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For all the tradies out there who have either done, or are doing the skills assessments, and have sourced or secured work in Oz, please can you tell me if the 'Safety Crazy' people of Oz hire you if you do not hold any of the tickets, or inductions?

My hubby is a boilermaker and we have come across a company recruiting, and in a big way! so we want to apply, BUT .... their requirements, and many the likes of, almost always ask for one or more of the following:

  • White Card
  • Working @ Heights certificate
  • FMG Inductions
  • EWP ticket

Whilst I am aware of what they are, what we want to find out is;

if they don't like to hire you sans the above, are there any facilities in RSA that provide the training and is it Australian Certified/Recognized?

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I'm not sure if this would help but have a look at NOSA's website. There is also action academy and ohs academy. They have all sorts of safety courses including mining and they have a course " working at heights". I did a NEBOSH international diploma that is quite popular in the UK and SA but not sure if it would be equivelent to a white card. It is a 10 day course and if I remember correctly it also covered mining and working at heights..

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Tara: White Card -can be done online from this end: check out "White Card Online" (don't have the actual link on hand)<br />Working At Heights certificate: can also be done here in RSA (Usually through one of the Occupational Health & Safety Mobile Units/ Contractors that the big steel plants etc. use)<br />FMG; EWP - I have no clue what they stand for, but will more than likely be related to any form of Safe Working Practices in your husband's trade!

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Not sure what you are talking about sorry! Am starting to get worried about securing employment when we get to Oz...

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You are not allowed on any construction site without a white card.Course is only about half a day and very easy.You still have to do a site induction every time you go to a different site.

Ewp Cant remember exactly but you get a log book and show you have used an ewp for x hours and then sit a test (theory and practical) very easy.

If your hubby attaches a sling to anything he will have to have a Rigging and Dogging Ticket.These 2 tickets took about 2 weeks to get.

I work on Power Lines and i have had to get these tickets,which the company has paid for.

I am in South Australia


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The main thing is to say that you are willing to obtain the above competencies. Remember OH&S is very big here and you are always getting some or other ticket. EWP is just Elevated Work Platform, so if you were going to do work of this kind you would need that training....depending what industry you are in training can be a weekly thing.

As Ian says you would have to do site induction for every different construction or mining site you entered, many will be based on an online safety questionairre and perhaps watching a video about the company safety policy etc.....and that is just for an onsite visit.

My hubby is an underground electrician and it took months to get all the competencies and training required, generic induction, black coal induction, caber training, confined spaces, tickets for different vehicles.

I can't see any major point in getting them that side as training may be state specific and site specific......just apply and commit to a willingness to obtain the relevant competencies.

I've done 3 different site inductions in the last 6 months and that was only to visit sites, not to actually work at them.

Companies are responsible for ensuring that employees have the appropriate tickets for their workplace and to perform their duties.

Many ads will mention such things in order to weed out the chancers ( people who have absolutely no experience in the field but are taking a punt) the main thing is that you have the relevant trade qualification and experience.

Companies get generous subsidies and tax offsets for training, so training is seldom a problem.

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Just out of curiosity I googled "white card online"......https://www.google.com.au/search?q=white+card+online&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-GB:official&client=firefox-a

You are looking at between $40 and $60 and it seems white cards are state specific ....more info here...http://www.whitecardinfo.com.au/white-card-online/

The biggest hurdle you might encounter is not having work rights, i.e. a visa. Are this company offering 457's?

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Thanks everyone - I totally get the gist of requiring a different induction for each site. What a lot to accummulate, but understandable.

@Andrea - do you reckon in our job applications we should mention that we are totally committed to obtaining the tickets and will do such on our steam?

Quinten has done NOSA here and various mining inductions, helicopter simulations and such, but I imagine after a certain period it would expire, and I have been led to believe that much of anything done in RSA is not recognized in Oz, so best to just do the inductions and such once we land!?

I'm not sure if RCR are offering 457's or whether this is something we should flat out just ask??? They do however have their very own EOI's which you need to complete (which many companies appear to be doing), and on there it asks if you require sponsorship or are in the process of applying/obtaining your work visa, which we have given in great detail.

We are still very much in the dark as to what etiquette is required when relaying whether you are in the throes of the visa application, to phone and request an interview, how pushy one can be and so forth, but I suppose we will learn through trial and error....

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Hey PaulvM - I also used to stress about reading headlines or threads that totally overwhelmed me or contained info that literally went straight over my head.

Just read, read and read - research and get to know your visa, the forms and your occupation specs and eventually it will all come together.

I don't think there is anything persay that will not get you a job, save not actually having an occupation or one that features on the lists, so don't stress.

I posted this because we have started job hunting and I thought if there was anything we could do from this side, then we would action it, but I firmly believe that if a company wants us badly enough, they will assist us as far as possible to ensure that we are site ready, and skills development seems pretty big down under, so don't under estimate yourselves!

Good luck!

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Yes, I do, at least mention that you are totally committed to obtaining the necssary tickets required and leave it at that, they can discuss financial implications with you later. If it something statutory, they me be obligated to pay for it, otherwise they may have other agreements with workers.

I've checked out the company i I would say go for it, apply. Some companies will have a blanket statment that they will only employ people with Australian work rights, i.e a resident, but this company is different...... I copied this from a recruitment EOI they have....

elow must be completed)
Due to the changes implemented by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, XXXXXXX is
required to check that all prospective workers have a valid visa or Australian citizenship to work. Please
advise which of the
following you hold:

But then they have a section like this...which tells me that A they have knowledge of visa's and sponsorship and B, may well offer sponsorship if you have the skill set they need......go for it, they can only say no and it will give you experience of applying for work here

Australian Passport:□
Australian Citizenship Certificate & Photo ID:□
Australian Birth Certificate & Photo ID:□
New Zealand Passport with Australian Immigration Entry:□
Foreign Passport with Permanent
Residency Visa:□
Foreign Passport with Visa to work in Australia:□
Please enter your Visa expiry date (dd/mm/yyyy):□
Work Visa sponsorship required:□
Currently in the process of obtaining a Work or permanent Residency Visa for A
Are you of Aboriginal or Torres Strait islander descent
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Include copies of all tickets/training that he currently holds to show that he is willing to do training....you are going to find this odd, but some people don't want to do certain things.I notice that they ask...." Are you prepared to work at heights" are you prepared to work in remote locations" etc...remember that some people won't want to work remotely etc, so tick yes to as many as possible.

You've done well to find a company like this, whatever you are doing, keep it up.

I think you will find work, boilermakers, electricians and fitters are always in short demand....in fact in some areas they are like hens teeth.

I found this.....you will be very interested to see the huge disparity in slary for a boilermaker.....


The job description will help you in tweaking Quintens resume, use some of the terminology they use, as any employers will be looking for key phrases, always say you adhere to OH&S and safe working practices.

The main thing is proof of trade, this is what they want to see and you can mention that you are having it assessed.

I know many people talk about changing their CV to an Australian style resume, but we never did, I don't know that it is necessary for a tradie.

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