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Lost citizenship - effect for children?

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Can anyone confirm what happens to the rights of a SA citizen minor when the child's parents (and the child) receive a second nationality? This is what I've been told by the consulate so far:

- on receipt of a second citizenship (without permission) the parents forfeit their SA citizenship, but not minor children

- up until age of 16, a child can be a dual national and travel to South Africa on a foreign passport

- from 16, the child must travel to SA on SA passport

- a minor may not renounce their SA citizenship and this can only be done upon reaching 18 (although then the form BI-246 is mildly confusing as it states : "The responsible parent must sign on behalf of a minor child"?

Does this mean, there is no way for a child aged 16-17 to travel to SA without a SA passport??

....and a second question :

Seemingly a bit contradictory, the Citizenship Act (section 7-3) states that if a child's parents renounce their SA citizenship, that child also ceases to be a citizen.

Upon reaching the age of 18, can such a child apply to have their citizenship reinstated?

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