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Found 10 results

  1. Hey everyone! My name is Uli and I'm from Cape Town. I have recently decided to move back to Australia permanently, if possible. When I first moved to Australia, I lived in Melbourne, specifically Brunswick. Loved the city, but I was on a Working Holiday Visa and needed to do the mandated 88 days of rural work. I moved to King Island and worked at the King Island Dairy cheese factory. Fantastic cheese and awesome little island! Seems like there were more cows than the estimated 1000 people on the island. I ended up liking the island even more than the city, so I staying there for
  2. Karinb8


    Hi everyone 1) We are relocating to Brisbane in January 2019, I also want to find out what you need to do in terms of my UNISA PGCE degree, do you need to get any paperwork from UNISA to be recognised in Australia? 2) Another question is moving our 2 Scottish terriers, how did you get your pets from Melbourne to Brisbane? Thanks! Karin
  3. We are planning to make the big move to Australia next year April/May but I am currently half way with a part time B com quantitative management degree. Do you think it is better to finish my Unisa degree in Australia or do you think it is better to transfer to an Australian institute like University of Australia, Curtin or RMIT university? I have heard that it is very expensive to study through an Australian university if you have a PR visa and living in Australia. How much more expensive would it be? Currently i'm paying about R1500 with Unisa here in South Africa for a module. This exclude
  4. alicat202

    Value of UNISA degree

    Hi fellow Saffers! I would like to hear from people who successfully had their UNISA degree accepted / certified / converted, etc here is Aus. In other words, if you were able to use your UNISA degree to either get a job (without experience) or get credits at an Aussie uni, please could you share your story with me? I would like to get an idea of the value of a UNISA degree over here from real people and real experiences versus speculation. I can’t think that switching to an Aussie uni and paying their astronomical fees is that much more valuable than completing my UNIS
  5. Hi everyone! My hubby needs to write his UNISA exams in Brisbane. Is there anyone who knows where the venue is / has been in the past for UNISA exams? Otherwise, if there is a reliable contact person we could get this information from? (Service from UNISA is shocking) Thanks so much!
  6. I need some help. I started studying Bcom quantitative management through UNISA in July 2014. I am only starting my second year now (i have done 9 subjects) but am planning to move to Australia hopefully beginning of 2017. I am having a lot of issues with Unisa and would prefer to rather convert my credits to a university in Australia. I think it would also benefit me more when looking for work there. Which university is the 'Unisa' of Australia or which other universities can I study through correspondence?
  7. Hi, I wrote my CTA (UNISA Bcompt Hons) in 2010 and I'm looking for the curriculum/course outline for the ICAA skills assessment. I went through all the yearbooks and module archives on UNISA's website, but NONE of them contain what I need. I tried phoning UNISA a couple of times but eventually gave up (no answer/transferred/"please hold"/"eehh"/statement of symbols)... Does anyone perhaps have, or know how to get this info? I saw in another post someone used mie.co.za, but is this really necessary? It's just a description of the four subjects we had... Any help will be appreciated!
  8. Cole

    Unisa studies

    Hi folks, My family and I are at the beginning stages of applying for a move to Oz. I'm almost half way with a Unisa BCom in Business Management, and before I focus more time and effort into completion, I'd appreciate your views on whether Unisa degrees are worth completing (with a view to being recognised for the Australian job market), or whether it's better to hang tight until I get there, and then finish with an Australian correspondence degree (which would mean putting studies on hold for now, and finishing much later than I would've, and probably being more expensive)? I'm consideri
  9. Hi everyone I've run into a bit of a problem trying to get my qualifications assessed by AITSL. I have a postgraduate certificate in education from UNISA. They approve of the qualification but because I had experience before I started my PGCE I was exempted from the teaching practicals and AITSL wants me to have physically done them. The lady who I spoke to said that a few teachers in the same situation as me had applied and were turned down. I'm curious to know if any of those people are here and what they did about this situation?
  10. Hi there, Its time to register for the 2nd semester of studies and I'm starting to have doubts.... I'm currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce through UNISA. I'm actually a professional violinist - played in Symphony orchestra in RSA and also have private teaching experience - but the salary was really not great and didn't increase with experience, and our orchestra jobs were always under threat due to funding especially since they are seen as "elitist" (or so our management told us). Anyway, so I embarked on a BCom in financial management and I'm almost halfway through. What I would like to
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