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Found 11 results

  1. Hi All, We will be looking to move across to Brisbane as a family, already obtained our 189 visas; however still need to apply for the 101 visa after our girl number 2 arrives in June and are looking to make the move across in late October this year. We are not sure about areas; whether being north of Brisbane is better than being south. Mum will be at home with the girls initially until the new duckling is able to attend nursery. We both work in the ICT industry and would ideally be looking for areas with good transport links into the CBD. We will be renting for the beginning, but with the intention to buy something in the not too far distant future. Some questions; if anyone has been in our shoes and already done such a move with a small family, and how they have managed the move and are they settled in now with every day life? Any suggestions or contacts in securing a rental apartment, will be very helpful. Many thanks Justin
  2. MaraJade

    'Only' children in Oz

    Hi everyone, I am just interested to find out, from your experience, is it common in oz for parents to opt for only having one child? Due to the high cost of living and childcare this is I'm sure something a lot of parents ponder. I currently have one son of one and a half years and currently don't have any near term plans(or ever) of having another. Our family is hoping on making the move to Oz in the near future but I am concerned that even if we did decide to have another child, having more than one child would not be affordable. I realize it is a deeply personal choice for each family, but I was just wondering if having an only child is more commonplace there than in SA, so that if this was the case for my son., he would not feel like the only one in his school without siblings. Thanks!
  3. We probably should have thought of this before, but.... I am trying to work out, what happens to my children if the worst should happen to both my husband and myself and there are no permanent family members in Australia? Is there some sort of visa that a Granny may then apply for if such a thing should happen? I would hate to uproot them again if such a thing should happen and send them back to South Africa? @Mara, I feel as though you may have a wise answer to this already. I hope Im right, haha.
  4. Hi Everyone, Quick question... When we lived on the Gold Coast many years ago and it was just hubby and myself. We now have a job offer in Melbourne and looking to move back to Australia... this time with 2 kids. I have no idea about schooling/creche. Can you please give me some background on how things will work for us... Son is 6 turning 7 next year May so I assume he will go into grade 1 equivalent (how much is school for him?) Daughter is 3 turning 4 next year - she is currently in school everyday until 2pm. Is this called Kindie and is this where she would go? How much are we talking here? Job offer is Bayside in the East of Melbourne. Thanks for any tips or advice in advance
  5. Hi All, We are ready to apply for citizenship but the dreaded decision is holding us back. "Do we apply for retention of ZA citizenship?" I have read many posts here and understand that it is a personal choice based on our own circumstances That accepted, I am needing to know the following in this scenario: We (Adults) don't apply for retentionKids (both) under 18 will by default retain their citizenshipWe (entire family) travel to South Africa on holidayWe (Adults) use Aussie passportsWhat passports do kids enter South Africa on?In this article (2013), a Swiss-Aussie living here for 40 years could not return to Australia as the Aussie government cannot interfere when you are in a country where you hold dual citizenship. Assuming South Africa make military service compulsory for a specific age group and we travel to ZA; our kids could be forced to serve and there is nothing the Australian government can do about it. Information sourced: http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/2013/10/30/aussies-warned-pitfalls-dual-nationalityFrom SmartTraveller.com.au: http://www.smartraveller.gov.au/tips/dual-nationals.htmlWhat is dual nationality?Many Australians are migrants, children of migrants or were born overseas. This means that many Australians are dual nationals or could be regarded as dual nationals by another country. You may not even know that you're a dual national. If you are a dual national, your dual nationality may have implications for you if you travel to the country of your other nationality. For example: you might be liable for military serviceyou might be liable for prosecution for offences under the laws of that country, even if they were committed outside itif the government of that country doesn't recognise dual nationality, the ability of the Australian Government to provide consular assistance may be limited.Confusion does not begin to describe... (..and it's true; this is a first world problem...)
  6. Hey everyone, I just need some advice on a little situation. I have daughter's, one 18 and other 19. The one is already at university (year one) while the other is busy with her matric year. We decided to wait for her to complete her matric before we fly. Just some advice on what we should do about the university situation. Would it be better for them to enrole as international students while we are still here in South Africa or should we wait until we get to Australia to enrole? Would really Appreciate the help Thanks
  7. Hi everyone, my apologies if this post is a bit rambly....... but we need some advice. As short background, our son was 11 years when he was held with a knife to his throat about a block from our house our daughter was then 3. The shock and terror catapulted us into a decision to move to OZ. We have been thinking about it for years, but always second guessed leaving South Africa. We then started investigating the possibilities, and after about 2 years we accepted that we will not qualify for PR, and very reluctantly let go of our plans. Last year Feb, I was made a job offer out of the blue with 457 sponsorship in regional QLD. We grabbed the opportunity, and got all the paperwork together. Unfortunately it took the sponsoring company almost a year to get their paperwork done, and we kept our whole life on hold for this period. We are not complaining, as we truly appreciate the opportunity. The 457 will be lodged shortly and everything is starting to become an almost reality. BUT, lo and behold, our son, now 15, is now refusing to leave South Africa. He is so against it, to the point that he is negatively influencing his little sister who is now 7 years. He was not against it when we decided to accept the job offer, as we decided as a family whether we should accept the job offer, with countless discussions, information gathering, and daydreaming. We as parents have made a conscious decision to leave life as we know it, to give up our roots, our family and our friends, in order to provide our children a life of possibilities, safety and freedom, in a country that works. Our son is refusing any discussion on moving, and contrary to his nature (although he is a typical teenager), he shuts off and becomes quite rebellious when we try and discuss the move. Has any of the forum members had the same problem? How did you handle it. What was the final outcome?
  8. Hi all, I can't remember who (sorry!! - I've been reading a LOT), but someone mentioned that their son was excluded from PR due to being autistic. Does anyone know if there is a fact sheet or some other source that I can check for all the conditions that would count against us in gaining PR? My son was diagnosed with SPD last year and has just started OT... I'm worried now that this may now be used against us when the time comes to apply for PR. And yes... this is thinking way, way, way, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, down the road... but I can't help that, it's who I am. Many thanks in advance.
  9. Hi guys, when did you apply for schooling? Before leaving (online, etc) or after arrival? It seems such a rush to suss out schools and get applications in if one is arriving early Dec and school starts mid Jan... Also with catchment areas, what if you don't have a permanent place to rent yet? How did you all go about this? Thanks
  10. Hi. I was born in South Africa but came to Australia almost six years ago. Currently I am doing an HSC Society and Culture Personal Interest Project on whether or not immigration to Australia is better for an Afrikaner child than living in post-apartheid South Africa. As such a child, who immigrated to Australia, I often wonder where if perhaps I would have been better off remaining in South Africa. I would love to know what you think, if you have any particular insights and whether you think Australia or South Africa is a better place to bring up Afrikaner children. Other than commenting on this topic, you could complete one of my questionnaires (at www.agenerationlost.org) which will be used as more formal research. Every opinion counts and will help make my project a huge success. Thank you very much, in advance Note: HSC is the Higher School Certificate, equivalent to Matric in South Africa.
  11. AGenerationLost

    Research Participation Opportunity

    Hi For my HSC (equivalent to Matric) I am doing a major work in Society in Culture. As an Afrikaner immigrant to Australia, I find it fascinating to consider the opportunities I have in Australia - however, I sometimes wonder what my life would have been like had I stayed in South Africa. As such, the question for my major work is to find whether it is better for an Afrikaner child to immigrate to Australia or to remain in South Africa. Any assistance you can provide in the form of ideas (posted here or on my blog) or through taking one of my Questionnaires (from my blog) and returning it to me. My blog address is: www.agenerationlost.org Every voice counts and the more information I have, the more successful my project will be. Thank you very much for your assistance, I greatly appreciate your insights
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