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  1. Hi. Need clarity please... We have applied for a 489 SA which is currently being processed, we have since received an invite for a 190 NSW, which we want to apply for? So what happens now? 1. Does one override the other? 2. If yes, which one? 3. Will we have problems if we have a 489 granted when they start processing the 190? 4. Can they decline processing the 190, when they see we already have state sponsorship on 489? 5. If go and activate 489, and then 190 gets approved, how do we then activate the 190 if we are already onshore?
  2. Husky

    Our Numinous journey …

    Our Numinous journey … I love words. I love the meaning of words. I love the impact of words. Numinous (adj.) Origin: Latin Describing an experience that makes you fearful yet fascinated, awed yet attracted- the powerful, personal feeling of being overwhelmed and inspired One dad (an engineer), one mom (a possibilitarian), one daughter (17 and on youth exchange currently), one son (12 and already practicing an Aussie accent), three dogs (a Scottie, a Boston Terrier and a Golden Retriever – part of the family) and a numinou
  3. Hey everyone! My name is Uli and I'm from Cape Town. I have recently decided to move back to Australia permanently, if possible. When I first moved to Australia, I lived in Melbourne, specifically Brunswick. Loved the city, but I was on a Working Holiday Visa and needed to do the mandated 88 days of rural work. I moved to King Island and worked at the King Island Dairy cheese factory. Fantastic cheese and awesome little island! Seems like there were more cows than the estimated 1000 people on the island. I ended up liking the island even more than the city, so I staying there for
  4. Good morning, I have a silly question, which I assume has been answered before. I've submitted an EOI for the 189, if I submit a new EOI for the 190 visa, will my 189 application be affected in any way i.e. date of effect moved to today? I just want to double and triple check as I've been on the waiting list a while and I don't want to start anew again. Thanks.
  5. Hi Guys, Great forum, helps calm the nerves to see it's a long but certainly not lonely journey. I lodged my 189 VISA on 17 May 2018 but have not received any feedback yet. Anybody else in the same boat, and is it too early to get worried?
  6. What is the situation around invitation times for a 190 visa? The SkillSelect website doesn't appear to be up to date as it still says the current invitation round is in March and the next invitation round will be on 4 April. I launched a 190 visa for NSW with 70 points (75 with SS) early April. Does anyone (agents) on here have estimated waiting times for an EOI with 70 points? Or is it more likely that I'll only get an invitation after June?
  7. DeepFriedMatt

    S 190 Visa Restrictions

    Hi everyone. It's been ages since I've been on here. This time I'm looking for some advice in relation to my sister in law. The family have just been granted their s190 Skilled Nominated permanent residency visas. They were nominated by NSW. The visa grant letter says that there are NIL visa conditions. Now sorry if this is a completely stupid question, but do they have to live and work in NSW when they arrive? We are in Melbourne and they would prefer to be here if possible. I know their visa is state nominated but there are no conditions attached and the grant letter
  8. Hi guys Anyone aware of how I can see which states are currently sponsoring which occupations on a 190 visa? Can't find this information on Skill select... Thought I would go the 190 Accountant(General) route as it is on the Medium Term skills list, but migration agent said it is easier to go via the 190 on a Financial Manager application even though it is on the Short term skills list... Thank you!
  9. Hello For those who have submitted, or submitting in December. We've finally submitted our 189 visa and uploaded all the documents today. Good luck and keep in touch NAME VISA APPLICATION DATE CO CONTACT VISA GRANTED MvR89 1/12/2016 tbc tbc
  10. Hi guys Wanting to start the visa application process but a little confused around the 189 or 190 visa. I can get 65 points on a 189 visa under the general accountant classification - I know this is never going to be enough to secure an invitation so not worth pursuing this route. If I apply on a 190 visa I can get up to 75 points (+5 for the 190 and +5 as my wife is a financial adviser on the short-term skills list). Does anyone know the order in which they do the invitations on skill select? Ie. is it 189 until full (at a given points level), t
  11. Hi everyone Our agent submitted EOIs for a 189 and 190 visa on our behalf on Tuesday and he informed me this morning that we have been invited to apply for the 190 visa. I would ask my agent but he is already enjoying his weekend and I am too impatient to wait for Monday My questions are ... 1. How does a 190 application work after after submitting the EOI for it? 2. Could this really be the invitation already or just an invitation to apply for state sponsorship or both in 1? I only have 14 days to accept so I am assuming it is not th
  12. Hiya, we (wife, baby 1 and I) were granted a 190 visa a few years back, which we've since activated. We're currently in SA and planning on moving to Aus early next year. Since our visa was granted a new arrival has joined the family We are now trying to add baby 2 onto our visa so would appreciate the advice from anyone who has recently done this as we are getting conflicting info from the web, and from the Aus visa agency here in CT. The visa agency tells us we need to do it online, but online is pointing us to the visa agency.... and all with different for
  13. FingersCrossed

    Keeping State Updated

    Hello everyone How is everyone doing? Sorry for not being on this forum more - been a bit busy getting ready for our activation trip as well as getting everything done in the house so we can sell. Need some advice please - we are going to activate our visa's in July this year with the plan to move over to Victoria end of next year. Do I need to let the Victoria government know of my plans or do I only need to get hold of them once we have officially moved to Australia to live? Concerned about this line in my email from them: "As per Victorian Government
  14. StaalBurger

    Got our visas, the fun is about to start

    Hi everybody, After what feels like forever, my girlfriend and I have been granted visas, thanks to the wonderful work of Stephen Dickson. Things just got very real for us. We look forward to making friends on the forums, asking many questions, and learning as much as possible. We're from Cape Town, and we hope to settle in Melbourne. (We got state-sponsored visas for Victoria.) I'm a software developer, and my better half works in the catering and hospitality industry. Wish us luck as we begin this new chapter.
  15. Hi all My partner and I have been dating since May 2014 and we moved in together on 1 August 2015. Unfortunately we did not co-sign a lease and the lease agreement was on my name. Since 1 August 2015 I was also out of the country for three months (April 2016 to July 2016) due to work purposes. Effectively this means out of the last 14 months we spent 11 months living together and 3 months apart. We don't have combined bank accounts but I did manage to pull together the list of evidence items below. Could you please have a look through this and let me know whether you t
  16. Hello everyone, We received an invitation to apply on Friday 10/06 and applied on Sunday the 11th. I'm wondering what the general timing for sponsorship approval is for NSW currently? Thank you!
  17. Hi all I just wanted to find out if you know what specific medical tests/procedures are performed when applying for a 189/190? I know about the following: Chest scan HIV test Hep (only for certain professions) Do you know of anything else they test? Do they inspect you naked? Lol- On another forum I read that they do ...
  18. VTRMalan

    Where do you start?

    Good day, My wife and I have decided to move to Australia after my mom passed away earlier this year. I have a brother (PR) and Sister(Citizen) in Perth as well as my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins (Citizens). We feel it is a better future for our 3 year old son. Obviously we have many questions and what to do's????? We applied for the unabridged certificates, and have received hers and my sons. Still waiting for mine and the unabridged wedding certificate. My main question is how do you go about doing a skills assesment?? Regards
  19. Good morning formanites, Has anyone else perhaps lodged their 190 application in July? Let's keep in touch. All the best, Leah
  20. After being inspired by Jordy's excellent post, The 100 step process to immigrating to Australia from South Africa, I thought I would summarise what I believe is one of the most efficient ways of obtaining a 189/190 visa. It all comes down to timing and making sure that everything that can happen in parallel does so. Even if you're not interested in expediting the process, the diagram may help to give some clarity about the requirements at various stages. I'm explaining this from the perspective of an individual but the steps are mostly similar for a family. Disclaimer: I didn't us
  21. Hi This morning we got our Visa Invite and State Sponsorship approval after submitting our 190 State Sponsorship Nomination application on the 29th July 2016!! I cant believe how quickly things went!! Now we need to get all our documents together so we can lodge our Visa through SkillSelect but i wanted to know if anyone knows the details of the process from here? • Once i click on the "Apply Visa" tab on SkillSelect then what happens? Will this delay our application if we don't submit all the documents etc right away? • When and how do we create t
  22. Hi This is for all who have applied or are currently busy with their 190 State Sponsorship for NSW (or any other states) I know that the times differ from the stated 12 weeks but could those who have been approved their sponsorship after the state nominated sponsorship invite please advise on how long and for what skill and also what points you each had. It would be ideal if those who are Early Childhood Teachers as that is my wife's skillset but anyone else please advise as Immitracker is not updated and there aren't many under Early Childhood Teacher eithe
  23. Hi All Just some info and a little history so apologies for the lengthy details but we haven't really had anyone to talk to that understands our situation and frustration... My wife is an Early Childhood Teacher and the main applicant and i will be joining as her partner. We made the decision to look at Immigration in July 2015 and started by getting in contact with an agent who was referred through a Facebook group. We negotiated our fee, paid a deposit and things seemed to look good but then things took a turn when our agent wasn't resp
  24. Hi I am about to submit the supporting documents for 190 NSW State Sponsorship and have an URGENT question...!!! They ask "Do you have any dependents?" so does this apply to a Partner/Spouse or only Children? Thank you Dependent Question - State Sponsorship.docx
  25. Hi Guys Have started a new thread for Visa applications lodged in December 2015. Good luck to all
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