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Found 5 results

  1. OnYellowBrickRd

    How different life is

    Last night I was at a ladies' meeting at the church which finished quite late. I was driving home after 21h30 and I realised that the only thing I was worried about was the possibility of a kangaroo jumping in front of the car! How my life has changed!! Any forumites want to share revelations of how different their lives have become in Aus?
  2. We just got this notification from our Admin office in our Security Estate (Centurion): PLEASE BE ON ALERT!! Yesterday morning an armed robbery took place at Westbrook Complex – it is next to Raslouw Estate. The perpetrators held the guard at gunpoint, put him in the boot, robbed two houses in the complex, left with the guard stil in the boot. Then they robbed two houses at Raslouw. A handbag from the resident of Westbrook was found on the scene. The guard was dropped off, unharmed. There was 4 men in a white BMW and a white Mercedes Benz Veto. Regards, 10 days ago we had our first violent crime in our estate, close to above estates. A family was held up, tied up and robbed. Thank God nobody got hurt, but the psycological effect of this on all of us in the estate is devistating. It is really getting bad. We are paying a premium to live in an estate, with its own security, we also have our own security measures at home, including armed response. What more can one do to make yourself safe? This is a sick country! Good news ... 3 more months then we fly to Sydney - Permanently!
  3. I am so, so glad to find this forum. Today is seven months to the day that my husband and I touched down in Wellington, New Zealand and it has been a total rollercoaster ride. I thought I was in the process of loosing my mind, then I found this forum and what an incredible relief to read that I am not alone and that all these conflicting feelings and emotions seem to be normal!! Here is a short synopsis of our story: I was a crime reporter in South Africa for approximately seven years. I believed I was "making a difference" by exposing the corruption, comforting the family who had been attacked in their home, warning people about the hijack hot spots.... yeah, I was young and naive and stupid. The reaction I got from family? "You journalists are so negative, anything to sell a paper right?" Yes- yes, we journalists had nothing better to do than to sit in the newsroom and make up horrible stories... Shortly before we decided to leave SA, I was the acting New Editor of Johannesburg daily paper- I am not exagerating when I tell you I did not have enough space to put all the stories in the paper. I would have to ask the journalist- 1) was anyone raped? 2) was anyone murdered? if the answer was no- the story wouldn't go in. Shortly before my husband and I got married in July last year, I had an attempted hijacking, he had his car stolen, we were told by the police that because we were white we had insurance, so they werent even going to try find the car. We aren't racists, we aren't bad people, we aren't negative people- we were fed up of the senseless violence, the reverse racism and living in constant, relentless fear. I always knew that one day the day would come where I wouldn't be writing about the attack on someone else, I knew, that one day, we would be the ones being attacked. We had little to no support from my parents when we decided to move, my extended family ridiculed us, accused us of being unpatriotic and negative. What am I battling with now? Trying to get my screwed up post traumatic stressed brain to get used to not living in constant fear and the total lack of support from family, new friends who ( through no fault of their own) have no clue where we are coming from and years of suppressed emotions- becuase to survive in South Africa, you have to be in survival mode- all the time. How you feel is irrelevant, you need to be in function mode- pay the bills, get to work safely, get home safely, prepare for every possible eventuality. You don't live, you exist. I don't mean for this to be a "South Africa bashing" post. But over the weekend, a well meaning friend said to me when I tried to share my feelings "you aren't there anymore, get over it" and it struck me. For many people leaving South Africa, we didn't leave because we hate our country. No one would willingly chose to have to leave everything they have worked for, everyone they love miles and miles away. No one wishes for their children to not have their grandparents there for them. I left South Africa becasue I felt I had no place there anymore and between the corruption, the crime, the senseless violence, was practically driven out. How do you "just get over" that? How do you just shrug it off? Did I leave out of choice or necessity? For me, it was necessity. The first two months here- I had to be home before dark, or I would get anxious- logically I know I am not in Johannesburg- does my fight or flight response? That is taking a while to catch up. The first night in our lovely home without the electric fences, the security guards patrolling( we staying in a townhouse complex in Johannesburg) no alarm, no maise- spray next to my side of the bed, no maglite on my husband's side- I could not sleep. Not having security to the hilt doesn't feel normal. Fear became my normal and safety feels abnormal now- isn't that weird? I guess this post is about a couple of things really. Firstly, acknowledging that leaving South Africa is not about hating your country. Secondly, throughout the emigration process, there seems to be a lack of counselling/ psychological support- in essence, we were living in a war zone ( might not officially be one, but your fight and flight response doesn't know that) and then all of a sudden you are physically in a safe place, but mentally?Thirdly, those who do have actual support from their families are few and far between. Has anyone else experienced the difficulty of mentally playing catch up with yourself once you are finallly away from SA- or should I go get myself checked into a looney bin for a little while?
  4. Hi. I was born in South Africa but came to Australia almost six years ago. Currently I am doing an HSC Society and Culture Personal Interest Project on whether or not immigration to Australia is better for an Afrikaner child than living in post-apartheid South Africa. As such a child, who immigrated to Australia, I often wonder where if perhaps I would have been better off remaining in South Africa. I would love to know what you think, if you have any particular insights and whether you think Australia or South Africa is a better place to bring up Afrikaner children. Other than commenting on this topic, you could complete one of my questionnaires (at www.agenerationlost.org) which will be used as more formal research. Every opinion counts and will help make my project a huge success. Thank you very much, in advance Note: HSC is the Higher School Certificate, equivalent to Matric in South Africa.
  5. AGenerationLost

    Research Participation Opportunity

    Hi For my HSC (equivalent to Matric) I am doing a major work in Society in Culture. As an Afrikaner immigrant to Australia, I find it fascinating to consider the opportunities I have in Australia - however, I sometimes wonder what my life would have been like had I stayed in South Africa. As such, the question for my major work is to find whether it is better for an Afrikaner child to immigrate to Australia or to remain in South Africa. Any assistance you can provide in the form of ideas (posted here or on my blog) or through taking one of my Questionnaires (from my blog) and returning it to me. My blog address is: www.agenerationlost.org Every voice counts and the more information I have, the more successful my project will be. Thank you very much for your assistance, I greatly appreciate your insights
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