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Found 16 results

  1. HeidiPatrick

    Importin a vehicle into Australia

    Hi All, I have a question which I know a few people have asked, but really need answers from only those who have successfully done this. We are over activating our PR VISA and have been looking at vehicles. We have a VW 4 motion long wheelbase Transproter crew bus in South Africa, which we ordered from new and it is just over a year old with a whole lot of ect’s we had fitted. We paid for our vehicle cash and it’s still has very low mileage and is in excellent condition. We looked at trying to get the same/similar vehicle here and there’s none that even come near to our ones configuration. The price of a kind of similar one here but short wheel base is AUD98 000, that’s nearly R1mil when converted. At this point we really considering just brining our one over, as it is paid for and the import will hopefully be cheaper then trying to replace it here, as well as if we sell it we won’t get what it’s worth and the exchange rate is not so great so we can’t even afford to buy one here then. VW has confirmed that they can get all parts for our vehicle as the do the panel vans like our vehicle which has the same engine and transmission ect. We are going to be living in WA, has anyone successfully brought a vehicle over and can point me in the rights directions for costs and process ect? Thank you 😊
  2. Hi, I'm looking for some suggestions for online places to make use of to buy gifts / hampers for deliver in South Africa. I want to send a Christmas gift hamper to my dad who is still in South Africa. I have looked at the usual suspects (Netflorist, Woolworths, etc) and haven't found quote what I'm looking for. The exchange rate is fairly favourable and I don't mind spending some money. Any suggestions please?! As a side note though, it has to be non-alcoholic. Wouldn't want him booted from his residence... Thanks!
  3. R10M Foreign Investment Allowance From 1 April 2015 Exchange control regulations allow clients to move R10 Million per tax paying adult out of South Africa each year as part of their Foreign Investment Allowance. Foreign Investment Allowance funds can be invested into offshore investment portfolios, property, bank accounts or any other investments. Private individuals may utilize the below Foreign Investment Allowance per calendar year: R 10,000,000 per adult - SARS Tax Clearance Required (you can obtaining SARS tax clearances for FREE within 3-5 days)
  4. Just want to find out. What is the maximum one can take out of SA. I seem to remember a quote of R 1,000,000 per person per year. Is this right and if so is it per person per calendar year (Jan to end Dec)? Need the money to buy a bicycle this side. LOL
  5. Hi everyone I remember seeing a "list of 100 things to do ahead of your immigration date" checklist somewhere. Can anyone share a link? September rolling ever nearer
  6. Hello, I am from the St Ives Toastmasters club and am sharing an event for Tuesday 23. March. St Ives, in the leafy northern suburbs of Sydney, has a large number of residents with South African heritage. In our toastmasters club we also have a very healthy South African representation among members and are running a unique South African theme evening to celebrate the South African culture. What is toastmasters? It is a community style club to help improve the speaking ability of members through a program and support of other members. South African Evening in St Ives The South African theme evening will see speakers from the club talk on various South African related topics, for example travel experiences aliong the Garden Route and a popular folk tale from writer Rudyard Kipling. In addition we will have a light supper with a culinary specialities from Stanly St Butcher. I would like to extend an invitation to join us as a guest, there is no cost to attend, but please do get in touch first to register, you can . It will be an enjoyable evening and we invite guests to join us and to take a peek at the local Toastmasters club. Start time is 7:15pm Location: St Ives Libary Meeting Room (St Ives Shopping Centre - near woolworths entrance) More details / Info: http://stives.toastmastersclubs.org RSVP: christopher @ signale.com Regards Christopher Jones Note: The St Ives Toastmasters club is a 'not for profit' entity. There is a club membership (very modest) and the purpose of the event is to celebrate our cultural diversity and provide an opportunity for the community to become aware. We have a relaxed atmosphere and welcome community interest.
  7. This may be a dumb question, but if I am travelling to South Africa on an Australian passport, do I need a visa to enter South Africa? Anyone done this recently? While you are at it - throw some "going back to SA on holiday tips" at me Cheers
  8. http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/Politics/Ramphele-to-stand-as-DAs-presidential-candidate-20140128 Finally, some good news for a change Hope these awesome ladies can make a difference!
  9. First and foremost, I need to introduce myself by simply stating that my wife and I (after 4 years of considering this, that and the other) decided to make the move to Australia. Like most other South Africans (Afrikaans type at least) we have decided on Western Australia. We have expressed our interest to agents known as IXP Group. However, having read recent posts on migration fraud, I am hesitant to pay any money to them. Fearing, of course, a scam of some sort being thrown our way. The post, which raised the alarm bells, was a copy paste post from Scam Alert noting certain key indicators of a scam of some sorts. Some of these indicators may be present with the IXP Group agent that keeps phoning us from Cape Town. For instance, we need to make payment before end of November. We'll miss a huge opportunity, etc. We need to make payment in the amount of R 37,050.00. This of course is for a 457, which then they will apply for once they have found suitable employment for both my wife and myself. The fee will include all assistance from their side except third party fees, but it does include the actual government visa fee. I have of course raised many queries with them, which were all more or less satisfactorily answered. I, however, wish to ask forum members some directions in this regard and would very much appreciate suggestions, alternative suggestions and answers as far as members may be able to answers the questions listed below. (1) Has anyone on this forum or any person any member on this forum know made use of this group? (2) Could you supply me with references? (3) If the agents seem to be unknown or dodgy to everyone else here; could anyone suggest alternative agents that would also include recruitment services? I hope to make much more use of these forums to gain understanding and assistance with our move (which we agreed should happen as soon as possible) to Australia. The little tidbits of information I have been able to gather from these forums in just the last couple hours have already proven to be as good as gold.
  10. Seats are limited, make sure to book yours by simply clicking on the link. This is an opportunity to end the year on a good note, don't miss it. http://www.cashkows.com/roadshow
  11. Hi, I've been thinking a lot of this and think I have enough thought behind it to make this statement... South Africa is not the rainbow nation we were looking forward to... it's become the source of all that we've tried so hard to steer clear of and forget... it is the breeding ground for modern racism. I consider myself a liberally thinking person. I've seen the news articles and the TV commentaries and its strikingly obvious... this country does not want to let racism die, but instead keeps a firm grip on it and cultivates it. Look at our politicians... they should be setting examples of "tolerance" and "acceptance". But they regularly use terms that explicitly paint the divide between South African's to try and make a statement or further their own goal. The young see and hear this and gets a warped perception of the other races in the country... thereby breeding the racism. Racism is a part of the human condition, we fear what we don't know, especially people that are not like "us". This is further enforced by building myths, hear-say and spinning events to portray these differences in a negative light. Our media and politicians have become the masters of this spin-doctoring. They are the ones that are dividing the people with their continuous use of racial terms and rhetoric. This is why I fear racism will never die and will grow till it makes every member of society a walking nervous wreck. I recon the epidemic will grow to such an extent that the possibility of civil unrest and confrontation will not seem so remotely. What am I gonna do? Not take this anymore and get the hell out of this place before it also consumes me and my soul.
  12. I need advice on how to go about getting my pension from South Africa to be transferred monthly into my bank account in Australia. My pension fund requires a SARB reference number to do this. It looks like I may have to travel the application for formal emigration route to get this reference number from the South African Reserve Bank, and doing that I can also move my other RA to Australia in one go perhaps. I still have a bank account in RSA. Anybody that travelled this route recently who knows what the correct procedure is to get this SARB Reference Number?
  13. The Conqueror’s Project- ‘Recognising the past, supporting the future’ The Conquerors is the name that has been created to remember the all-conquering 1970 South African Springbok cricket team that defeated a strong Australian team 4 nil. Some of the players from this series include Peter and Graeme Pollock, Mike Procter, Barry Richards, Trevor Goddard, Dr Ali Bacher, Lee Irvine, Tiger Lance, Denis Lindsay and Eddie Barlow. This project has been initiated to recognise the exploits of the greatest cricket team to ever represent South Africa and at the same time to provide this team with the vehicle for them to put something back into South African cricket. The players were consulted and all agreed that funds raised through the Conquerors Project would be utilised to assist older players who played prior to the sport becoming professional. Funds will also be made available to Cricket South Africa for distribution to grass roots cricket development in South Africa. These payments will be in the form of cash donations as well as the donation of Conquerors branded cricket gear. This gear will carry the common thread of the 1970 team in order to ensure that the accomplishments of this team live on forever. This is in line with the reverence that the Australian 1948 Invincibles are regarded in Australia. A Conquerors Trust has been established to control the funds raised through The Conquerors and Mr Nicky Oppenheimer has agreed to be the Patron of the Trust and also to act as an advisor to the Trust. The inclusion of Mr Nicky Oppenheimer has been a major coup for the Conquerors as this provides complete transparency in relation to distribution of funds through the Trust. Sadly a number of players from this team as well as other players from the non-professional era are not financially secure and are struggling to make ends meet. By becoming a sponsor or registering to attend an event you will also be helping grass roots cricket in South Africa to ensure that our competitive nature and our national pride has the best chance of success in the future. Integrated Event Solutions (NSW) Pty Ltd being a South African owned company itself is very passionate about this cause and has been brought on board to organise two events in Sydney and Perth. These events which will be held in November and December this year will include a breakfast and gala dinner event. A few of the players from this team will be in attendance and include: Ali Bacher, Graeme Pollock and Mike Proctor. These events also hope to secure some players from the Australian team including Bill Lawry, Doug Walters Graham Mackenzie. These events are not for profit and all money raised will be used to cover event expenses and any funds left over through ticket sales will go to the Trust. If you have any queries or would like a formal sponsorship proposal please don’t hesitate to contact Integrated Event Solutions (NSW) Pty Ltd on: P: 1300 437 477 E: info@iesgrp.com.au W: www.iesgrp.com.au
  14. Hi. I was born in South Africa but came to Australia almost six years ago. Currently I am doing an HSC Society and Culture Personal Interest Project on whether or not immigration to Australia is better for an Afrikaner child than living in post-apartheid South Africa. As such a child, who immigrated to Australia, I often wonder where if perhaps I would have been better off remaining in South Africa. I would love to know what you think, if you have any particular insights and whether you think Australia or South Africa is a better place to bring up Afrikaner children. Other than commenting on this topic, you could complete one of my questionnaires (at www.agenerationlost.org) which will be used as more formal research. Every opinion counts and will help make my project a huge success. Thank you very much, in advance Note: HSC is the Higher School Certificate, equivalent to Matric in South Africa.
  15. AGenerationLost

    Research Participation Opportunity

    Hi For my HSC (equivalent to Matric) I am doing a major work in Society in Culture. As an Afrikaner immigrant to Australia, I find it fascinating to consider the opportunities I have in Australia - however, I sometimes wonder what my life would have been like had I stayed in South Africa. As such, the question for my major work is to find whether it is better for an Afrikaner child to immigrate to Australia or to remain in South Africa. Any assistance you can provide in the form of ideas (posted here or on my blog) or through taking one of my Questionnaires (from my blog) and returning it to me. My blog address is: www.agenerationlost.org Every voice counts and the more information I have, the more successful my project will be. Thank you very much for your assistance, I greatly appreciate your insights
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