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Time is running out - time to go or stay...

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Hi everyone


So after getting our visas in 2014 there have been numerous reasons why we couldn't go over to Australia. Health issues, work, finances and the thought that we still have lots of time to make the move.


Now, time has caught up with us and we have to make the decision to go or stay. I would hate the idea of spending all that money on visas and letting the opportunity pass us by. So we have decided that the time has come to make our plans to go over.


I have done loads of research and have also completed my teaching diploma this year in preparation for the move to Aus (I am actually an accountant - CA (SA) but want to have some options from a work perspective). Recently I have considered doing the Certificate in Individual Support as we initially want to set up base in Perth. But at this stage nothing is cast in stone yet.


We are busy looking at flights in the first week in December as I am still finishing off at work. My question is the following - is it more difficult to secure a rental over the festive season? We are planning to stay in a Airbnb and during this time try and secure a rental in the Perth area. Also, what is the standard rental term? We are hoping for 6 months only. Also, are there any recommendations for health insurance? We would rather have something basic than nothing at all.


How does one go about applying for an Australian Police Clearance Certificate and how long does it take? 


Sorry for all the questions, but we have lots of planning ahead and very little time!😓





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4 hours ago, KelsM said:

want to set up base in Perth

There are many rentals available in Perth currently at a discounted price. The market is stagnant and a renters paradise (not good for landlords)

However, most agencies close over the festive season.

Depending on the size of the family, what you can do is securing a furnished apartment (eg airbnb) and then wait your time out to get the best rental, best suited where you will work & socialise. Get yourself a letterbox till you have a more secure/permanent address. It takes a lot of uncertainty away!!


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@KelsMYou should be able to pick up adverts for December rentals from now onwards. Just download the Realestate.com.au app and search under ‘Rentals’ for your preferred areas. You can also set up alerts so you get messages when a new suitable rental is loaded online. 


Btw a deposit is called a ‘bond’ and is between 4-6 weeks rent. You get it back at the end if the house is perfectly cleaned and undamaged. 

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