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  1. Good day, I was just wondering if I will get notified somehow if my passport application is unsuccessful. The waiting is stressing me out. I am in Australia. I renewed/applied for my son's passport in December 2017. But I am now worried that he took his photo with his reading glasses on. I was so stressed out I didn't even think. Thank you, G
  2. OnYellowBrickRd

    Read before you rent

    This is just a word of advice to potential tenants who wish to rent in Australia. When considering accommodation in Australia while moving from South Africa, many people hope to apply for rentals without seeing the property first. This is not legal, but rental agencies bypass this requirement by offering potential tenants a "site unseen agreement". In this agreement the tenant agrees to accept a property despite not having viewed it. BEWARE: Once you have signed the lease for a property YOU ARE LIABLE FOR RENT until the agents can find someone to take over the property from you (whether you actually take occupancy of the property or not). THERE IS NO COOLING OFF PERIOD and even the RTA agrees that once you have signed the lease, there is nothing they can do. We have been caught by this as we were offered site unseen because the agents were not able to arrange a viewing for us in a timely manner. After seeing the property we realised that it was completely unsuitable for our family and we applied to break the lease the very next morning. A month after the fact we have been paying rent for 2 weeks (since commencement of the lease period) for a property that we are not living in. We have appealed to the owner who has basically said, "I'm sorry, but so it goes." In short: DON'T SIGN a lease unless you, or someone you know well, has actually viewed the property. Property advertisements can be deceiving and paying rent for 2 places at the same time is not a good idea!
  3. Hi, When submitting a visa application/health declaration; I am asked if the family member has a national identity card. I assume that this corresponds with the South African Id book but clicking on help reveals a short blurb making specific reference to Chinese applicants. Does anyone know if I capture my South African Id book details here or as part of "other identity documents"?
  4. Hello folks, I submitted my EOI for a 189 visa on the 2017/12/23 and received my Invitation to apply 2017/01/03. I've gathered all the documentation required barring the following (which has been applied for, but I'm waiting on), which I wanted to get some more information regarding: 1) My unabridged birth certificate - Is this required? I have my original Proof of registration of Birth, as well as an abridged birth certificate. The registration document has both my parent's ID numbers on, and I thought if I get certified copies of their ID Documents that this might suffice. 2) Unabridged marriage certificate - Is this required? I have our original marriage certificate given to us when we married in 2013. I think that the marriage certificate alongside our antenuptial agreement, joint bond account statement, and assorted photographs over the last 17 years will suffice. Input on this matter will be much appreciated :-) Thanks
  5. HI Everyone Can someone please confirm if AITSL still have a web address where you can check the status of your assessment for migration application? The address i have found on this forum does not exist. Many thanks. Jared
  6. Good day Errrybody, So I'm in the process of putting together all the de facto evidence for my partner and I. I have scanned in many slips and bills and photo's letters and tickets and emails and policies, etc. (I think you get the idea). My question is, how do I present this information, can we upload more than one document as proof or does everything have to be bound together into one pdf? Can you put them in folders? I'm afraid I send through an array of documentation (with no explanations or order) and then the case officer doesn't know what that specific letter is trying to prove or how it links to our relationship. What have people in our situation done? Any advice or thoughts on this will be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi good day My wife and I moved back to South Africa soon after we got married in Australia in 2010. I am South African and my wife is Australian. We got married while I was there on a work visa. We are ready to go back now but my question is, can I apply for my "spousal visa" while on a holiday visa in Australia? in other words, can I go back to Oz on a Holiday Visa and then apply for the spousal visa while there? Hope this makes sense. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  8. Thought I'd start a thread to see how everybody is getting on with their January submissions. We lodged ours on the 14th. Good luck all!
  9. Hey All, I submitted my application in late August. I got my skills assessed through ACS and looked at the dates of employment and they correlated to what I sent them Job 1: Jan 2007 to May 2013 (6 years 4 months) Job 2: June 2013 to July 2015 (2 years 1 month) Cool. no problem. This morning I got an email from a CO stating that I "may have inadvertently overstated my score on the EOI". After checking and re-reading the ACS letter I see this: That's 2 years of freeloading apparently. I didn't realise this when I sent the SkillSelect because I was super excited about putting it in. So now I got an email from the CO stating that: . Has anyone ever experienced this - what the best action here - should I go ahead or should I consult someone before replying? Your help would be amazing!!
  10. Hi everyone, I'm not sure if there's already a thread about starting the whole application but I couldn't find it so here it goes. I've just finished my 2nd year at varsity and going into my final year. I'm sure most of you guys know about the current state of SA (load shedding, economy and now water shortages). I definitely don't see myself having a future in SA and therefore I plan on immigrating, I just have a couple of questions: 1) Like I said, I'm only going to finish varsity at the end of next year. I know its another year or so but is there anything in the mean time I can do to start my application? 2) I'm studying a Bcom Finance, is there any websites I can check to see if there's any companies hiring in that field or if any members know of companies/people hiring? 3) Lastly, how long roughly will the whole application take? From applying and submitting documents to actually getting a visa? Thanks for the help guys!
  11. Hi Everyone, well kudoos on the forum, extremely helpful! so here begins our Journey, Ashley (the hubby) and I are keen to relocate to Australia and were very fortunate in that he as a trade tested technician was offered employment in australia via an application I made via Seek (recruitment) and thereafter Southerncross personnel got in touch and by the end of a week he had a job offer, (August 31st 2015) so job offer signed and returned, completed a medical questionnaire, passports at the ready and awaiting our police clearance certificates, the recruiter has said they have to sort things out with the employer first and then proceed to the visa stage, i done some research and have seen that this is a 3 stage process, approval, nomination and application (visa, being the last) I am a little anxious as I am uncertain on what the next step is or how long before we actually apply for the visa, and whether nagging the recruiter will be of any sense, if anyone else has been through the same process please let me have your thoughts and story, at this point I feel like I dont know whether to arrange my life to leave SA or not best wishes Charisma & Ashley, Kzn , South Africa (aiming for Brisbane, Australia)
  12. Hi All, I'm so happy today you'd think our VISAs have been granted. After a long wait (over year) and doubts as to whether I was born, created in a laboratory or just "poofed" into existence My unabridged birth certificate is finally ready for collection! One step closer to the end of the application process. Just a reminder to all the people thinking of applying for a VISA. Apply for all the documents you need from the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) well in advance! They say it takes 8 weeks but you can bargain on 58 (worse case scenario, which also happened to be mine). For people having to wait longer than the allocated time here are e-mail addresses to direct your query to: csc@dha.go,za minister@dha.gov.za neo.mashigo@dha.gov.za patrick.williams@dha.gov.za The csc email address gave the quickest and most professional responses. Hope this helps.
  13. Hi all. One of our degrees was awarded in Afrikaans at Tukkies (obviously a while back!). Since the application for Aus has to be in English, we need to perform a translation somewhere. Has anyone had a similar situation and how did you resolve it? As far as we could tell we can make use of the following service but would like to be sure before wasting time http://translators.org.za Thank you!
  14. I am currently a Junior software developer in South Africa(1 year experience, 24 years old) with my Bsc. Computer science and Mathematics and Bsc(Hons) Mathematics from University of the Witwatersrand. I was just wondering how I go about looking for work in Australia, how to apply for those jobs, any tests I should take and how to get out of South Africa before it's too late. I have no debt to South Africa(still staying with folks), and no obligations to pay off before leaving. I'm currently also saving money, which I assume you need to have a certain amount saved in order to get a visa? any advice is much appreciated. Thanks.
  15. Hi everyone, Based from experience, is it possible to do the whole application by yourself of would it be wiser to use an agent? If i could save some money instead of using an agent I'd be really happy but then again I want to make sure everything goes smoothly and not run into a hiccup along the way. If anyone could also recommend some agents to use in Johannesburg, I'd really appreciate it. Also, on average, how long does the whole process take if everything goes according to plan? I've noticed that takes about a year or a year and a half but for some it's taken just 6 months.
  16. For the others out there like us who are in the middle of the VISA application process, at times you can get demotivated and also second guess if you are doing the right thing, I have found a very simple way to stay motivated : 1. Log on to news24.com or any other SA news website. 2. Read through local news headlines for 5 minutes. BOOM ! back on track and motivated to get your family outta here
  17. Just heard from Migrate2Oz, invite received for 189 VISA, they are ready to lodge application for us Now its starting to feel like we getting somewhere, not bad timing since we started the whole process at the beginning of Jan this year (2015) Now to pay the VISA fee's, if you see smoke its my credit card on fire
  18. Hi All Just an update for all of those forumites that lodged their 189 VISA applications in February 2015. My wife and I lodged our application on 3 February 2015 and it was granted TODAY!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEAAHHHHH MATE.........
  19. Hi All A bit of background: My wife and I are looking to immigrate to Australia by the end of the year. We started the process in November 2014 (TOEFL Exam) and got invited to apply for the 189 Visa towards the end of January 2015. Application submitted a week later and Medicals and Police clearance submitted by 12 March 2015. We are both CA’s and in our late 20’s. I would like to get my ducks in a row before we move and have prepared a timetable (typical accountant) as to when certain aspects of the process need to start to enable us to have fully ‘emigrated’ (Financial and Tax), sold up our assets, withdrawn our Pension/Provident/preservation funds, and transferred all our money to our Australian account, to allow for a seamless move over the Indian ocean, with as little tie ups in SA as possible (other than our family of course who we will definitely miss). The timetable is as follows: Count Down Date Item to Address 6 months 28-Apr Should receive VISA from DIBP 5 months 25-May Start sorting out CV's - Get into Australian format 4 months 29-Jun Calm before the storm 16 weeks 06-Jul Complete tax returns and Apply for Tax Clearance Certificate 14 weeks 20-Jul Apply for financial emigration 12 weeks 03-Aug Start putting the house on the market (remembering it takes approx. 3 months to transfer) Try set up interviews for new jobs for when we are in Aus for LSD 10 weeks 17-Aug Australian Trip - LSD Trip Open up an Australian bank account while in Aus 8 weeks 31-Aug Continue job search 6 weeks 14-Sep Continue job search Sell car on Auto trader 4 weeks 28-Sep Open up Aus bank account if not done so already - (Ali & Reece) Cancel all debit orders, cancel insurance , cancel phone, ADSL, DSTV, golf and gym contracts (usually requires 30 days’ notice) Give resignation for current job (at least 30 days’ notice) 2 Weeks 12-Oct Sell car - We buy cars (webuycars.co.za) - If not sold already Pension and Provident fund withdrawals Send personal items via UBAG (usually 5-7 days delivery) 1 Week 19-Oct Pack up all clothes, etc Organise appointments to view rental apartments in first week in Aus. 1 Day before 24-Oct Check have all documentation, flight tickets, Forex, etc I realise that majority of those on this forum have either immigrated already and have gone through this process, or are going through the same process and possibly have the same issues as me, so I’m hoping I could get some feedback and input with regards to my timetable and whether it is realistic, etc, and also hoping I could get some answers to my questions below. With regards to tax returns and tax clearance certificate (bearing in mind it can take up to 6 months to finalise the formal emigration process): 1. Can I sell my home and cars subsequent to me obtaining the tax clearance certificate and/or financial emigration from SARB? (Bearing in mind my home is probably worth R1.7m (therefore within R2m CGT threshold), and both cars worth about R500k (within R4m allowance))? Or will there be issues with regards to the total foreign allowance stated in the tax clearance certificate (i.e. will I have to get a new tax clearance certificate once I have sold my home and cars to state that these assets have been sold, or will the original tax clearance certificate cater for this as these will be disclosed as assets at their market value at that time?). 2. Can I obtain a tax clearance certificate in July 2015, if I am still going to be earning a salary until I resign in October2015? 3. I am a beneficiary to my father’s estate (father is alive and well). Will I only need to provide a certified copy of the Will for Tax Clearance? With regards to financial Emigration with SARB: 1. Can submission be done in person, or does one have to go through a Bank/financial institution? 2. Is my understanding correct, that I will need confirmation of Formal/Financial Emigration from SARB before I can withdraw a Preservation Provident Fund / company provident fund (no prior withdrawals for either), and transfer these funds overseas through a blocked account? 3. Can this process be performed at any stage after receiving tax clearance certificate (within 12 month validity period of Tax clearance), or only once all my assets have been sold, etc? I know it is quite a lengthy post, but I am trying to get as prepared as possible in a relatively tight time frame, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks you for reading my post and I hope you have a good day/evening.
  20. Hello all, I need some help. I have been invited to apply for visa 189 as an ECD teacher. My boyfriend (de facto) will be coming with me. I have everything in order, but as I finished the online application it says we must pay $3520 AUD. I know this is the cost of the visa, without my partner's visa money that will obviously still have to be paid, but we haven't been asked to upload anything and we have have no contact with anyone yet. What happens if they deny the visa? As you know, in SA this is about R33 000!Do we lose the money?I thought we would at least get a case officer first and once the visa was being processed that we would pay then? Please help! Jo
  21. Hi everyone, My husband and I moved to Sydney in January. We decided to start the process of applying for PR. We lodged and EOI and were fortunate enough to receive an invitation to apply. I am in the process of completing our application. I was wondering if anyone could give me some clarification regarding the following: This might be a silly question, but in the application it asks for your usual country of residence. I assume this is SA? I just want to be 100% sure as we are already in Aus, and will be here for four years (on our current visa)? If anyone has gone throught the same process, your help would be much appreciated! Kind regards Jeanique
  22. Dewald123

    Decided to immigrate to Aus

    HI We have decided to immigrate to Australia. My head is spinning from all the research info on the whole process. We want to apply without agents. Here is what I understand the process is for skilled independent PR visa: 1. English test. Is IELTS the best to use? 2. Skill assessment. In my case electrical engineer, assessment with Engineers Australia. 3. EOI 4. Invitiation letter. 5. Apply for Visa. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  23. Hi there Ozies and future Ozies, We are a family of 4 and wanting to move to Australia from South Africa. Just wanting to know if anyone has any tips and steps on how to go about doing this and applying etc. All the help we can get will be much appreciated!
  24. Hi, Hoping SD_MOA or TeeTMI or any of the agents can help explain - am I understanding correctly that for occupations with the "special conditions apply" tag, your only hope is to either have/be studying and/or already have work experience in the relevant state? I always thought that as long as your skill was still on the CSOL, you could qualify for state sponsorship. Is this not the case? If I'm right re the above, I don't think it matters anymore if we want to go or not, because we don't have degrees from studying in Aus, and don't have any work experience there either... Help... please? ... really hope I'm wrong.
  25. Hi, I just want to understand why some applicants applying for the same visa and destined for same city who have lodged 1-2 weeks after me have already been assigned their case officer and granted visa a week ago and I still haven't heard anything from a CO yet. I'm just getting a little worried that my application could have possibly slipped through the cracks-is this a possibility or am I just being a paranoid?
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