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  1. Happy New Year to all. I would like to ask for advice. Im really not sure what to do anymore. I received an invite on 3/01/17 but a friend said I made a mistake on my EOI when i recorded all my work experience as yes on the question, " Is this employment related to the nominated occupation". The ACS had assessed me for equiv 5.5years meaning they shaved 2.5yrs of work experience. So i ticked yes for all 8years since i thought they are asking if it's only related to what i am applying for (developer). So my friend said what is deemed relevant is what the ACS considered to be relevan
  2. AngelaA

    Partner Skills

    Hi. I'm trying to calculate my points for the highly skilled Visa (189). I would like to know how the skills assessment works for my husbands qual. In order to get the partner points it states "Your spouse or de facto partner must also be an applicant for this visa and meet age, English and skill criteria.For you to be eligible for the award of these points your partner must be an applicant for the same visa subclass and must not be an Australian permanent resident or an Australian citizen. Additionally, you will need to provide evidence that when you were invited to apply for this visa
  3. As I wrote the Pearson PTE earlier this week and I managed to get 90 for all four sections I thought that I would give some advice for each question type. SPEAKING Read aloud: practice, practice, practice. Don't let the other people in the room distract you. Talk slowly and don't rush. This way you should be able to limit your mistakes. Repeat sentence: Concentrate when they are saying the sentence. Maybe even close your eyes. As soon as the sentence is over you have about a second before the recording starts to be prepared. Even if you forget a few works tr
  4. Hunts

    Our Australian Escapade

    After reading other people’s journals over the last few years I guess the time has come to write my own journal entry as we are less than 2 months away from moving to Melbourne on 189 visas. My family and I currently live in Dubai. My wife and I have lived here for almost 11 years and both of our kids were born here. Over the years we have become so accustomed to living without fear of crime. People leave their handbags in their trolleys in supermarkets, leave their cars running when they pop into a shop to keep the AC running etc. When we hear a noise at night it the last thing we
  5. My wife, daughter and I received our 189 visa grants last year on 1 September which we activated in March. We are currently living in Dubai and plan on moving to Australia in the second half of next year. Last week Wednesday my wife gave birth to a little boy in Dubai so he is entitled to a South African passport which we will apply for as soon as we receive his UAE birth certificate. My question is how should I go about applying for his 101 visa? We could start the process as soon as we receive his SA passport. The official website says that these visas are taking up to 11 months
  6. Hey everyone! My name is Uli and I'm from Cape Town. I have recently decided to move back to Australia permanently, if possible. When I first moved to Australia, I lived in Melbourne, specifically Brunswick. Loved the city, but I was on a Working Holiday Visa and needed to do the mandated 88 days of rural work. I moved to King Island and worked at the King Island Dairy cheese factory. Fantastic cheese and awesome little island! Seems like there were more cows than the estimated 1000 people on the island. I ended up liking the island even more than the city, so I staying there for
  7. Hi Everyone! This is my first post on this site - I'm Tam. My husband and I have just TODAY received our invite to apply for our 189 visa. We are absolutely thrilled at the news. We don't have an agent and are doing it all ourselves. We obviously want to have the visa processed as soon as possible... We think we have everything nailed down, but I was wondering if anyone could share their experience in applying for the visa with regards to the required documentation. Was there anything unexpected that your case officer came back with? We have only just applied for our u
  8. Good morning, I have a silly question, which I assume has been answered before. I've submitted an EOI for the 189, if I submit a new EOI for the 190 visa, will my 189 application be affected in any way i.e. date of effect moved to today? I just want to double and triple check as I've been on the waiting list a while and I don't want to start anew again. Thanks.
  9. Hi Guys, Great forum, helps calm the nerves to see it's a long but certainly not lonely journey. I lodged my 189 VISA on 17 May 2018 but have not received any feedback yet. Anybody else in the same boat, and is it too early to get worried?
  10. Could someone kindly assist me with understanding whether I am entitled to claim 7 or 8 years relevant skilled employment for 189 EOI. I received a Engineers Australia skilled employment outcome letter and was awarded skilled experience outside of Australia for the period March 2010 to February 2017. To me this is 8 years of experience. I'd like to know whether I'm interpreting the letter correctly. Any assistance will be appreciated...
  11. Hi all, So, i see that at the moment 189 visas are up there for the 70 pointers. Help me understand something please my wonderful peeps? I am not qualified yet, but will be a qualified special needs teacher by end of the year, with 60 points. Special needs teachers are not a high demand skill/pro rata skill (like IT, accountants, engineers) who DEF need 70 points. They allocate approx 1000 spots for SN teachers each year and so far only 6 have been invited. What i'm trying to understand is...when your EOI is submitted, are you competing against EVERYONE for you
  12. Hi All I am in possesion of a 189 visa, Im not the main member. My work may potentially want to send me there for a short business trip. We have not activated our visa's yet. Would I be able to do this? Travel there and then back, even though Im not the main member to activate? Would this affect us in any way or our activation date, etc? Thank you
  13. Darran

    We are rolling...

    Hello everyone! I'd like to start by saying what an amazing forum this is! I wish I had found it earlier... would have saved me R3200 on booking an unnecessary IELTS test for myself! My wife and I made the big decision to emigrate about 1 month ago. We had been tossing the idea around for the past two years, but the kicker came after attending a dinner party with close friends. One of the conversation topics for the evening (discussed as nonchalantly as the latest Springbok Test Match) was: "What is your strategy for getting all your children into one room when they a
  14. Good morning, I'm struggling to determine who should be the primary applicant on our visa application. We're applying for the 189 points tested visa. Background: I hold a bachelors in Electrical & Electronic engineering and my wife a bachelors in Chemical engineering. I cocked up my English test, so i'm 5 points short without claiming points for partner skills. My wife on the other hand did fantastic and has 60 points without claiming points for partner skills. Do we only complete a skills assessment for my wife and apply through her? Or do we complete
  15. Hello For those who have submitted, or submitting in December. We've finally submitted our 189 visa and uploaded all the documents today. Good luck and keep in touch NAME VISA APPLICATION DATE CO CONTACT VISA GRANTED MvR89 1/12/2016 tbc tbc
  16. Hi guys Wanting to start the visa application process but a little confused around the 189 or 190 visa. I can get 65 points on a 189 visa under the general accountant classification - I know this is never going to be enough to secure an invitation so not worth pursuing this route. If I apply on a 190 visa I can get up to 75 points (+5 for the 190 and +5 as my wife is a financial adviser on the short-term skills list). Does anyone know the order in which they do the invitations on skill select? Ie. is it 189 until full (at a given points level), t
  17. Hi all. We submitted our EOI yesterday evening. Our main applicant is my wife. My preamble: I had lumbar deconstruction surgery May 2015 after a severely ruptured disc. No disc replacement, no fusion. I pretty much function fine, but we are worried what impact this may have on our application. At the time the Neuro said there exists the possibility that I may need a fusion later (I was 40 at the time). My question: Has anyone had a similar operation prior to Visa app, and how did it affect the process? I have made an appointment with th
  18. Hi All We want to start our application for the 189 skilled VISA, but we also want to have a second child. What are the cost and time implications if: 1. We fall pregnant after the application is submitted (not granted) 2. We fall pregnant after the VISA has been granted and have baby in SA (not moved yet) I know that giving birth in Australia solves a lot of problems, however I would appreciate more clarity on what happens if the child is born in SA during the process. Thank you in advance! Leroy
  19. Good morning, I have a bit of a debacle with choosing my nominated occupation. I spoke to an immigration agent, but couldn't get a definitive answer before my hour ran out. I have a bachelor's in Electronic and Electrical engineering from Stellenbosch. It seems that Engineers Australia view both electrical and electronic engineering as independent streams. I specialized in telecommunications, would that make me an electronics engineer? Second question - I have a master's degree in industrial engineering and I currently work as a management consultant. The im
  20. Hi All. Just a few questions: We have been granted our 189 visa. We have booked for Dec to go over to LSD. We are flying SAA to Perth. Do we need to arrange anything regarding visas? Or are those automatically built into our passports now. Do we need to do anything on arrival regarding activation of visas. If anyone can provide more info. Thank you!
  21. I did my ACS July 2016, they gave me 4 years experience from March 2012. So will I now have 5 years experience or do I need to do another ACS assessment?
  22. We lodged yesterday! Anybody else lodged in August?
  23. I was busy organising the health examination for my family and I came across a list of 14 questions relating to your medical history. My query specifically relates to question 14 that says: 14. Are you taking any prescribed pills or medication (excluding oral contraceptives, over-the counter medication and natural supplements)? If yes, please list these. Must you list any sort of medication that you are on or do you only list things that are chronic or serious in nature? I recently had a bad chest and sinuses and my doctor prescribed a nasal spray and dry inhaler but on
  24. I have written the IELTS exam twice and my scores were as follows: 1st time (academic) S 9 / L 9 / R 8 / W 7 2nd time (general) S 9 / L 9 / R 9 / W 7.5 As I require all 8s to get 20 points I paid for a remark a few days ago. My question is simply how long did it take to get the results back (website says 6-8 weeks) and did your score change?
  25. PB111

    On the fence

    Hi to everyone on the forum Like most contributors, I've been an avid stalker of saaustralia... I initially joined sometime in 2014, but like the title of this post says, I've been on the fence about carrying through with the visa and migration process. While I'm typing this, a part of me is still anxious, and somewhat unsure whether its the best option. Hubby and I had no desire to leave SA, until our princess arrived - who, in her opinion, is a very grown up person stuck in a 6 year old body . Since her birth its been agonising to listen to the news, in particular the
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