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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all, we have two Maltese poodles who we are planning to take with when we move to AU. We are however worried about what this entails. The financial implications and the time frames required have been discussed sufficiently in previous threads. My wife and I would like to get the opinion of people who have moved with their dogs on the following issues: How difficult is it to find a decent house to rent which allows pets? From my searches most adverts state "No Pets" or "Pets considered upon application". How did your pets handle the move (quarantine and flights)? We are quite worried about one of the dogs who is very nervous and doesn't adapt well to change. How have your dogs adapted to the different environment? How accepting are Australians of pets? For example when I lived in Germany it was quite common to see dogs inside shops with their owners. Any other pet related topics which I have missed.
  2. RedPanda

    Pet-proofing your Christmas tree

    How to pet-proof your Christmas tree - By BoredPanda I think there is one for everyone, especially @Mara (although her kitty is very well behaved)
  3. We all know that lack of crime. Feeling of safety. Difference in shopping centres, are new things to get used to, but what was the most surprising differences
  4. Hi guys, We've been in Sydney for more than a week now but finding it really difficult to find a pet friendly rental. We've got Chihauhaus aged 10,11 and 12. They sleep most of the day and aren't noisy. At this stage we are even looking at suburbs far south and west. Our container is already being processed by customs and the dogs will be flying early March. Bringing the dogs with us has been the most expensive part of our journey to Aus. This is really stressful as we cannot focus on securing employment until we've found a place to stay. By selecting pet friendly on realestate.com.au or on other similar websites, 99% of the places are eliminated. Any contacts, advice or general information would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading! Ruaan
  5. Elandri

    The dog

    Hi, I've been learning the process to get our visa's sorted and the process is good on it's way. Now for the dog. This process seems to not as straight forward as our visa's. It is really not an option to leave him in SA so please do not recommend that we leave him. Step 1 - Microchip - Luckily this was done when he was a pup Step 2 - Rabies Vac Step 3 - Blood test (For rabies) Step 4 - Verify RNATT results by Official Veterinarian Step 5 - Apply for Import permit Step 6 - Book Quarantine Step 7 - Contact Pet travel agency (Want to Use Keringa) Step 8 - 30 days at Keringa (During this time: Foray injections, Ehrlichia Canis, Brucella, Leptospirosis and Leishmania tests, pre-export clinical examination, health certificate by the state veterinarian, grooming, checking of the microchip for migration or failure, manufacture of bespoke travel kennels, making flight bookings and printing air waybills) Step 9 - Flight Step 10 - Quarantine 10 days Step 11 - Re-unite with my boy The South African Cost will be R55 000 - This includes Fights, Agent and advice, boarding at Kenringa, Travel Kennel The Australian Cost will be $2065 - This includes Import permit and Quarentine Not included first Rabies Vaccine and blood test TOTAL OF ROUGHLY R80 000 This is CRAZY!! Is this correct?? Why should he stay with Keringa for the whole 30 days? I think a month and a half will be a bit traumatic for my dog (30 days in SA with strangers and 10 days in Aus after a long flight)? On the forum I saw some good feedback for Keringa, any other agencies you can recommend? Anybody who has gone trough the process please help. We will probable save up for a bit and then bring him a few months later. This is expensive and upsetting.
  6. Hello all We have an old Jack Russell and a nervous staffie and I wanted to know if anyone has taken their dogs to Australia and if so how they coped (the dogs that is ) Our Jackie is old but fit and young at heart. The staff gets scared by loud noises and wind etc. She is on medication so I suppose we could just up the dose for her before the trip. I know all the negatives - it makes finding rentals harder, costs a lot etc - those are not things that would make me change my mind. My main concern is if it will all be too much for THEM - I cant even begin to think of leaving them behind..... Anyone else done this with "special needs" dogs Thanks!
  7. Hi, we are privileged that I have been offered a position as financial manager in North Lakes. The 457 nomination has been approved, just awaiting the approval of the 457 visum. This was submitted at the end of April, subsequently they have requested medicals and on the 15th they requested the birth certificates of the children (19 and 15) and proof that the eldest is still a dependant. Any idea on how long this process will take. Getting nervous as I have to start on the 1st of August and the family following in December. Any recommendation on the PR application, I have gathered that the best will be a 189 application and then VETASSESS, but will that be the easiest or rather the quickest. My wife has a Phd in entomology, will it be easier for her to apply for PR. The cost for international students is astronomic, any idea on how I deal with this, until I have PR (what is the timelines on PR appications and any suggestion to use an agent or do it ourselves). We will be moving in December, what movers will you propose and when do we start the process? We have two dogs, which company will be the best to use? What is the cost of living in North Lakes? Do we rent or buy a house and if we buy, what will be the process to get finance and even a bank account? Anybody that can assist with either housing or the finance thereof. We are a sporty family, are there any cycling or badminton clubs? Do they do regular rides or is everything laid back? What will be the best travelling option from North Lakes to Brisbane University? We are really looking forward to this move, as the situation in South Africa is only worsening (although the Stormers are still better than the Reds.
  8. DayLee

    Durban to Perth ETA August

    Hello all. My applicaition seems to have taken for ever. I'm still waiting for final approval of my 457 ... the nomination has been approved. Im sure Im not the first to be moving to a strange land without knowing anyone or even visiting first.....and to be doing it alone. Well not really alone.. I am bringing my furball with me. As a cat lover, i am stressing about finding somewhere to stay where pets are allowed thats not going to break the bank (specifically before my container arrives). Looking forward to exploring new territories
  9. I just saw on my facebook page that PETport has posted an announcement regarding the import of pets to Australia. This is what the post says: "Australia update - All pre-export quarantine for dogs and cats travelling to Austalia has been dropped. Your pet may stay at home with you right up until day of departure and then enter 10days quarantine in Australia. There is a very intense process that must be followed prior to departure but PETport will work alongside you to ensure your entry requirements are met in full and that your pet does not run the risk of being returned to point of departure. First pets enter with no quarantine from 02 February 2014." They followed that post up by saying: "To clarify quarantine for Australia was 7 months total, this has been reduced to 10days only on arrival in Australia. Quarantine may only be done at Sydney or Melbourne stations. Your pet may stay at home with you during this time right up to day of departure. Is is however critical that we work closely with you and your vet as the blood tests are intense and final procedures must be perfectly scheduled." If you have pets and are planning to emigrate next year I would suggest you double check this info, however, I have no reason to believe that this post is fake or a hoax. If this is indeed true, then that's absolutely fantastic and long overdue news indeed - although, what a pity - 3 years to late for us......
  10. Hi! I was wondering whether anyone can give some feedback about the two quarantine stations. The two that I was looking at is Keringa and Paws resort!!! Any experiences or references would be welcome, as we would like to book our pets into quarantine within the next month or two! Thanks....
  11. HI! Can anyone help me with information and experience on taking your pets with when you emigrate? I understand that they need to be in quarantine for a total of 7 or 8 months? How long in advance should one start the quarantine and make the arrangements and what would the estimated total cost be to take two cats and two Jack Russel's? Any info would be appreciated.
  12. Geez, I have to say, this forum rocks! It is an absolute goldmine of information! My biggest sadness about emigrating to Oz was the fact that I would have to leave my children (2 dachunds) behind. For months now I have stared to prepare myself emotionally for the day we have to leave them, because it is financially not viable for us to take them along, and I cannot stand the thought of my two brats in quarantine for 7 months. Today I read and found out about getting pets there via NZ. I did not even know that it was possible to do something like that. If I had, they would have had their rabies shots already. Can I ask, is there anyone on here that has used this way to get their pets to Oz? And if so, how did you go about organizing it? Did you use a company to do all the red tape and transport and bookings? If so, who would you recommend? And also how much did it cost in the end. I read a few posts on the subject, but most are a bit outdated. Please, any info would help. This is a new ray of hope for me... Thanks Morne
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