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Budget Update - Impact on Skilled Visas

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I'm sure many of you were aware that the delayed budget announcements took place this week.  As part of that the 2020-21 (June to July) Migration Plan was announced detailing the number of visas available in each category.
The government have made some changes to their normal program in order to respond to COVID-19 issues.  

  • The current Migration Program Planning level will remain at 160,000 for the 2020-21 program year.  However, the distribution of places will change with an increase from 47,732 to 77,300 for Family stream places for this program year only.
    • Unfortunately, this impacts the Skilled Visa Streams reducing the places available
      • The government has announced that the Employer Sponsored, Global Talent, Business Innovation and Investment Program visas will be prioritised
      • The State/Territories will receive the bulk of the non-Employer Nominated skilled visa quota
      • Onshore employer nominated visas and 'critical skills', plus occupations that will assist with Australia's COVID recovery (and this can include a variety of occupations where an appropriate case can be put forward), it appears likely will continue to receive priority for the time being


  • The 189 visas will be significantly reduced with greater emphasis placed on 'critical skills' and competition for this visa
  • The competition for the 190/491 places will increase significantly


Global Talent Visas have been given a significant increase in places within the skilled stream. The aim of the GTI Program is to attract highly skilled in one of the following sectors generally with exceptional talent and international recognition.  One of the criteria would be in the expectation that the person might expect a salary in the high income threshold:

  • AgTech
  • Space and Advanced Manufacturing
  • FinTech
  • Energy and Mining Technology
  • MedTech
  • Cyber Security
  • Quantum Information, Advanced Digital, Data Science and ICT

If you are working at a high level in one of these Industry/Technology areas, and are less likely to be picked up from within the 189/190 skilled visa streams, it may be useful to consider this visa option? 


I have a table on my website with the change in numbers across the different streams  https://www.taylormadeimmigration.com/2020-21MigrationPlan

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