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Found 17 results

  1. DXB2OZ

    SA Passports - 6 to 12 months?!

    It would appear that the guidelines for processing times for passports have changed and it will now take 6-12 months through Canberra! has anyone else experienced this?
  2. Hi Guys, I'm wondering if anyone can help me here, I'm desperate now. I'm March 2018 i applied through Canberra to renew my South African passport. About a week ago i called Canberra and asked for them to please give me feedback, and they gave me an email address for the department of home affairs and the contact number, which i called and eventually someone answered and informed me that my passport application had been rejected due to my fingerprints being unreadable. I then contacted Canberra again and asked for them to resend me the DHA-9 form so I can start the whole process over again. In the mean time I found a company called Team Visas and Passports, they took my ID number and informed me that it was my photos that were the issue as you cannot see my shoulders( I went to a post office in Victoria to get these photos done, so word of advice - make sure you can see your shoulders in your passport/ID photos) Since then I still haven't received forms from Canberra and I have had no further process from Team Visas and Passports...I am running out of time :( Does anyone have any advice/ contacts that they have used to help get them their passport. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Natasha
  3. Goodmorning, After 2 weeks I've finally got in touch with somebody at the HC in Canberra after trying for 3 weeks. After tracking down my son's passport application online via post office site it showed it arrived in Canberra on 1 December 2017. The lady over the phone says they have not received an application for him but will check I the mailing room and call me back. So this happens? Do I just try and make another application? Wow. This happened to anyone before? How do you prove you've sent it other than a tracking number and a proof of payment for the application? The tracking number becomes invalid a few weeks after it being received. So confused.
  4. NickiD

    Child's Passport Renewal

    I have had to renew one of my children's passports since arriving in Sydney. I filled in the form, paid the fee and posted it off to Canberra. I since received an email from the SAHC saying that I needed to also complete the BI-529 and email it back to them. This form is "DETERMINATION OF CITIZENSHIP STATUS" and am I unsure of how to correctly complete the form. My son(s), husband and I were all born in SA, having emigrated in August 2015. I'm not sure how to answer the questions posed to all three of us that ask: "If you were absent from South Africa state - (a) Date(s) of your departure (b) Reason(s) for your departure (c) The date on which you returned to South Africa permanently" Does this include us coming to Australia (in which case we're NEVER returning to SA permanently) or just being absent when our son was born? SO CONFUSED! BI-529_Status_Determine.pdf
  5. Hi guys, Has anyone travelled back to SA recently on a soon-to-be-expired passport? I have read mixed reports that your ZA passport needs to be valid for "30 days", others say "6 months". Mine is expiring end of May 2017. I believe it takes 3 - 6 months to renew from Aus. Thanks!
  6. Franchael


    Hey all, Myself and my partner are seriously looking to move to Auz however with us being very new to this we have absolutely no idea where to start and how to start. Asking for a friend to guide us here? thanks
  7. Hi all, We're a married SA couple living in the UK with only SA passports. Does anyone know if there is certain amount of time your passport must still be valid for when you enter Aus for your visa activation/arrival to stay permanently? We will be on 189 visa. If all goes well with visa (we're in limbo land of waiting for our grant) we will need to enter before 21 October as this is when our PCC expires but we're planning on entering end Aug/Sept due to work commitments here. My husband's passport expires 15th Feb 2017. We decided to wait until we're in Aus for him to renew from there, we're currently in the UK and wait time is around 4 months apparently so we will be cutting it close if we did it here, will need to update his passport no. with Aus for our visa and I don't want to schlep to London if we don't have to. I've googled this to death and can't find a comprehensive answer and all I could find is that if you're on a tourist visa your passport only needs to cover the length of your stay. This is different to most countries which require that you're passport is still valid for 6 months upon entry. Just wanted to know if anyone knew for sure before we either start the application process here or try plan our entry date so that we know we're safe? Thanks!
  8. Good morning all My partner's passport is expiring in Feb 2016. We are in Australia on a PR visa and don't intend to leave the country in the next 6 months. My question is - does he have to renew it before it expires as part of any terms of a PR visa or is it only necessary when we leave Oz? We would do it now, but the only place that does fingerprints in WA is in Perth and we can't get there until April school holidays... Any advice would be much appreciated! Jo and Byron
  9. Hi all, Has anyone recently applied for a passport while in Australia? How long did it take before you received it back? I just realised that I cannot travel on my Aussie passport when I return to RSA for a visit in August. I'm freaking out as the estimate for a new passport is 6 months! Please tell me it's quicker than that! Thanks, Theresa
  10. This may be a dumb question, but if I am travelling to South Africa on an Australian passport, do I need a visa to enter South Africa? Anyone done this recently? While you are at it - throw some "going back to SA on holiday tips" at me Cheers
  11. Hi there, I urgently need advice! I am currently in Australia on a 189 Skilled Independent visa with a re-entry date of 2019. I am flying to South Africa in 3 weeks' time for a short (2 week) holiday before returning to Australia. I've just realized that my South African passport will expire in less than 6 months. Do you think I will run into any trouble? In particular: 1.) Will Qantas let me board for the SYD-JNB flight? 2.) Will RSA passport control let me through without any issues? 3.) Will Singapore Airlines let me board for the JNB-SIN-SYD flight? I do not intend to stop over in Singapore, and will only be in transit for 40 mins. 4.) Will Aus passport control let me through without any issues? If the answer is 'NO' to any of the above, what do you think should I do? More questions... 5.) How long does a renewal take via the South African High Commission? Do they have an express service? 6.) Should I throw copious amount of money at this problem when I arrive in South Africa and get a new passport from one of those express document handlers (Bunnyhop, etc.)? Apologies for all the questions! Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi All Please provide some advice on the following, Is it safe to provide agencies in Australia with passport and Visa grant letters? Is this the norm where agencies request this type of information? Regards KJ
  13. Hi Guys I'm sure this has been asked and answered before, but I can't find it. I applied for the visa with my old passport and during that time received my new passport (took 3 months). I notified my CO of the new passport when he was allocated, but the visa was granted on the old one. I sent the form 929 to him the day after the grant and still it has not been changed. Has anyone had this before? What should I do? Where should I send the form, should I bug the CO? Is there a different department that I need to be sending it to? Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks Leslie
  14. Hi all Can anyone tell me what the process is once you receive the ‘Visa Approved’ email? What I’d like to understand is; once the approval comes through, what is the process to actually physically get the visa in your passport and how long does it take from the day you get the email to the day you have the passport including visa, in your hand? Thanks C
  15. Sent passports off to Pretoria on Thursday last week to have visa labels inserted. Just got them back and what a delight.................our passports now have the visa label!!!!! All it cost was the courier charges of R175.
  16. Just a heads-up for anyone that want to do their visa label in their passport while in OZ. From next month they charge A$70 to have it done. We still got ours for free
  17. Hi everyone I am having major diffculty getting my daughter's passport (and birth registration). I was wondering if anybody has lodged whilst leaving a dependant off the application. Then added them to the application (via form 1022) once the required documents arrive. Obviously there's a huge financial risk involved if the decision gets made before you have added them (Double visa fees), and then in that the risk of their visa being refused if you have to apply for them seperately. I'm just wondering if it is possible...
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