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Hearbroken and hopeless

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I just saw the list of invites sent out for November, and the new minimum points requirement for my career (Industrial Engineer/Project manager) and there is just no way in hell that I will be able to make 95 points. Even with the new points system and going up by an experience band, as well as applying 190 instead of 189 I only reach 85 points (I think, my migration agent is very vague and not very communicative). Considering that it's basically been a year since I started the process I'm afraid it's starting to look like there's just no way for me to actually be able to move to Australia. My career isn't listed on the 491 required skills list.


I just want to join my girlfriend in Australia, but it feels like I just don't have any chance. The time apart is putting massive strain on our relationship and I'm really worried about it as well.


Also just really doesn't feel good knowing that no matter what I do, I might never be good enough.

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Both of you should go to NZ.


I've made my peace that we are very unlikely to get into Aus, so we are starting to work towards plan-B, which is NZ.

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Hello Jan,

I am sorry to hear of your situation. Unfortunately it is a common one as the invite mark for most occupations have gone through the roof this past year.  If your girlfriend is a citizen or permanent resident of Australia she may be able to sponsor you for a spouse visa.  I recommend you discuss this option with your agent.


All the best.



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Hello LekkerOuJan


we were also in a similar boat (not enough points due to age). Have you considered the USA?? We were there in August, and I was so surprised at how nice it was. I had only heard negative things, but was so positively surprised, and we are  now looking into visas. They seem nowhere as difficult as Australia for qualified people (with a job offer). Sure, the job offer may be the crux, but Australia is not th only warm English-speaking country on the planet, and perhaps the message from the universe to you, is that where one door shuts, another opens. There is even a group like this, sausa.org, but they are less active or fewer people.


Ah, I just saw that you have a girlfriend in Aus, so going halfway around the world in the opposite direction may not be a useful idea.

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There were a few expats that landed in Australia, and then later departed for USA due to more job potential etc.

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