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Need assitance with the employ-ability for the NT regoin

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Good Day


I am looking for assistance with my 190 Visa application, I need to show my employ-ability within the Northern Territory.


Can some assist me with this and also assisting me with my cv.


Kind Regards



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Hello Johann,

The best place to look for jobs is here.


I can't assist with your CV but just want to make you aware that the NT almost always only offer sponsorship for the SC489 visa even if you only apply for the SC190 sponsorship. So you should be prepared for that.


You can check the details of the SC489 visa here.



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@burgerjj Perhaps if you can let us know very briefly in what industry you are, recent experience and what you are looking for.

That said, the government is a large employer in NT & provides funds for development and expansion. Its will be worthwhile to get an understanding of the various industries in NT.

Determine what are their major economic drivers, demographics & mining outlook.








Where to look for jobs

https://jobs.nt.gov.au/Home/Search    (there are 238 jobs advertised)



Apply directly - a) Google "business directory northern territory" There are many. Select those that are of interrest

b) Look what Tenders are going. That gives an idea where development is happening. Now look at which tenders are filled and who won a recent tender. That may also be a starting point eg https://tendersonline.nt.gov.au/Tender/AwardedDetails?id=6081


In general, remote areas struggle to fill positions with highly skilled people.

Play with the websites given, and you should have a good idea soon. Now taylor your resume for that. There are already lots of tips on the forum for that.

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