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Number of qualifying years of work experience

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We are submitting an EOI as a management consultant (Code 224711).

My wife has already received a positive assessment of her occupation from Vetassess.


In total she has almost eight and a half years’ experience as a management consultant (from 2011 onwards). However, in calculating the number of years assessed positively by Vetassess, Vetassess excludes her first year of work as they say that year of employment “was used to calculate the qualifying period required to meet the skill level of the nominate profession”. As a result, Vetassess has only assessed 7.2 year positively.


When completing her EOI, it asks her to list all prior and current employment roles, which she did. This prior employment which was entered in the EOI included the one year which was excluded by Vetassess. As a result of the information entered in the EOI (which was not at all false, but included the one year excluded by Vetasses), she had over 8 years’ experience and received an additional 5 points.


Therefore the indicative score on Vetassess in 5 points higher than we expected based on the Vetassess advice.


My question is: how many years’ experience will actually qualify as experience? – is the Vetassess letter the right amount of experience, or is the experience entered in the EOI based on all prior jobs correct?

If it is the Vetassess outcome letter which is the correct number of years, then how should we enter the information of employment history on the EOI, given that her one job at a consulting firm (which lasted over three years) did relate to management consulting but Vetassess excluded the first year in their calculation? Although true, have we entered the information incorrectly into the EOI?


Can you please advise how to correctly enter her work experience, given the Vetassess advice which excluded one year.

While the employment history entered on the EOI (which includes the first year as a management consultant) is correct and true, we do not want to be disqualified for entering information which is then deemed untrue when verified against the Vetassess advice.

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