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Sales Manager Salary


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Hi Everyone, 


I am new to this forum and i must say i love it - Such a wonderful source of information. 


This is my 1st post so i hope it is in the right place! Maybe someone that is in this industry or recruitment could help answer my questions. 

We are in the very early stages of applying for our 189 Visa. My wife is a kindergarten teacher and i am a sales and marketing manager. I was wandering what type of salaries we could expect to earn once we touch down, either in Sydney or Melbourne. We have been told that she can earn between $70k-$80k per year and i can expect $100k+. Does this sound right? 

Also could i expect to apply for a sales manager job as a new arrival or would i have to work as a sales rep and work my way up???


Thanks for any advise in advance! 

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Hi there,


Hays, a large recruitment company here in AU/NZ, publishes an annual salary report which is very useful. I would suggest downloading the PDF. It gives a good overview of the current market and then provides salary ranges for typical jobs, for various industries and locations.





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Thanks a mil Zetman! 

I will download it now. 

Still looking for someones feedback who has landed and is in these jobs in these cities. 

Also feedback on me applying for a sales manager job without working my way up the chain??? :wub:

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