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SkillSelect October Invitation Round Results

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Hello All,

DHA have just released their October invite round results.  They invited 1,500 SC189 visas and no SC489 visas as this visa is being retired on the 16th November.  This is an improvement in numbers for the SC189 but still well down on last years figures for October of 4,340.


At the same time in 2018 DHA had invited 10,320 SC189 visas.  This year so far they have invited 2,700.  As the cap is still the set at 160,000 for the year ending on the 30th June I am expecting the invite numbers to increase after the SC491 visa is introduced on the 16th November.


You can see the figures here.



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I’ve been a long-time lurker on this form and wanted to say hi and introduce myself for a while. Thank you for the link and always interesting to see the invites each month even though its been a rough couple of months with the number of people getting invited.


I’m currently in the waiting process for the SC489 (TAS) visa approval having lodge my application in Jul-2019 (EOI received earlier the same month, process started Jan-2019) as a Software and Applications Programmer (2613). My whole family is in Australia/Tasmania already having either permanent residence or citizenship and the main reason why I’ve also decided to make the move. I’m keen to get over there and start my life but as everyone on the forum seems to know it’s a waiting game and requires a lot of patience.


The sentence “No invitations are being issued for Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489), due to the introduction of the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) (subclass 491) visa on 16 November 2019.” seems as if the SC489 is negatively affected and wondering if invites are always going to be 0 or extremely low going forward? Or if it will increase again seen as you can’t apply anymore but there are still many applications in the queue/backlog? I’m considering reapplying for the new SC491 visa and getting that going in parallel with the SC489 due to the uncertainty that it might take longer/never happen and I can also receive additional points on the new SC491 with the new requirements.

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Hello Chris,

There will be no more invitations for the SC489 visa but this does not impact any SC489 visas already submitted and waiting to be processed.  If you lodged your SC489 visa with DHA in July 2019 then the application will be processed through to a decision.


As the SC491 is a more restrictive visa (3 years in Regional Australia as opposed to 2 years in Regional Australia on the SC489) before you can apply for PR I recommend you stick with the SC489 application.


I hope this helps.



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