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  1. Hi. Need clarity please... We have applied for a 489 SA which is currently being processed, we have since received an invite for a 190 NSW, which we want to apply for? So what happens now? 1. Does one override the other? 2. If yes, which one? 3. Will we have problems if we have a 489 granted when they start processing the 190? 4. Can they decline processing the 190, when they see we already have state sponsorship on 489? 5. If go and activate 489, and then 190 gets approved, how do we then activate the 190 if we are already onshore?
  2. MichKen

    Our 489 visa process

    I have been keeping a bit of a journal of our process in the "about me" section, but realized this may not be useful to future applicants with similar circumstances to mine as this is not searchable. So, I decided some time ago that once our Visa was approved, I would transfer this "journal" into the actual journal section. I hope this helps someone, at some point in the future. This way I can also add to this as we progress on this journey to our new homeland........ First a bit about us: We are a family of 4, well into our 40's, with my husband hitting 50 later this y
  3. As I see the homeless man on the side of the road this morning on my way to work, I felt some guilt. Why have I been offered such a great opportunity? Grace Background So after 18 months, a couple of delays and what seemed to be a test of our faith and patience, our 489 Visa to Tasmania was finally granted on 16 January 2019. This date I will remember and the the song playing in my car will forever be part of me going into the future. We started the process in July 2017 and our final submission happened at the end of September 2018. Since then we were waiting and w
  4. veinkamerer

    School enrollement

    Hi all. We are currently waiting for our 489 visa to get granted. Could take up to 7 months still. Our son will be in grade 6 next year and our daughter grade 4 ( South Africa ). What would happen if we immigrate, lets say April-June 2018? Will they be able to be enrolled in a school and how will it affect them starting so late in the year. (keep in mind we are mostly Afrikaans speaking) Will they be able to adapt ? We are looking at public schools.
  5. Hi all My wife and I are looking to apply for the 489 Invited Pathway family sponsored visa ASAP. I am hoping to get some advice/clarification on a few things if anyone knows? My details: - CA(SA) - Work Experience: 3 years articles (completed CTA / Honours during year 1); 6 years post-articles. All outside Australia. - PTE results: L/R/W/S = 68/90/66/90 - Age: 33 years - Family sponsor = my uncle (my mother’s brother) residing in Maudsland, Queensland. My score estimation = 80 points (including the 10 points from family sponsor)
  6. We are almost done with our 489 application to Tasmania. I have heard some rumours that you are not allowed to have a permanent job and a side gig that supplements your income. I am a marketer, but I also do wedding photography on the side as a paying hobby. I just want to make sure we don't get into any trouble with the immigration authorities if I set up a side business along with permanent employment.
  7. Anyone that went on a 489 regional skilled visa and applied for 887 pr. Did you have any difficulties and/or issues being on a 489 and then converting to a 887. Positives and negatives please. Thank you.
  8. Has anyone gone the route of a 489 for Tasmania and ended up in another low-density region? The reason I ask is that we can get a 489 or 190 for Tasmania but want to go to Adelaide rather. Is this a big risk?
  9. This morning we received the great news that we have been invited to lodge an application for our 489 visa to Tasmania. After months of document gathering and phoning old employers, finally we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel. All of a sudden a million things run through your mind and a bunch of questions, like for instance now I am wondering about full PR. Does anyone know how long you have to stay in the territory that's invited you in order to get a full PR? What is that full PR code going from a 489? Any way, we are elated, however we are not counting our chickens and
  10. veinkamerer

    Tasmania school fees

    We are going to Tasmania on a 489 visa. Could anyone help us out with what the school fees are at public schools for kids on a 489?
  11. veinkamerer

    Immigration laws

    This past week I've read some articles regarding probably changes to visas and visa grants. From time periods of applying for PR to qualifying and receiving citizenship. There is also an article about "is Australia big enough for the the migrants entering Australia?" and that they could maybe cut on the amounts of visas issued. My question is... when we apply for a visa and you buy into its rules and regulations at that specific time, can the dep. of immigration change the conditions for that specific visa? eg. 489 regional sponsorship ... 2 years living in a regional area and 1 year work to
  12. We are considering Australia (as well as Canada) as options for immigration. We have had two free assessments done for Australia and both resulted in different conclusions about what we are eligible for. The one assessment states that we are eligible to apply for a 489 Skilled State Nominated Provisional Visa (application to South Australia) as a Life Science Technician (I am in my final PhD year and have over 10+ years experience in conservation). I am turning 41 in February and therefore time is not on my side. I will adding two dependent children and a 37 year old partner to my application.
  13. veinkamerer

    School enrollement

    Hi all. We are currently waiting for our 489 visa to get granted. Could take up to 7 months still. Our son will be in grade 6 next year and our daughter grade 4 ( South Africa ). What would happen if we immigrate, lets say April-June 2018? Will they be able to be enrolled in a school and how will it affect them starting so late in the year. (keep in mind we are mostly Afrikaans speaking) Will they be able to adapt ? We are looking at public schools.
  14. Nkosi


    Has anyone received 489 grants lately? ,was wondering because we lodged ours 3mnths ago but still no outcome
  15. VTRMalan

    Where do you start?

    Good day, My wife and I have decided to move to Australia after my mom passed away earlier this year. I have a brother (PR) and Sister(Citizen) in Perth as well as my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins (Citizens). We feel it is a better future for our 3 year old son. Obviously we have many questions and what to do's????? We applied for the unabridged certificates, and have received hers and my sons. Still waiting for mine and the unabridged wedding certificate. My main question is how do you go about doing a skills assesment?? Regards
  16. Hi Friends, I have applied for 489 - South Australia - Regional sponsored. CO assigned last week. I was told, once the visa is granted, we should visit Oz within 60 days to get visa stamped. Is this true. I tried checking DIBP web site, but couldn't get info in this regard. Pls advise. Thanks
  17. Hello Everybody, So after front loading all our documents on Friday night (9 October 2015), we received our grant letters this morning (12 October 2015)!! A whole one working day later (not even). We logged on this morning to see if a case officer had been assigned but were surprised to find the visa's finalized Our migration agents e-mailed us shortly after the grant letters. I feel like I was running a race and someone sweeped me up and put me on the finish line. Exhausted and relieved. So can we leave now?? Haha, I know that the real work starts now with preparing to go but i'm so eag
  18. Barbie

    489 Tax

    Hi Everyone I hope there is someone out there who is a tax fundy. We are in Australia on a 489 Visa and I have just been offered a job. GREAT!!! Now I need to apply for a Tax File Number. According to the ATO website it appears that I can tick the block of residence in Australia for tax purposes, even though it is not considered so by other government agencies. They say you need to apply the resides test. See the web link below. https://www.ato.gov.au/Individuals/International-tax-for-individuals/Work-out-your-tax-residency/Residency-tests/?anchor=P90_7464#P90_7464 If you disagree with this,
  19. Hi, we are applying for a 489 visa and have been sponsored by SA. I have heard that although you have been sponsored by a specific state, the is no reference to this on your visa and when you then apply for 887 visa they do not question this. Does this mean one can take a chance and settle in another qualifying regional designated area in another state. No intention to do so but just looking at all options job wise. Feedback would be greatly appreciated
  20. Please could we have some of your opinions and views and advice on this Visa? as well as on QLD. Hubby is a carpenter and site supervisor, writing his English test on 10 January and hopefully the VETASSESS interview early February. He turns 40 in April and will then lose 10 points so there is a big push to get everything in before then. (most documents have already been compiled and submitted to the agents so we are all good there) We have signed up with an agent, who has advised that we apply for a 489 Skilled State Nominated Provisional Visa. Currently the state offering sponsorship for carp
  21. Hi All I have a question concerning where I am allowed to work on a 489 visa. I understand that to meet the requirements of the visa, I need to live for two years in a regional area and work for one year in a regional area. Once I have done both of these, I can move to a metropolitan area and apply for PR. I have four years from inception of the visa to achieve this. My question is whether I am allowed to work for a period of time FIRST in a Metropolitan area, then work in a Regional area. My logic, in the four years I can work in a regional area for one year and then spend three years working
  22. Hi All, So, Our 489 visa Application was submitted and paid on 20 June 2014. This morning we got a Case Officer. YEAH!!!! BUT: The case officer asked for the following documents on the check list: From Main Applicant: - Evidence of overseas Qualification( this is probably hubby's SA Qualification) - Evidence of skills assesment( Done this) - Evidence of overseas work experience( done this for skills assement,so we have this) I have no doubt that this is just another hurdle, and our agent will do this with no issues. it's just a strange request. I was under the impression, that once a case
  23. Hi to all. Let us know if your visa is granted this month. I'm curious to see if the notice below is having any impact. I'm also waiting in angst. http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/processing-srs.html Processing of Skilled Regional Sponsored General Skilled Migration VisasPriority processing arrangements apply to most skilled migration applications. These arrangements are set by a Ministerial Direction and determine the order in which the department considers applications. Each year visa planning levels are set by the government for the programme year which forms the
  24. When my brother-in-law did a LSD in 2012, he came back and mentioned that it was possible to apply for immigration before I was fifty (in Oct 2014). We scoffed at it at first but phoned the lawyers next day and there it was. We were short of points because of age, but this could be made up with state sponsorship and getting 8plus on each IELTS category (got 8.5,9,8,9 on second try). I'm saying this not to brag but to illustrate that it is doable. As you can see below, we are in the final stages and hope to be in Adelaide before the end of 2014. I'm in a senior position here, and hope to find a
  25. Hi there All. We have just been granted a 489 Visa three days ago. Would any one be able to tell me what the cost would be For Schooling per month or per annum for two kids (primary and High school) would be on a 489 Visa. And the cost for Medical care would be. I will appreciate any response regarding the costs.
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