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Found 5 results

  1. I received the golden email this morning! And all this after uploading the last of my required information on Sunday evening! 2 days turn around time?! From payment to visa grant a total of 4 weeks! This is unheard of here in SA! I just want to personally thank MarkSalter, sianvz, and last but not HadEnoughofJuJu, Steven, thank you for answering all my questions, as silly as some of them were. Without you guys and this forum, this would have been impossible! Haigen
  2. I just had to share my fantastic news! This morning at six I received a call from Australia with the fantastic news that my visa has been approved. My story the medium length version: I have been reading this forum since 2008, and first of all thank you to all for the invaluable advice. My husband and I fell short of the required points for skilled migration, and as we were in two minds about leaving SA, and really did not have the finances to do much of anything, our hope had always been on finding a sponsor. Also a huge factor for us was to not force a situation that would lead us off the path that God had for our lives, so we specifically prayed that God would be in charge of the decision to stay or go. At the end of 2008 , I met the managing director of the company that my sister works for, and upon his return to Australia I received an offer of employment. Unfortunately or fortunately (who knows) the agent used by the company did not keep abreast of changes and lodged our nomination one day after changes on the SOL. My occupation was not listed any more and the nomination was declined. In 2010 our financial situation changed and we were able to visit my brother and sister for a holiday in Australia, my husband met with the owners of a couple of construction companies and was offered a position at one of them. We had just started our own business and really wanted to give it a go so we did not really pursue the offer. But in the course of 2012 my husband admitted that he had enough of South Africa, he had proved to himself and everyone else that he could successfully run his own company and wanted to test the Australian waters again. The company who offered him employment was not a standard business sponsor and it seems the prospect of the whole process was daunting to them as we just could not get a commitment. So again we decided to let the dream go. Until out of the blue my sister called and asked if I was still interested in working for the company she works for, this time they would let me choose my own immi agent and they would foot the bill. They have also undertaken in writing to sponsor us for PR as soon as we are able to do so. I am basically an admin girl, I studied to become a Senior Bookkeeper so definitely not a profession in demand, but with the experience I gained in working for our own company I was able to qualify as a Projects Administrator and FINALLY! we are on our way to Oz. everything is falling in place, I even found a sponsor for my eldest son, he is 23 and works in construction but has no formal qualification, yet when I approached the company they offered him employment with no reservations. Truly God is good! I know that the 457 route is risky, but I have faith that all will work out for us. So to everyone reading this who have no clear path to a skilled PR visa, there is hope yet. Sharlene
  3. Hi all Can anyone tell me what the process is once you receive the ‘Visa Approved’ email? What I’d like to understand is; once the approval comes through, what is the process to actually physically get the visa in your passport and how long does it take from the day you get the email to the day you have the passport including visa, in your hand? Thanks C
  4. Received the best phonecall this morning from our agent.....Visa granted. Our entry date is 31 October 2013 WHOOOOOHAAAAAA!!!
  5. unless this is a sick prank, our 176 SS (WA) visa is APPROVED!!!!! Every morning I stumble out of bed, log onto the DIAC website and check the statuts of our appication. Today, the page looked a little different and it took me a while to register that underlined in a little blue font were the words "Applicant approved" for all 3 applicants. It also says that an email was sent but we have not received one yet. Maybe this has been sent directly to our agent. I had huge ideas about how prepared I was going to be, but guess what...... I don't know what to do next!!! I think I need to finish a huge bottle of bubbly and then maybe get my ability to think clearly back
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