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Outcomes of the 2019-20 Visa Migration Program

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The Government has published the detailed outcomes from the 2019-20 Migration Program.
South Africa came 9th in the list of source countries for visas with 3,743 visa places


They have also confirmed that the size and composition of the 2020-21 Migration and Humanitarian programs will be considered in light of the developing COVID-19 situation and announced as part of the Budget process in October.


Taken from the relevant information the government advise:

The permanent migration intake was 140,366 in 2019-20.

Seventy per cent of the visas were granted through the skilled stream (95,843 in total), including 4,109 places under the highly skilled Global Talent – Independent program, launched in November 2019.

There were 23,372 regional visas delivered, from the 25,000 places allocated. This compares to 18,308 regional visas granted in 2018-19 – an increase of 27 per cent.

There were 41,961 visas granted in the Family program, including 37,118 Partner visas.

Two-thirds of permanent visas were granted to individuals already in Australia who transitioned from a temporary visa to permanent residency.

There were also 13,171 visas granted in the Humanitarian Program in 2019-20, including 4,765 visas (45 per cent) for those who were referred for settlement in regional areas.


Overall Migration Program lodgements dropped by 12.3 per cent from 198,710 in 2018–19 to 174,170 in 2019–20. This was predominantly due to reductions in lodgements of 13.3 per cent in the Family stream and in Skilled Independent category of 67.4 per cent.

Since March 2020, delivery in the Skill stream has been strongly focused on responding to COVID-19, including subsequent economic recovery. The priority in the Family stream has been delivery of the onshore components of the program, where applicants could meet requirements, and to facilitate offshore partner and child cases with an urgent need to travel.


Skilled Stream
The Skill stream outcome was 95,843 places, which accounted for 69.5 per cent of the total 2019–20 Migration Program outcome (excluding Child stream).
Within the Skill stream:

  • The Employer Sponsored category had an outcome of 29,261 places against a planning level of 30,000 places. Employer Sponsored visas comprised 30.5 per cent of the Skill stream outcome in 2019–20;
  • The Skilled Independent category had an outcome of 12,986 places (13.5 per cent);
  • The Regional category delivered 23,372 places against a planning level of 25,000 (24.4 per cent of Skill outcome). Of this, 15,000 places were delivered in Skilled Work Regional and 8,372 places in Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional;
  • The State/Territory Nominated category delivered 21,495 places (22.4 per cent);
  • The Business Innovation and Investment Program (BIIP) had an outcome of 4,420 places (4.6 per cent);
  • The Global Talent category, which was launched on 4 November 2019, delivered 4,109 places against a planning level of 5,000 places; and The Distinguished Talent category had an outcome of 200 places (0.2 per cent).




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