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Prospective Marriage Visa PMV Subclass 300 Waiting Queue 2019

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I have been following this forum for quite a while and haven't seen much update from Pretoria regarding Prospective Marriage Visa. I am inviting everyone  who lodged their  Prospective Marriage Visa PMV subclass 300 in 2019 to write their time line on this thread. If you did not apply in 2019 I kindly request you to create another thread if you would like to give your update.


Below is my timeline

Lodged PMV : April 2019

Applicant Police Clearance (RSA): Applied Apr 2019, Still waiting for clearance

Sponsor Police Clearance: Uploaded Apr 2019 (front loaded)

Applicant Biometric: Done Apr 2019 but flag still says required. This is a known issue in the system

Applicant Health Assessment: Done and clearance a couple of weeks after lodgement. (front loaded)

All other docs: All uploaded within a couple of weeks after lodgement

Sponsor Application: Lodged same day as PMV

PMV Status: Further Assessment

Sponsor Status: Further Assessment

Contact from CO: none


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Dear Members,


Is there any movement at all from Pretoria for PMV in 2019? Any update at all? Maybe interview, request for more information or assignment of CO? Pretoria seems too quiet :(

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Hi Krystal,

I am Australian and my fiancé is currently in SA with her daughter

we have basically the exact same timeline and would be happy to update and keep each other informed

Our application still shows the applicant biometrics the same as yours although they have been completed.

Did our application ourselves, hopefully we both are on the shorter end of the waiting scale


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Hi Kristal,

I know you didn’t want any years other than 2019 and PMV300 visas but thought you would like to know where Pretoria seems to be in terms of processing visas just to give you a rough timeline. 


My husband applied for the 309/100 partner visa 10 March 2018 and I have been chatting with someone who applied for a PMV300 end of Feb 2018. My husband and the lady on the PMV300 were both requested middle of July 2019 for updated police clearances and medicals as they had all expired and my husband has just received an email this week requesting him to leave Australia so they can process his visa. (He applied from SA but he’s been in Australia with me for a few months while he has been waiting) I have heard of other people who applied for the partner and PMV300 visas around the same time as us in 2018 that seem to be having interviews and a couple being granted too. Unfortunately Pretoria seems to be very behind on visas and the wait is just awful. I really hope that you receive some good news soon and your wait is not as long as ours has been!

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@MrsB Thank you so much about the information and update you gave. It's sad how Pretoria is so slow when other places can process visas in 3-5 months. I wonder what causes such a long delay. Hopefully mine will be processed soon

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I am on PR and sponsoring my husband. Our timeline is as follows:


Lodged PV 309/100: June 2019

Applicant Biometric: Done a couple of weeks after lodgement.

Sponsor Application: Lodged July 2019

Applicant Police Clearance: Uploaded Sept 2019 (front loaded)

Sponsor Police Clearance: Uploaded Sept 2019 (front loaded)

Applicant Health Assessment: Done Dec 2019  (front loaded)

All other docs: All uploaded by Dec 2019

PV309 Status: Further Assessment

Sponsor Status: Further Assessment

Contact from CO: none

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