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Queensize White Sheets 1200 TC


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I have two sets of white queensize 'PHASE 2 LIVING SOLUTIONS' 1200 TC sheets for sale. One set is still in it's packaging, never removed, the other was removed, used once, washed and put away. There is nothing wrong with them, they just do not fit my bed properly.


Here are the details:

Phase 2 Living Solutions Luxury Bedlinen 1200 TC

Fitted Sheet Size 152 x 203 x 40cm

Flat Sheet Size 255 x 260cm

Pillowcase Size 48 x 74cm (2 pillowcases)

Cotton Rich (cotton/polyester)

Original retail price showing on packaged set was $219-95 - I am happy to accept $65 per set.

As these are fairly heavy and a sizeable package, I can check for postage fees, for your account, if you are outside Melbourne area.

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Moved this post to General, where more people may see it.

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After griping so much about sheets, I'm am tempted to impulsively just grab them!!! (But we don't really like white, and we have an extra length double bed.) But you can be sure my ears perked up when I read this!

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@RedPanda You can always dye them! :ilikeit:


I am still hoping that someone out there may be interested.

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