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Found 7 results

  1. Hello Is it possible to update the EOI without moving to the back of the queue? It's for the extra 5 points from another year's work done and dusted. It's been months, we really don't wish to move to the back right now Thank you very much :D!
  2. Hello We submitter our EOI on the 24th of October this year for a 189 Visa. So far we haven't heard a single thing. I was just wondering if this is normal?? Does submitting it mean we can just watch the draw's every two weeks and wait for an email that approves us? I'm a little lost on the process ... Thanks.
  3. Hi everyone, We received our invitation to apply for our visa's, we are wondering now what sort of timeframe are we looking at to getting a case officer issued? Just seem to be so close but still so far, lol. Thanks for an awesome forum, lekker to see how everyone works together.
  4. Hi All, Hoping for some advice. I will be getting my Skills Assessment tomorrow from Aus finally. So I now will have my PCC, my Birth Certificate, all other docs will be certified and the Skills Assessment, the only thing I will be outstanding is my Unabridged Birth Certificate which I applied for on the 12th September. Should I submit my EOI now or should I wait till I have my Unabridged Birth Certificate? Thanks in advance. Cheers Paul
  5. Hi Team, We are in a bit of a predicament... Here are the facts: I have received an ACT state sponsorship on the 11th of July 2014. According to the CO, I have 30 days to lodge my EOI. Then once the visa invitation is issued, i will have 60 days to apply for the 190 visa. She also mentioned that ACT nomination will expire after 90 days. Here is the problem: I require a further 5 points to qualify for a 190 visa, which i am planning to make up with a higher IELTS score. I have booked my new IELTS exam BUT they only had a spot on the 16 of August 2014 with an expected date for releasing my results at the 29th of August. Taking the timelines mentioned above into consideration, i will not be able to lodge in time as i need to lodge an EOI before the 10th of August. How will the fact that my points score will be too low, if i lodge before I my receive the new IELTS score, affect the process. Could someone perhaps offer some advice on options i might have? I am very concerned with timelines as i will not be allowed to resubmit an application for State sponsorship in ACT due to the fact that my occupation has been removed from the skills list. Your views/advise will be highly appreciated. Thank you
  6. TiaanAndLeigh

    PCC and Medicals: Timing

    Hi All So my husband and I finally have all our documents together, skills assessment, IELTS results, birth and marriage certificates, etc, and are ready to lodge our EOI. However, I have a question relating to timing because I don't want to run out of time waiting for documents. So the question is: when is the best time to apply for a PCC and to get medicals done? Now, before submitting an EOI; do we wait to receive an invitation to apply and thenget the final documents together, or do we do it only once assigned a case officer? I am mostly concerned about spending the money on the medicals and then not getting an invitation, as this would be a big waste of money. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  7. Hey everyone, Is there anyone that has submitted their EOI's and that have received an invitation yet? If so, how long did it take to get invited from date of submission? I'm guessing everyone is still waiting anxiously to see how the new system works? My EOI was submitted on Thursday 5 July.
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