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  1. Hi all, History: I hold a Degree of Bachelor of Technology (Civil), completed in July 2018. Qualification and work experience assessment: I would like to use my National Diploma for the Qualification and Work Experience assessment, through VETASSESS. The reason being that I have 3-4 years work experience since graduating my ND and thus I'd be awarded the 5 points. EOI: Whence submitting my EOI, I would like to state my Degree as highest qualification to claim the 15 points. Question: Can I do the above? (Claim 5 points under ND work experience, but then claim the 15 points for my degree.) I believe the processes are independent of one another and even if I haven't assessed my degree the case officer assigned to my EOI would perform his/her own due diligence when awarding points. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated. All the best with your journeys! Regards.
  2. Hi everyone, Thanks for the informative and friendly forum! I'm hoping someone can advise me on the following: I'm ready to lodge my EOI for 189 / 190 with electronic engineer as occupation, so need at least 65 points (also for 190 sponsorship). I'm certain of 60 (age, english, degree) and need to claim at least 5 for work experience. I already have my english test result and a positive skills assessment from Engineers Australia, BUT I had opted not to have work experience assessed by EA at the time. My work experience is complicated as some is from 2007/8, some while employed at university (not academic role, but in a tech spinout project), some while finishing a masters part time, some software dev etc, therefore hard to predict how much will be deemed 'relevant'. I reckon I have up to 5.5y, but have read some horror stories about this, with obvious risk of visa being denied due to 'over claiming' in EOI. Now, my plan is as follows: Lodge the EOI with 65 so long to get in line, then apply to EA for work experience assessment (wait up to 8wks) and based on the outcome, either 1. leave the EOI as is (3-5y), 2. update to 70pts (>5y) 3. withdraw (<3y) and wait for my wife's nursing registration and skills assessment (~6months) for extra 5p. Now, I realise it's a big no-no to lodge an EOI while the skills assesment is still pending, but as far as I can tell this isn't a problem with experience assessment so what I'm proposing should be OK. Any thoughts / similar experiences / suggestions? Thanks for your time, Karel
  3. Hi everyone, Its been ages since I have been on this forum after getting a lot of use out of it a couple years ago! My wife and I have been busy enjoying life in Melbs. Moving to Aus has been the best decision for us and I would strongly encourage everyone who is currently on this long and painful journey to stick it out! Its all worth it in the end! We have now been been able to convince my sister in law and her husband that Australia is the right place for them and their two young kids to settle as well! Great news for us! She is an Environmental Consultant and will need to apply for state sponsorship by NT (currently the only state that is sponsoring this occupation). We are trying to help them with the process but our application was a bit more straight forward (we are accountants and got PR visas). I'm looking for anyone who has been successful / currently in the process of applying as an Environmental Consultant or related Environmental field that could help answer some questions on the VETASSESS skills assessment? Or in fact anyone else that might now be a VETASSESS expert after going through your own assessment? We applied with a different skills assessment body so not quite sure of all of their requirements. Please shout out if you could help and I'll give some specific questions. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!
  4. Hi Everybody, Quick question. According to my skills assessment, I can claim 4 of the past 6 years in my current position. When completing the EOI, where do I indicate that I only claim 4 years? There is a section to specify employment. For each section you specify whether it is related to your chosen occupation. If you choose related, it says that this will award points. Do I need to split this employment into 2 years not claiming and 4 years claiming?
  5. Morning All I have a question relating to Overseas work experience When uploading your visa documents they only list Australian and Overseas work experience so my assumption would be that the Overseas portion would also apply to work experience in South Africa as well? If that is the case then do we need to provide this information even if we are not claiming points for work experience? It does show as "recommended" now but we haven't been assigned a CO yet which may cause this to change or for additional requirements to be listed. Thank you kindly
  6. Hi all, We have received an invitation to apply for a 189 visa and we are thrilled! However, filling out the application is proving to be a lot more difficult than what I anticipated. I don’t want to make any mistakes as I have read that simple errors could easily lead to disqualification. So, I have a few questions and I was hoping that someone who has been through this process can assist me. 1. My wife will be accompanying me on my visa as a dependant family member. I have not claimed any points for her skills on my EOI (Expression of Interest) as her occupation is not listed in the Skilled Occupation List. When filling out the visa application under the category ‘Skills assessment’, it asks if I wish to claim for partner skills – to which I have answered NO. However, the application still asks me for my wife’s education under the category ‘Education History’ and asks for ‘Highest recognised qualification obtained’ What am I supposed to choose here from the drop down list, seeing as her degrees have not been accredited by an assessing authority? Other? Other Non AQF accreditation? 2. I did not claim any points for work experience in my EOI even though I have more than 3 years work experience in a related position to my assessed occupation – my work experience have not been verified or assessed by the relevant assessing authority.. I have claimed points in my EOI only for age, nominated occupation and language ability – 65pts. However, the application asks If I have been employed in the last 10 years – YES Then under ‘Employment History’ and details regarding my employment in the last 10 years the forms asks whether the ‘employment is related to the nominated occupation’ Should I select NO here to each of my employment entries because it has not been assessed? Also, the application then asks if I have been employed in my nominated occupation in the last 10 years. Should I select NO here too even though I do have more than 3 years work experience? It would be greatly appreciated if someone can answer some of my questions or point me in the right direction. Many thanks, Dave
  7. Hi guys, Quick question. I do not want to claim points for work experience in my EOI application. Do I still need to fill that section out? Thanks, Timmin
  8. Hi THere Everybody, Firstly let me say a big Thank you to all who have been contributing to this forum - I came across it yesterday and got soooooo sucked in to all that was being said that I got excited all over again. The posts have been amazingly informative and helpful and I went to my wife with great pride last night with a stack of facts and information. We are looking to immigrate to Melbourne and wish to take the time to do this properly and thoroughly so as to try and reduce surprises on the other side. As I am sure all of you have done/ are doing. I have some starting questions and hope that someone stumbles across this post and is able to advise and point towards the right direction. First off - where does one go for fluency in English verification or testing - we are Jhb based. Secondly - this I struggle with a bit - I have a degree in Forestry and Conservation and worked as a Lodge manager and conservationist for 15 years. I then started a new feeding solution company and then for the past 4 years have started and grown my own home and property maintenance company that assists 16 families around jhb with all matters pertaining to the maintenance of their properties. My dilemma is this - which visa application/applications do you suggest I look at ??? I see that Victoria is looking for the following skills (so may be able to do a state sponsored application based on experience and qualifications) which may be pertinent to key working experience; - I Think !??? 312112 Building Associate 34999 Natural and Physical Science Professionals NEC 141311 Hotel or Motel Manager 234113 Forester 394111 Cabinetmaker 331211 Carpenter and Joiner 331212 Carpenter Any small bit of advise will be much appreciated and thanking you in advance for the time to read this and perhaps respond. BEst Jonathan
  9. Hi, PLEASE could I have some opinions! We are almost finished with our application for VISA 190, but have a little stumbling block. ICAA has assessed only the last three employers in their experience assessment (that's all they deemed necessary), however, I have a further 5 years work prior to that in my line of work and nominated occupation! Do I also include this in the application and claim the extended points for the years, or do I claim only the years assessed by ICAA???? I have evidence of the other work (SAICA articles discharge certificate)! Thanks!!!
  10. Hi All This is my first post! My husband and I have made the decision recently to immigrate to Australia. So far I pass the points test with 70 points. I am how ever waiting to see what the trend will be with the skilled select results. If no applicants with 70 or less points gets selected on a regular basis we will have to reconsider. How ever, before that, I have a question regarding my work experience. My bachelors degree in Information Technology (Web and Application Development) came into effect on 1 Jan 2011. How ever before then I gained 14 months of work experience in the IT industry (very relevant to my studies). This work experience was gained after I received my Diploma in Information Technology (Web and Application Development). My question is, will I be able to claim those months as relevant work experience, or will I have to wait a year and four months before I have gained three years work experience after receiving my Degree? I know we still have a very long road ahead of us, especial with the new Skill Select process. But I think that this forum will provide valuable information. Thanks guys Gordon
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