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Are there any options for someone who cannot afford the Visa application fee?

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I am very new at this but my family and I have committed to emigrate to Aus. 

I have a financial degree with 16 years experience and will do whatever it takes to relocate to the rural region of the Bellarine Peninsula close to Melbourne (where we have close Aussie and Saussie friends)

We are a family of six. My wife has 15+ years work experience in Key Accounts Management 
However we are unable to afford the visa application fee.

Would really appreciate any advisement around the fees and possible visa applications


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I'll assume that you are talking about the 189 visa which I believe is the most expensive. If you cant afford the visa application fee then you might not be able to afford the rest of the immigration process. I mean the when we immigrated in 2018 the visa application fee cost us if I remember correctly around R65k, the rest of the immigration process including plane tickets, shipping container and then setting ourselves up here cost in the region of another R100k minimum. Mind you that was for a family of three.


You could look at trying to get sponsorship where some companies will pay for your visa and relocation costs but this is quite a challenging route and the relocation costs might not be a given. There's also the short term temporary visas which have pathways to permanent residence but thats not the best option for all as there's always the chance that you could lose your job and would have to then go back to RSA. 


Also with a finance degree you might bot be able to meet the points requirements as a lot of the finance fields have a high points requirement.


You mentioned that you want to relocate to a very specific region of AU... the way most people do this is either by getting a sponsored visa and then going where the company that's sponsoring them is located or by getting a 189/190 visa and going wherever they find work. 


Having said all that I'd actually recommend that you speak to an immigration agent. There's a few on this forum and from my experience it wont cost you a cent to have a conversation and evaluate your options.

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Welcome to the forum

You might try to find an Employer to sponsor your visa application?  Whilst there is no requirement for the sponsoring employer to pay your visa application charges occasionally some will agree to do this.  

Finding an employer sponsored option may also be useful so that you have a job to go to if finances are short.  For example, when considering sponsorship the state of Victoria, ask about your finances, and suggest that a family of 6 should budget a figure of $70,000 towards supporting themselves prior to finding work. 


If you are unable to afford the the visa application charges you might look into the costs involved in the move and setting up home in Australia?  

I think that in one of the flagged posts within the forum that there may be some posts on the costs.

Some state of Victoria 2018 cost examples    https://liveinmelbourne.vic.gov.au/live/money-and-tax/cost-of-living-in-melbourne

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