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Hello all. I have multiple questions and was not sure where to post. 

Some back story: I have been granted my 189 visa after a 2,5 year process. I have been to Australia in 2013 on vacation and have decided that Victoria would be a good place to start so I have booked a one way ticket that arrives in Melbourne early January 2018. ( I also have a friend close to Melbourne for support if things go south)


Q1: I was wondering what would be the best RE accomodation in the city while I look for work and sort out the usual drivers licence and tax and bank accounts etc...AirBnB, Backpackers? How important is it to have a permanent address when doing paperwork as an immigrant starting out there? Could I use a friends address if needs be?


Q2: What would be the easiest way to go about looking for work in the Education field? I am a secondary maths teacher. Any work will do. I have heard about ANZUK, SmartTeachers and of course Randstad. Contacted them all today. Any other tips would be welcome. Also any jobs you know of that a Maths teacher could do that is not necessarily in front of a class. I am keeping an eye on SEEK. And do understand that permanent posts are hard to come by. 


Q3: What would be the best way to transfer my funds? I have looked into FinGlobal (CashKows?) Also seen people speaking of getting a money guarantee letter then upon arrival having funds transferred. Also read people suggesting PayPal. Maybe use my SA Credit Card for the first few days over there till things are sorted. Suggestions? I am looking at National Australia Bank.

These are the most pressing issues for me currently. Especially transferring funds. I have enough to gold me over comfortably for 3 or 4 months and am not keen on losing a while lot of it to the middle man.


Any feedback would be appreciated. If you feel this post would get better feedback in a different section please let me know. 


Thank you all in advance. 

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@eyeice Welcome on your decision to move to Melbourne... this is a lovely city to live in, but extremely big! Now to try and answer some of your questions:


Q1: You say in the city, do you mean central city? Also, in order to give you some advice, you need to provide more information, especially your nightly budget for this! You can do your driver's license conversation at many places, do not need central city for that. Banks, are mostly the same story. As for the address, as long as you can receive mail there, it will work. Once you have a permanent address you can always change it. Getting a tax number, as a new resident, you can do it online!

Q2: I cannot assist, I know nothing about the education field, but am sure that as a Maths Secondary Teacher, you should find it easier to find work. HOWEVER, you do realise that the schools only reopen at the end of January?

Q3: I cannot assist, as I would have to know the RSA scenario, and after 24 years, I know zilch. Will leave this for the recent arrivals to sort out.

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3 hours ago, eyeice said:

I have booked a one way ticket that arrives in Melbourne early January 2018


I agree with Mara about schools being on holiday during this time. The generalised norm is that people stay home until after Christmas and then they go away on holidays between Christmas and Australia Day so nothing happens before Australia Day (26 January).  You definitely won't find any schools open.

Is there any way you can change your ticket to the end of January? It might be cheaper to change it than to waste a month's worth of money "waiting".


Re jobs: your best bet is going to be those temping agencies that you have already mentioned. You could also try Kip McGrath (pronounced Ma-grah) centres http://www.kipmcgrath.com.au/tutor-opportunities/


Schools do most of their recruiting in the third term so the main round will be over by January. Sometimes you can be lucky where some final spots are still open but third term is the main event.


I'll tag @Karools here for you because he has recently got his visa as a teacher and secured employment in a regional area (high school). His experience may inspire you to look at schools in Country Victoria instead of the big smoke.


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Thanks @mara and @RYLC for your response. Im heading to Melbourne as I fell in love with the ciry and surrounds back when I vacationed in Aus a few years ago.


As for my accomodation budget I was hoping for something around the $300 to $400 a week range. This I can manage. Of course cheaper is always good if possible. Ive budgeted around $5000 a month (accomodation, food, transport, any other initial expences RE registrations etc that mught pop up) for my first 3 months down there in the hope I find work before this naturally. Anywhere in Melbourne would do really but I was thinking close to central to start off with. I will use a friends address for mail to start off with. 


I am aware of schools only opening back up at the end of January. I might reconsider changing my arrival time. I am currently keeping an eye on SEEK however I only pick up jobs in Melbourne. No jobs in Country Victoria available? Unless I am not searching properly. I do not necessarily need to remain in Melbourne I just want to use it as starting point. 


I will look into KipMcGrath. Never heard of it before. Thanks. I will also try and get into contacts with schools now although I have heard many people mention that this is pointless if I am not already in Aus. The earliest I can arrive is Jan. I hope @Karools can provide aome insight.  


If you need any more information from me in order to best advise me feel free to ask. Thank you again for your input. 

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@eyeice if you are looking at regional vic secodary maths you should be in a good position. I still get a lot of emails regarding maths positions from smart. They often advertise posts in regional vic as "melbourne" on the front screen of the advertisement on seek, so need to look deeper into each advert and maybe google the schools involved. 


Im sure the recruitment agencies will be able to get you sorted out, though I did find my position independently. If you do look for work independently as well as with recruiters, just watch out to not apply to a school where your recruiters have already applied for you as this will create problems. 


As to having to be in australia before finding a job, this might be true for city schools that get massive amounts of applicants for each post. This makes sense: would you hire a zimbawean worker (who is still in zim) for a job in south africa if there are plenty of locals applying? 


I am taking a pretty steep cut in what my pay should be as a 6-year experienced teacher, but I do have a permanent, full time position in a private school. I'll just work my way up the ladder again 😊


Happy hunting!

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Thank you all for your input. @karools I am happy to hear you found your job independently. Now I know it can be done. May I ask why you are not on a pay level you should be? Simply because it is a Regional post or are there other factors involved?


Thank you @Mara for the links. I had done a few searches previously but I was hesitant in pursuing independently. Was not sure how the system worked. Now that I have more info I will look into these. 


I also managed to find more info on transferring funds not long after starting this topic. 


Dankie weereens!


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For work in the educational field you might also look in 'The Age' classifieds (not sure if they are online) there was a lot of school positions advertised recently.


As with many regional jobs - it can sometimes be worthwhile trying some of the potential employers directly.  


Potentially some of the government websites





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