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Found 5 results

  1. When applying for the Visa Subclass 190 one has to select the specific State you wish to receive an invitation from. I am a quantity surveyor hence need to select a state where infrastructure and construction projects are plentiful. How do I decide between NSW, VIC, WA and QLD?! Where would a South African who is used to the Cape Town and Western Cape landscape and lifestyle adapt the best?
  2. Hi Ever since April this year I've been thinking to migrate but haven't put in a lot of effort yet except for reading. I am eligible for a 189 PR Visa as I'm a Mechanical Engineer with approximately 5 years experience in both Chemical and Power Generation industries. If I get the maximum points for the IELTS I will be having 70 points with the possibility to increase this to 75 next year April. The whole process of leaving everything behind like a decent job, properties and then most important your family is something that we still need to overcome. However every time when there are increased political instability or crime I just know the move will be for the best. I've also appointed Migrate2Oz as my migration agent and currently I'm busy compiling my work experience documentation. What I actually would like to find out is it worth it to migrate without a job and how do select which state? Also how long would it generally take to get a decent job with a good salary? Regards Carl
  3. Hi This is for all who have applied or are currently busy with their 190 State Sponsorship for NSW (or any other states) I know that the times differ from the stated 12 weeks but could those who have been approved their sponsorship after the state nominated sponsorship invite please advise on how long and for what skill and also what points you each had. It would be ideal if those who are Early Childhood Teachers as that is my wife's skillset but anyone else please advise as Immitracker is not updated and there aren't many under Early Childhood Teacher either.... Ours is as follows: • Skill: 241111 - Early Childhood Teacher • Points: 55 + 5 (for state sponsorship) • State Sponsorship Invite: 29th July 2016 • State: NSW Lastly once the State Sponsorship is approved then is there anything more to do before you will get an invite to apply for the Visa or will this automatically be done after the State Sponsorship has been approved? Thanks skills much everyone
  4. Arrived in Brisbane few days ago and everything has gone smoothly. I will write a post about my experience, but I need help making a decision. Might be something only Brisbane locals can truly influence but I am all ears for the wisdom of others that don't know the two respective schools. Middle daughter is accepted to Lourdes Hill College and so is her younger sister (9yrs. - Yr. 4) at later stage. For this year I had applied at Sts. Peter and Pauls Catholic private school based on preference and ratings - but it was full - and even after several email request about a spot opening up (and some prayers) it did not. So I resorted to finding a good state school reputation in similar area, and thankfully settled on Norman Park S.S. She isn't enrolled there yet, but I spent my first weekend getting an apartment rental with year lease in the catchment area, so there would be not arguement that she could rightfully attend. This was stressful (and I limited my search to the walkable area around NPSS). Success - we signed a lease and I will email the principle this week to advise her that my daughter will be coming. About an hour after paying the two week rent on apartment, an email came (after months with no correspondence with St. P&Ps) that a spot was available for Yr. 4 - can I come for an interview. Oh my! I said yes, and plan to go but now am not sure that it right decision. Our financial situation isn't quite what I expected it might be, lost lots of $ on house sale before moving and my spouse hasn't found job so he will follow in a couple months when I feel ready to quit his employment.... then look for however long it takes. So, I have five days to decide. One other fact, even if I could get out of the lease for the apartment and be closer to the st. P&P school, the rents are much more expensive as go up towards Bulimba....however the walk from near Norman Park ferry stop(new apartment) is very far to Sts. P&P - and my youngest gets tired and puffy in heat and with long treks... hhhmmmm
  5. Is there anyone who has lodged a state sponsorship application with Western Australia just before the 1st of July under the old system? My agents recommended that I do this, because if the sponsorship is granted it will then support my EOI and strengthen my chances of getting invited to apply for the Skilled PR Visa. I'd like to know if anyone has followed a similar route and if they have heard anything yet about the sponsorship being granted and, if so, how long it took WA to process the sponsorship application submitted before 1 July? Any comments would be great!
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