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  1. Hey I've been teaching English to 2nd language speakers in Australia for 24 years. Nowadays I ONLY do exam preparation: IELTS and Cambridge advanced. The IELTS reading is notoriously difficult. I was a bit perturbed when I read some advice on one of these forums that to get a good score in the Reading you should make sure you read everything before attempting the questions. This is NOT what we advocate, even though some English First Language speakers may be able to do it. I suggest you follow this advice: 1. SKIM the text, i.e. look for the GIST (main idea) of the text by scrutinising the heading (and any pictures and their captions), as well as the FIRST SENTENCE of every paragraph, since this is often the TOPIC SENTENCE, which tells you what's in the paragraph. Now you have LOCATED INFORMATION. This step should only take about 5 minutes. 2. Look at the questions carefully and UNDERLINE key words. You may be surprised how many you can already answer from your 5 minutes' skimming! PREDICT what kind of answer you need: is it a noun, verb or adjective? Is it a number, distance, amount, person or place name? 3. Now SCAN the text for the answers. Proper nouns, dollar/pound signs are in capitals, and surprisingly easy to pick out. Remember that TIME IS YOUR ENEMY. Unless you are reading purely for pleasure, this is a reading skill we develop in real life, whether looking for interesting stuff in the newspaper or referring to university textbooks. Some other tips. In the True/False/Not Given (Yes/No/Does Not Say) section, do NOT use your own knowledge or logic. Since it's a reading exercise, they are only interested in what is in the text. Also, look out for "strong" words like "all, every, no, none, always, never": they are never true, since there are always exceptions. Never leave a question unanswered, especially in the multiple choice. They do not subtract marks for wrong answers. Read the instructions very carefully, e.g. Write no more than two words and/or a number. Don't exceed it! Finally, make sure you've answered 40 questions. Sometimes the last 2 or 3 questions are on the back page. I wish you the best of luck. You can do it! Hou die blinkkant bo! Witz
  2. Hi all I've decided to document our experience thus far to help anyone in a similar position. 189 skills visa application for engineers. Husband civil engineering degree (me). Wife chemical engineering degree. Civil engineer to be the main applicant. Decided to move Feb 2018, just did basic research and no real action. Booked our Ielts rest for end of July 2018 - clearly we became more serious. Please see ielts section for my experience and advice. Booked engineers Australia assessment end of August. Please see EA section below for our experience and advice. Submitted EOI with 80 points on 1st week of November. Age 30 points, qualification 15 points, English 20 points, work experience 10 points and partner qualification 5 points. Awaiting outcome. Received an invitation 11th Nov 🙂 A few days after this we went to do our police clearance - weekdays only during work hours, not all police stations do it please check before. Cost is R114 , you need a copy of ID, cash and original ID. Wife and I went out of our way to go there together, but it seems that it is not necessary to go at the same time since it's separate applications. Obviously means one might come before the other. Ielts test: Since we both were having our degrees assessed, we assumed that ielts was the requirement. Not the case, pte is accepted by EA Requirement was above 8 for me and above 6 for my wife - partner just needed competent English Prepared for 2 weeks, were both comfortable - English is our only language, and we consider ourselves to be very good at it. Wife got above 8 for all except writing. I got 8.5 and 9 for all except writing - 7.5. Devastating. I walked out of that test thinking it was a breeze, but this happened. Wasn't a major setback as we used it to apply for EA assessment - just needed to prove competent English there. In general I would not recommend the ielts test - given the price you pay, it is definitely not well managed. Even if you choose a convenient date, you won't always do the speaking part on the same day. The speaking part is done at a dodgy spot - could easily be someone's house. The other tests are done at a large external venue which is very disorganized. After writing the test we were given someone else's vehicle keys, they insisted it was mine (no safes - they gave you a ticket number and kept your stuff in the book store). Should have taken the keys it was a Mercedes :-). The ielts people seem to bite off more than they can chew just to make money. Booked the pte about 1.5 months later for myself - got a day about 2 weeks later - Saturday early October. Prepared for 1 week. Heed the advice about adjusting the mic and making sure it records you correctly as it is a computer. Pleasant experience - venue was packed to capacity - 8 people 🙂 I walked out of that test feeling I failed it, was already looking for the next closest test date. It was tough to me. Got my result that same evening (Saturday) - 90 for everything. Full marks! Engineers Australia (EA) : Also not the most pleasant experience. Wife and I both had trouble uploading all our docs - system was always down. Tried different times of day, browsers, computers, etc. Degree assessment only (wife) - copy of degree, academic record (only gave that later), ID, passport, change of surname, marriage certificate, English test. After about 6 weeks we logged a query online and received an email back requesting additional information - academic record. After uploading (took a while to try due to the faulty website) we received her confirmation letter 2 days afterwards. Cost R4474 EA work assessment: I did skills assessment too. I'm currently in my 3rd post grad job, but with the first 2 it was above 5 years so I did not have current work experience assessed for obvious reasons. Submitted the necessary docs like my wife did as above and also my cv, letter from both employers (letterhead, stamped, work duration, salary and job title), SARS docs (statement of account and ITA34). Followed up after 6 weeks, got picked apart by the assessor - forget to upload passport, needed pension documents and job duties. Advice to all is to get the job duties in the company service letter, but one company's HR refused to do so, they wanted me to contact all past managers and get them to first sign off on the 5 duties I wanted to be added to the letter. So I instead uploaded the job duties and performance review docs with the company letterhead, these were acceptable. Pension docs were also a mission they needed it detailed month by MO th showing the contributions. Reached out to absa and momentum as they were the ones it was done with. Took almost 2 weeks, absa gave it to me on a spreadsheet with no letterhead so I had to beg them to write a letter confirming the spreadsheet was correct and the duration that funds were contributed for. Took another week to upload these - the site had technical difficulties whenever I tried to upload. Had to finally phone them, and they agreed to accept it via email. Then waited another week before phoning again. They said they're still busy. I was worried that they were not going to accept the job duties one... Early November I received the results : relevant Australian work experience: nil. Relevant overseas work experience: *dates that I was assessed for*. Misread the doc at first and thought that they rejected my work experience claim :/. Cost R7976. Been researching places to stay - likely going to be Melbourne. We're glad we're not going on the sponsored visa given that you are slave to one employer, although this will mean the process is more expensive. I'm hoping that once we get the visa, I can do interviews via Skype and maybe secure a job (wishful thinking I know). Maybe that job will pay for relocation - container so we can take stuff from here to Aus (super wishful thinking). Last option is we will pack up and leave, should get a job within a month. Haven't gotten into the finer details to do when getting ready to leave, but will be rushed - selling house and cars and everything we own, etc. Started the visa application just need to upload the police clearance when we get it and we have already booked medicals for next week. Any questions and advice?
  3. LookingAlittle

    IELTS test results

    I did my IELTS and need a minimum of 7 in all bands for AVBC skills assessment for veterinarian. My results are: do you guys think its worth it to query the writing mark or should I just accept it and do a rewrite or maybe even PTE? Thanks
  4. Hi I’m writing my IELTS next week Saturday in Pretoria. Till date I had very little time to prepare and basically have a week left before the test. The migrating agent also told me they only accept Mechanical Engineers with at least 70 points. This means I need to obtain at least 8 in al four categories. Are there any suggestions on what to do with the limited time available which will add the most value? Thank you in advance!
  5. RenVilo

    IELTS vs PTE

    Hi I hope someone can advice me. I have done my Pearson PTE test twice with just a little increase on my second result. I asked them the please mark it Manually and they said they don't do it. Sections are marked by the computer etc. The reason I asked the u is because my Reading and Speaking score is below 65. I do struggle saying an "R" and I think this might be the reason. The soonest date for IELTS in CPT is 19 Aug. I am thinking of flying to JHB for a test on the 8th or the 29th of July. Will this better my score to do IELTS or should I rather try and increase my PTE? I would like to get 79 in PTE or 8 in IELTS.
  6. Libra


    Hey there Let me start by saying that this is an excellent site! Quick question. Has anyone ever applied for an EOR (remark) on their ielts test? If so, what was the outcome? Did your result change? Also, are there any teachers that are in the motion of applying for a visa? If so, how many points do you have? Thank-you
  7. Hi all, I wrote my ielts test and recently received my results. To my disappointment, it was not what I expected. Has anyone applied for an EOR (remark)? If so, did your results improve at all? I wrote the Academic version of the test and felt confident about every component of the test, so I'm thinking that I should proceed with remark. Does anyone have advice on the matter? Perhaps a similar experience? Thank-you
  8. Hi The IELTS website says that you must check which version of the IELTS you need to do. How do you know which version is the right one? This is for a 189 visa for general accountant. Thanks
  9. Does anyone have tips or links that they found helpful in preparing for the IELTS Academic? I can't seem to find anything on the forum, other than discussions on which test to do. I am awaiting feedback from "Sarah IELTS" who does Skype consults - did any of you find this option valuable? Thank you! I write on 8 April in Cape Town.
  10. I know that this is a very common topic and that there are varying opinions on which is better or easier. As I have literally just received my most recent results I thought that I would share my experience on this matter. The first exam I wrote was the IELTS Academic back in November last year. I did not specifically need to write the Academic version and looking back I have no idea why I did! Anyway I waited the 2 weeks after the exam to get my results and I got the following: Speaking 9/ Listening 9/ Reading 8/ Writing 7. I did contemplate writing the Pearson exam after that but I felt that I should be able to pass the IELTS General version as I had read that most people found it much easier. I procrastinated in making a booking and eventually wrote IELTS again at the beginning of February. The General reading was MUCH easier than the Academic version. The only other difference is that task 1 of the writing is a letter rather than describing a graph/table etc. I was fairly confident that I has passed. Two weeks later I received the following results: Speaking 9/ Listening 9/ Reading 9/ Writing 7.5. I paid for a remark as the only part of the exam worth remarking is the writing as it is so subjective. I was told that it would take 4-6 weeks for a reply. To my surprise a week later I received confirmation that my mark would remain the same. I briefly though about writing IELTS General for a second time but the next available date to write in Dubai was 25 March which would be followed by another 2 weeks until the results are released. Best case scenario if I passed I would only find out almost 2 weeks into April. So I turned my attention to the Pearson PTE. I downloaded quite a bit of material and went through about 9 complete exams. My agent also recommended the Gold Practice Tests pack which includes 2 online tests that get almost instantly marked. I highly recommend buying this. I sat down at home on Monday evening and did test 1. I was flustered, irritable, drew many blanks etc. and the score in the end was: Speaking 75/ Listening 81/ Reading 88/ Writing 86. As I need 79 for each to claim 20 points this was not good enough but it was a great introduction to the format of the actual exam. On Tuesday evening, this time knowing exactly what to expect, I attempted test 2. To my surprise I got 90 for all four sections. I was extremely happy because it showed that I was capable of getting good marks under the actual test conditions but didn't want to get too excited. Then yesterday afternoon I went and wrote the exam. It went well but, as with the 2 IELTS tests, you can never be quite sure how well it actually went until you receive your marks back. I just received the confirmation email and I got 90 for all four sections! It has been a long 4/5 months to eventually get the marks I needed and I regret not doing the Pearson exam in the first place. Lastly I'd like to give my thoughts on the 2 different exams. Most people will say that one is easier than the other and I completely agree with this. The major benefits of the Pearson exam are the frequency of the exams and the quick turnaround time to receive your results. In Dubai there are 2 time slots every day six days a week. Another major advantage of Pearson is that even if you make some mistakes you can still get full marks. I know that all of my answers could not have been right. In IELTS reading and listening and answer is either right or wrong. One wrong answer means that you can't get full marks. Any way now to submit my EOI. Wish me luck!
  11. I have written the IELTS exam twice and my scores were as follows: 1st time (academic) S 9 / L 9 / R 8 / W 7 2nd time (general) S 9 / L 9 / R 9 / W 7.5 As I require all 8s to get 20 points I paid for a remark a few days ago. My question is simply how long did it take to get the results back (website says 6-8 weeks) and did your score change?
  12. 2 things - 1. ACS didn't comment on my education although they approved the 5 years of experience as suitable for immigration as ICT Business Analyst. 2. Should I make a second application to ACS, I believe that I let the cat out of the bag by demonstrating my MBA in 2015 and that skewed the "skilled dates". So although I am working from 2001, I just received 5 years. That cost me 5 points ! I will like to ask people what is my option, either I go with this grant and accept the ACS decision. I will have to make up those 5 points by scoring 8 on IELTS and that is not a piece of cake. Any suggestions will be really helpful. Reply 1 : "Your qualifications have been assessed as not meeting the ACS educational requirements for this application type. We would like to provide you the opportunity to change your application type to a Recognition of Prior Learning application (RPL)." - This response was almost a heartbreak. But anyways, was able to tide over it.Reply 2 : "Your skills have been assessed to be suitable for migration under 261111 (ICT Business Analyst) of the ANZSCO Code. The following employment after April 2009 is considered to equate to work at an appropriately skilled level and relevant to 261111 (ICT Business Analyst) of the ANZSCO Code." Reply 3: ACS even suggested me to join ACS as member - "Your Skills Assessment result indicates you may be eligible for Membership as an ACS Certified Professional." Dates: 09/01 - 03/05 (3yrs 6mths)Position: Svc Info DeveloperEmployer: Hewlett Packard Globalsoft Pvt. Ltd.Country: INDIADates: 05/05 - 12/06 (1yrs 7mths)Position: Senior Software EngineerEmployer: Xchanging Solutions Pte LimitedCountry: SINGAPOREDates: 05/08 - 06/09 (1yrs 1mths)Position: Programmer Analyst LeaderEmployer: CSC CorporationCountry: USADates: 07/09 - 09/11 (2yrs 2mths)Position: ConsultantEmployer: Linchpin Engineering Solutions Private LimitedCountry: INDIADates: 10/11 - 04/14 (2yrs 6mths)Position: Senior ConsultantEmployer: Emerio Globesoft Pte LtdCountry: SINGAPORE
  13. HeidiPatrick

    IELTS results

    Hi All I need some adivce. I'm loosing faith in the IELTS marking scheme. I've written it 3 times now. Did the PTE twice aswell and that was even worse and even more inconsistent with their marking. 23 Jan 2016 - 010118 Listening - 7.5 Reading - 7.5 Writing - 7.5 Speaking - 9 20 Feb 2016 - 011257 Listening - 8.5 Reading - 9 Writing - 7.5 Speaking - 8.5 21 May - 001385 Listening - 8 Reading - 8 Writing - 7.5 Speaking - 7.5 How is it possible that my speaking can deteriorate so much when it's my home, there scores are not consistent at all! I've been using an IETLS English tutor for my writing section and she was confident with all my practice essays. I need all 8's. Do I ask for a remark of my writing and speaking section or is there someone I can complain to about the inconsistent marks for the speaking? I'm starting to feel like it's more a money making racket then about my English ability!
  14. When booking IELTS (final finally taking the plunge!) They ask for five people or organisations to send my examination results to. Can I only put my email address and then distribute the results to who ever requests them? This question may seem so trivial but you realise once committing to a booking, you start to doubt yourself!
  15. Hi all, I need some advice. I am writing my Pearson Academic test on Thursday and require 79 for all sections. I worked through some of the material posted on this site and purchased the Gold Preparation package. I just finished my second mock exam and while I scored well in the Reading, Writing, and Listening sections, I achieved an embarrassing mark of 46 for Speaking on both attempts. Looking at the breakdown, this is due to scoring only 26 and 28 for Oral Fluency and Pronunciation. While my first language is Afrikaans, I studied at an English university, my husband is English and I only speak English at work. I am really shocked that I scored so poorly, while I felt that I did reasonably well in the Speaking section. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this with PTE and how it turned out for you? Any advice on how I can improve my Speaking score?
  16. Hi, What's the typical processing time for an IELTS booking? I did my application and paid on the 17th of October but it still says processing on the portal.
  17. Hi, I'm starting to gather the parts up for my 189 application as an electronics engineer. I decided just to make one thread for my questions along the way. I'm currently applying for the IELTS: it gives the option to send my results to other institutions. Do I need to tick yes or no for this? "If you would like your results sent to specific academic institutions, government agencies, professional bodies or employers, please indicate this below. Results may be sent either electronically or by post to these institutions. The centre may charge a postal fee for results sent internationally or by courier. The Test Report Form will NOT be sent to migration or education agents. Please note that institutions and organisations you specify may access your results before you receive them by post. If you select 'Yes', you will be able to specify up to 5 institutions on the next screen." Thanks
  18. Good Day All. I wrote my English Exam through IELTS as I am in the process of applying for the 189 or 190 Skilled Visa. I have read various places, border.gov.au, and others, and some say you need a 'Band Score' of 8 or above for 20 points, and some read you need 8 or above for ALL modules (L, R, W, S). My scores are as follows: Listening : 8.5 Reading : 8.0 Writing : 7.5 Speaking : 9.0 Would the above suffice for the 20 points in the Visa Application as the overall Band Score is 8.5, or should I ask for a re-mark for my Writing module? Has anybody got any advise here on what I should do, or has anybody else got a 'Band Score' Overall of 8 or above and got the 20 points, or because of the 7.5 I'll only get 10 points? I need some advise here if I have to get a re-mark, or re write the whole exam (Id refer not to go this route). Thanks very much! Shaun
  19. FingersCrossed

    IELTS vs Pearson

    Hi Guys I have just received my IELTS results and while I got 8 or above for the majority of the modules, I only received 7.5 for listening which obviously means I dont quality for maximum points. I am about to re-book the IELTS test however I was wondering if the Pearson test would not be better. How do the 2 compare? The IELTS tests is only at the end of April which is a long time away however I understand that the Pearson is a lot more frequent so i can get a test date earlier. Any advice please. I know that doing the IELTS a second time I will know what to expect, however I also dont think my nerves can handle it if I dont get a 8 or above for all the modules the next time. Cheers FingersCrossed
  20. Hello For those that have done ielts ,what is best tips for getting 7 points in each category ? Writing seems to be tripping me up a bit Pretty strong with listening Speaking is hard to judge
  21. CAN


    Hi, as a family we are 99% decided that we'd like to emigrate to Australia. Looking at some of the other posts, we have very similar motivations. It is amazing how we have become accustomed to some unacceptable living conditions such as the violent crime, corruption, employment discrimination, the devaluation of the currency and the realisation that despite paying relatively high tax rates, we still end up spending large portions of our salaries on medical aid and private education. We have 2 boys (ages 6 and 9) and this decision is largely influenced by our concern for their futures. Our tipping point has been reached. Australia sounds so similar to South Africa in terms of climate and culture and we would love to live on the coast. The toughest parts of the decision are 1) that we will be moving away from our dear family and 2) we are relatively comfortable financially in SA so the fear of the unknown in this regard! Thanks for this forum - it has already been a great source of insight and support. I am aiming for a 190 visa and have booked my IELTS and am busy with the skills assessment submission. We're doing it on our own but I would like to consult an agent before submitting this. Any recommendations of who may be able to offer advice on the submission would be very welcome!
  22. frik22

    Help with Ielts

    Hi everyone Im finding it difficult to get a 7 for all of the four sections.For listening I got a 7,reading 6,writing 6.5,speaking 6.Its my second time now not getting the points I have to get. What can I do to improve my skills?Im from bloemfontein,so its not easy to go to classes in JHB.
  23. Hi All Probably been asked before, but anyway, My brother has a 457 currently and wants to know if he needs to redo his IELTS when applying for a PR. Also if he does, what score does he need? Thanks Joseph
  24. Got my results for IELTS 2nd round - 9 for everything except writing = 7.5! Dammit, just missed the 8. At least it improved from 6.5 to 7.5 but I was sure I would at least get 8. Does anyone think it is worth it to re-mark it? I know the marks won't change on the listening and reading, and they are high, but the writing might be marked differently with another examiner?
  25. iceogre007

    IELTS issue

    Hi Everyone, I am having a problem with my IELTS exam, I was informed last week that I am forced to work on the same day as my IELTS exam and it falls in the 5 weeks cancellation period so they cannot help me, the test is on the 21st of May 2016. I have send them the email that the MD sent me regarding the particular day and obviously I am at a dilemma now, can anyone give me advice or help me with the test issue? Regards,
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