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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All, We have recently joined this website, and spent many hours trolling through the numerous contributions for things which might help in our great adventure to Australia. Because we have experienced some difficulty finding things which relate to our specific visa, and as some of these posts go back many years, and are now outdated, we thought perhaps it is time to start a new thread, specifically and uniquely for those of us applying for the 143 - Contributory Parent Visa (Migrant). To start this thread, I thought I might offer some insights and tips we have gathered along our journey to date, which you may find useful. Hopefully others in the same situation will also contribute. And if you have questions related to this particular visa, please ask, and we (or others) will try to assist you. #1. PLAYING THE WAITING GAME We are currently in limbo (or as someone has aptly coined it "the waiting room") while we await the appointment of our Case Officer ("CO"). Our application was registered on 17 May 2013, although confirmation of this was only received by us on 15 July 2013. Initially, we were advised that the delay in processing our application would be "less than 12 months", but this has gradually moved out over the intervening months to the current official delay of "18 months". This waiting game has proven to be the most frustrating part, particularly as there is no way of knowing quite where you stand. For those of us in this visa class, there is no official queue, as has been created for the Non-Contributory visa classes. But we can still get an idea of what is going on from other sources. Firstly, I suggest you send an email at month-end to parents@immi,gov,au. You don't need to write anything, as this will generate an automated response which provides you with the latest update and information on every class of parent visa. About halfway down the email, you will see which month the authorities are currently processing for the 143 visa class. Note that this date does fluctuate - for example, in the beginning of June 2014, the delay it was reportedly down to "16 months"; but by the end of that same month it had returned to 18 months again. The next place you can visit is a website at www.gainwave.co.uk, which publishes a "CPV Progress Tracker". Here other visa applicants are posting their timelines, and you can get a good idea of how long it is taking to complete the whole process. Finally, there are other websites similar to this one, where people are posting their time lines - such as www.pomsinoz.com and www.perthpoms.com Now that the Australian authorities have permanently closed applications for all other classes of parent visas (since June 2014 only Contributory Visa subclass 143 and subclass 173 are being accepted) we are hopeful that more resources in the Parent Visa Centre will be allocated to the processing of our visas, and that the lead-time will shorten I hope this has been helpful, and I shall continue to add to this thread in time
  2. Hi Guys Yesterday and today I came across some really awesome websites (which have probably been mentioned here before, but I'll mention them again for other newcomers like myself )and tips to save money. Sites: - www.ozbargain.com.au - Lists awesome deals which are current and upcoming throughout Aus. I mean some really amazing deals (and some not so amazing ones too). Also, there are plenty of tips to be had in the forums. For example, there is an upcoming deal on 23rd August, which would be fun for kids, where KFC will give you a tour of how they make their chicken, followed by a 2 piece chicken meal ... for free! - www.cashrewards.com.au - Free to register, and lists plenty of online shops, where if you go to the shop via the link on their site you can get cashback rewards provided you meet the T&C's. They also have some discount coupons too. (You can even get cash back for some Ebay Aus purchases). For example, I found that if you join Amaysim through their site, and sign up for the unlimited bundle, you will get a 40% discount off the first month + a $52 cash back upon sim activation. - www.shopadocket.com.au - Appears to have some nice coupons, such as buy 1 meal get 1 free, etc. Cheap movie tickets: Check this link for a way to get $11 movie tickets - http://www.dealon.com.au/articles/smart-australians-pay-11-for-movies-a-18.html - Free voucher to join bank - If you plan on joining ING Bank, if you register before the 5th September, you can get $75 credited to your account as long as you deposit $1000 (I.e. a salary) into the account before 31st October. Alternatively you can get a $250 voucher for www.theiconic.com.au, but you must open the account before 31 Aug and deposit the $1000 by 8 Sep ... there is no requirement to keep the $1000 in there after you deposit it, just that you do deposit it. So withdraw it immediately if you use another everyday account. Link to $75 Cash Back offer: https://www.campaigns.ingdirect.com.au/everyday-banking-sem?cid=ps%3Agoo%3Abrn%3Abrs#!/Form (The $75 is taxable) Link to The Iconic $250 Voucher offer: https://www.campaigns.ingdirect.com.au/theiconic?cid=edm:icn:red:AU_INGD_OE_Q2_2014#!/Main Also, if you deposit $1000 each month (again no requirement to keep it in there), you don't pay bank charges and can use ANY atm in Australia for free (I think minimum withdrawal is $200 though). Also, you get 2% cash back to your account if you use your Visa Paywave for amounts under $100. ***Tip*** - If you need to purchase something big at a department store, buy $100 vouchers by paying $1 cash and $99 on the Visa Paywave. Purchase the vouchers on different days and, if possible, different stores and they won't pick up it is for the same purchase. Also buy vouchers if you want to pay stuff online, that way you still get the 2% cash back ... Keep in mind, while this IS perfectly legal, it goes against the intent and good nature of the offer, and doing this may result in you no longer getting the offer ... though most people haven't had an issue as long as they don't split the bill all in 1 shop at the same time. - Great buyer protection - If you join 28degrees.com.au for a Platinum Credit Card (Pending approval of course), there are no international fees or commissions if you purchase goods online (In other currencies) or out the country. Furthermore they have an optional insurance extra (See tip below on how not to pay insurance premium ) called buyer protection. Basically if you buy a product, say an iPad, for say $600 at a store (Lets say The Good Guys at an example), and within 6 months you see the same iPad at The Good Guys (Online or Instore) on sale for a lesser amount (Say $400), they will pay you back the difference, which in this example is $200. So essentially you will get the difference back if you found a product you bought already for cheaper ... PROVIDED that it is within 6 months of the purchase date AND is at the same company you purchased it from (Location doesn't matter, but must be the same company). For example, a lady on the OzBargains forum bought shoes for $200, then a few weeks later they were on sale for $50 ... so she claimed and got $150 back. The premium to be paid is 0.5% of the amount owed to the bank on the credit card when you get your statement up to $50. So if you're statement says you owe the bank $1,000 .. your premium will be $5. ***Tip*** - If you pay off your credit card prior to the statement close date, so that your statement shows you owe the bank $0, your premium will be free!!! 0.5% of $0 is $0 ... This is perfectly legal - Great savings rate - If you would like a bank linked savings account, www.ubank.com.au is lowering their minimum deposit from $5000 to $1 until 31 October for the USaver Ultra account. The current interest rate is 4.17% including bonus rate. To get the bonus rate, from 25th August, you only need to deposit $200 per month (Until now it has been $2000 per month ) - Link here: https://www.ubank.com.au/transaction-accounts Those are the tips that I found today ... hope they save some of you some money and help you find great deals Regards Itai
  3. clintdownunder

    Some 'tip' bits

    -Write down the measurements of your appliances, furniture etc. Will help while you look for property if you belongings added in storage / still in the container -Download a grocery store app to your phone. Helps prepare you for the prices Keen to hear yours tips....
  4. I came across this today. What are your thoughts on this? http://www.theage.com.au/executive-style/management/50-rules-for-doing-business-in-australia-20131024-2w3v6.html?goback=%2Egde_110988_member_5800756250715115524#%21
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