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Hi all

great news, just got email with letter of invitation to provide Meds, PPC, Update form 80 and copies of our passports ( we both have new passports ).

Our lodgement date was 07 / 07 / 2015.

we in Australia at the moment on 600 tourist visa.

can anyone please advise current costs per person to have medicals done and get PCC done from Durban, South Africa.

Best wishes to all in the waiting room - hoping that the process is in full momentum

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@pipDepp   and @JTN  

wonderful news going into the long weekend here in SA.  


@JTN  My medical, with x-rays and blood test done in May '18 cost me R2,108.

Not certain how much it would cost  if having the medical done in Australia, if that's at all possible, for an offshore application. Stand to be corrected on this.

As for the PCC, I did mine in Johannesburg at a cost of R114 - again, not sure what it'll cost if you're requesting it from Australia.  Hope this helps 😏

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9 hours ago, pipDepp said:

i have just received an email immigration asking for further documents... wohoo..  we have applied my Mum's visa on the 10 July 2015 .... hey guys so letter says we can apply AoS online... can anyone please guide me towards AoS ... Many thanks



The Assurer will need to apply for AoS using their Centrelink (or Mygov linked) services. In the main menu of Centrelink after logging in there is  a distinct Assurance of Support section. Click and start new application. I suggest you do this ASAP as I had to wait 27 weeks to get my mum's AoS finalised.


Upload all evidence to ensure there is no delay when processing starts. E.g. Income tax assessment, bank statements etc.


All the best.

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