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Future English teacher trying to get to Aus

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Hey team


Asking for my little brother-in-law. What are the options for a South African who has just finished their BA degree and wants to become an English teacher, teaching in Australia. Post grad degree / diploma not yet done. Busy investigating possible options.


1. Study post grad in SA apply after (problem, he is not young)

2. Study the postgrad in Aus through Aus university, so apply for study visa and then PR / regional sponsored thereafter (benefit can actually work during this time and earn some cash)

3. Study the postgrad in Aus via UNISA, so apply for a holiday visa or similar.

4. Any other options you can think of


This young man has had a long run of crappy luck. He never lived up to his full potential. He has been working his arse off at a job he hates to put himself through university. If we could get him here, I think we could really help him on the path to a happy life. 


Any advice welcome.

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Hi Chris.

Currently the occupation of Secondary School Teacher is good for migration - but this could change in the future.

Option 1 is good but ensure that his course includes at least 45 days of supervised teaching practice.

Option 2 is good but in order to qualify for a SC485 visa he needs to complete at least 2 years full time study in Australia.  A Post grad will only be one year.

Option 3 is not an option as he is likely to only get a 3 month stay visitor visa.

Can't think of any other options.


I hope this helps.



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