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How to get an extended Visitor Visa?

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Hi Guys


This has been discussed before but was hoping as times passed there might be a clearer answer.


Does anyone know if anything can be done to ensure a longer term 600 visa?

My parents have visited multiple times and want to continue to visit.

Instead of applying every time do you know if anything can be done to get a 3 year multiple entry visitor visa?




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Yeah just ask for it.  I'm not even kidding!


As long as they have visited once before and didn't violate the terms of the first visa, they will be granted a 3 year visa the second time round.  Just mention in your letter that they are your parents and that they would like a 3 year visa. 

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Thanks @ChrisH


I did do it when they visited the second time with no luck, i will give it a go again.

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