application. We were applying for either a 189 or 190... depending on IELTS. Two of the major challenges we had were getting my SACE certificate (PM myself or Albrough if you are a teacher and need some guidance) and achieving the illusive 8 in all four IELTS academic components. You would think that being an English teacher and having a degree in English that this would be easy... It sucked! We found IELTS to be very subjective and after missing out on the 8 in all four components by 0.5 in one of the components (always a different area) on all three occasions. We decided to stick with the 10 points and apply for state sponsorship. When we started the process, there was no state sponsorship fee for ACT so decided that ACT would be the better option. After all of that, we sent off my skills assessment and waited... and waited... and waited. In week 6, AITSL requested a UNISA document stating teaching hours, level of teaching and practical dates. This was going to prove to be difficult. I visited UNISA 4 times over the next week and was simply told the same thing each time: "We don't do that". At this stage UNISA had also gone virtual, meaning that you could not contact them telephonically any more. By chance, again, I found my old UNISA login details and password and attempted to email every single lecturer I had been appointed to, for help. It took two days before I was contacted by Martin van Staden. He was incredibly helpful and within 24 hours my document was on its way to AITSL. After another gruelling 10 week wait we received a positive skills assessment and were now ready to lodge our State sponsorship application. We received the ACT documentation from Reuven and were gob smacked. There was now a $300 application fee and the paperwork was almost a ream thick. Just reading through it made us worry and reconsider our decision. The next day I contacted Reuven about our options. We could either wait until the end of the year when I would qualify for 5 extra points for work experience and then go the 189 route or fill out the reams and reams (slightly exaggerated) of paperwork, essays and research on jobs, housing and suburbs in order to go to ACT. At this point Albrough also realised that the ACT job market for his skills were severely limited as you would need security clearance to work in most IT jobs which would require citizenship. Reuven then suggested that we look at NSW as their state sponsorship had just reopened; so within 48 hours we had the 7 page NSW forms filled out and ready to be posted. It took exactly four weeks for our State sponsorship to come through (we were told 12 weeks) and by that stage we were ready to lodge our visa application. Our application was lodged and paid for on the 15th of October 2013; we now started on our PCC's (what an abortion) and medicals. When going to Alexandra Police station to do our finger prints, we were very surprised at the service we received. The most pleasant and helpful man did everything for us and we were in and out within 20 minutes. This was the only positive experience with PCC's. They were ready with in 2 weeks but when my father went to collect them, he was made to wait and hour and was then promptly told that they were gone. After fighting with them on the phone for another week, Albrough was told that because we did not fetch them on the day that they were finished, they had been lost and that it was our fault (YAY for the competency of the RSA police service). We had to have them reissued which also turned into a game of he said she said. No body would help us and we had the phone put down in our ears on numerous occasions. FINALLY my - Ice salesman to the Eskimos - father, sweet talked our PCC's out of the same woman who had constantly put the phone down on us. During this time we had also had our medicals done in Durban, what a stress free and pleasant experience. 48 hours later we had a CO and it all went quite quickly from there. We were assigned a CO on a Friday morning and Received our Visa grant on the Monday morning. Thanks Hong Lov! Now we are anxiously waiting the day Albrough gets to resign (I have already) and we leave for our great adventure. E-tickets received, accommodation in Randwich booked and paid for and we flight out on my birthday I think that's a sign as it was the cheapest ticket we could get. Thank you all for your constant support and help over the last year.
  5. Hi there, Hubby and I have received confirmation that our 190 NSW visa was lodged today (WOOOOO HOOOOOO ) Since there is a similar thread available for the 189 visa, we though - why not start one for all those who recently lodged their 190. If you have recently lodged your application, please share it with us. We would love to hear from others who are in a similar boat. Many thanks Shannon and Al
  6. Guys I've seen this done on another forum and it's a great way to get everyone going through the same stages of the process together in one place. If you've applied for a 190 SS Visa in May, join this thread and add your timeline. Then add regular updates on PCC, Meds, CO and Grant (and pretty much any other experiences) in order for people to compare waiting times and progress and share in their misery/joy! DONE 07.05.13 - Invite to apply 08.05.13 - Application submitted 23.05.13 - Meds completed OUTSTANDING Expected - 29.05.13 - UK PCC's Expected - 31.05.13 - RSA PCC's Expected - 05.06.13 - Case Officer Expected - 19.06.13 - Visa Grant Good luck everyone!
  7. Hiya, hope someone can help The visa application is taking longer than we originally expected and we are now considering beginning trying for a baby now before we receive visa approval. How will this impact our application if my OH falls pregnant after State Sponsorship and Visa comes through but before we go over? Alternatively, what are the implications if we fall pregnant before we receive the SS and Visa approval? Thanks C
  8. We will be applying for state sponsorship for our 190 visa, now I'm wondering... 1. How much is this proof of three months' get by money? How much is that about? Can't find it on the internet. 2. What is considered proof of these funds as the funds we will be taking is currently in assests such as house, cars, furniture etc etc that will be sold. Your help is really appreciated.
  9. Hallo! This is so exciting! We received WA state sponsorship 2 days ago, sent through our agreement and when I woke up this morning, our invitation was waiting in my mailbox! Now the real hard work begins!
  10. Got the email early this morning! Our state sponsorship has been approved for Western Australia. We applied on the 2nd July 2012 and boy did the wait seem to go on forever. We sent the signed approval agreement back now to get the invitation through EOI and lodge the visa.
  11. Is there anyone who has lodged a state sponsorship application with Western Australia just before the 1st of July under the old system? My agents recommended that I do this, because if the sponsorship is granted it will then support my EOI and strengthen my chances of getting invited to apply for the Skilled PR Visa. I'd like to know if anyone has followed a similar route and if they have heard anything yet about the sponsorship being granted and, if so, how long it took WA to process the sponsorship application submitted before 1 July? Any comments would be great!
  12. I cannot seem to find any information on google wrt State Sponsorship applications that have been lodged before July but have not received a result yet before the changes take place. My question is, if one receives a positive outcome that was lodged before 1 July, after the July changes, would one be able to submit your DIAC application based on the positive result or would you still fall under the SkillSelect changes? The stress is really starting to set in now - as we have yet to have the Skills Assessment! Victoria University gives a maximum of 10 weeks, that would leave us somewhere in the middle of June to lodge. I know Victoria does not require an assessment when lodging, but they take up to 3 months. We were thinking maybe going Western Australia then? Any input or answers would be greatly appreciated
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