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Visitor visa (subclass 600)

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Hi everyone,

I am hoping someone can advise.  My wife and I are currently still living in SA but may move to Sydney on a 482 visa in the next few months but we have this fear, what if our parents are not granted tourist visas to visit us and our 5 month old baba.  Our parents are retired and  not earning salaries so we would cover all the costs to get them to Aus and expenses while visiting us, so wondering if anyone can advise whether they have had their retired parents visas approved or if denied, what was the reasons.


Also if anyone could advise if there are any reasons why visitor visas are usually denied, that would also be much appreciated.


Apologies if this is posted in the incorrect section (This is my first post)


Thank you

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Hi Clinton

Welcome to the forum. 

There are a number of reasons a person may not meet the requirements for the various streams of the SC600 visa.  I would be refusals within the 'genuine visitor' criteria is possibly one of the issues I see people coming to me with most often.

Where refusals occur depending upon the circumstances there can be a variety of avenues to consider towards additional support within a subsequent application.  With family there may be the potential to appeal a decision.

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My inlaws are on a 600 Family sponsored visa in Melbourne - Their visa was granted on 26th Sep'2019. This was a 12 month in 18 month visa with an 8558 no further stay condition. 

I checked on VEVO and the visa expires on 21st March'2021. 


Some important dates below:



I wanted to know if they can stay in AUS now until 21st March'2021 (Which is their visa expiry date). 


They are currently have an application open for a 143 visa lodged on 2nd June'2016. Which we hope will come up for assessment soon. 


Thanks in advance.




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