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SkillSelect Invites for 189 visas - June 2019 Invitations

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SkillSelect Invites for 189 visas - Results from the June 2019 Invitations


NB: This is the last round of invites for the 2018-19 Migration year. Note that the 85 points seen for the 189 visa this month are due to only 100 invites having been made in each of the last few months.   Hopefully, we will see an increased number of people invited, and reduction in the number of points this month, when the quotas are reset next month.


Note that in the next Migration year the quota of 189 places has been reduced significantly and therefore competition may increase further, and competition may increase further depending upon departmental policy on how this visa will be managed?  (https://taylormadeimmigration.com/?q=2019-20 Migration Plan)

For ALL occupations NOT in the table below see text for the number of points required is:

  • 189 Invitations: 100 invitations were issued for the 189 visa to EOIs with 85+ points (EOI date of effect prior to 22/03/2019).
  • 489 (Family Sponsored):10 invitations were issued for the 489 visa to EOIs with 90+ points (EOI date of effect prior to 05/06/2019)


The attached table shows the points require ONLY for occupations that are issued on a ProRata basis. All other occupations required the points detailed in the text above.
The points required to receive an invitation for a 189 visa in previous recent months can be seen at our web site




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