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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, I'm a South African Software Developer with 6.5 years of .Net (C#) programming experience, of which 3 have been in a leadership role across three different teams. Having spent the last year in an Architect role, I'm now seeking sponsored employment in and around Melbourne. Any advice? Networking tips? Backdoors into the hidden job market? Regards Stefanus Johannes Venter CV 2018.pdf
  2. HadEnoughofJuju

    Early Childhood Teachers

    Hi everyone, found this while I was trolling Seek for work. Thought it may be useful to someone who may need extra points through sponsorship. Check out this job on SEEK: Teacher early childhood - sponsorship visas - Australia from Randstad - Education - https://www.seek.com.au/job/36080726
  3. Hi all, Our 457 Visa recently came through. I received the following documentation: IMMI Approval of Nomination Notification_Me IMMI Grant Notification_Wifey IMMI Grant Notification_Me So what now... Do we print the piece of paper and that's it or do we need to go to an embassy of some sorts? Thanks
  4. Hi This morning we got our Visa Invite and State Sponsorship approval after submitting our 190 State Sponsorship Nomination application on the 29th July 2016!! I cant believe how quickly things went!! Now we need to get all our documents together so we can lodge our Visa through SkillSelect but i wanted to know if anyone knows the details of the process from here? • Once i click on the "Apply Visa" tab on SkillSelect then what happens? Will this delay our application if we don't submit all the documents etc right away? • When and how do we create the ImmiAccount? • When would we get details of our HAP ID's so we can book medicals before we pay for the Visa etc? Any help would be appreciated as my wife has a medical concern we would like to address with the doctor before we pay the fees and lodge the Visa PS. I dont know if you used an agent but perhaps you have an idea. Thanks so much!
  5. Hi This is for all who have applied or are currently busy with their 190 State Sponsorship for NSW (or any other states) I know that the times differ from the stated 12 weeks but could those who have been approved their sponsorship after the state nominated sponsorship invite please advise on how long and for what skill and also what points you each had. It would be ideal if those who are Early Childhood Teachers as that is my wife's skillset but anyone else please advise as Immitracker is not updated and there aren't many under Early Childhood Teacher either.... Ours is as follows: • Skill: 241111 - Early Childhood Teacher • Points: 55 + 5 (for state sponsorship) • State Sponsorship Invite: 29th July 2016 • State: NSW Lastly once the State Sponsorship is approved then is there anything more to do before you will get an invite to apply for the Visa or will this automatically be done after the State Sponsorship has been approved? Thanks skills much everyone
  6. Hi I am about to submit the supporting documents for 190 NSW State Sponsorship and have an URGENT question...!!! They ask "Do you have any dependents?" so does this apply to a Partner/Spouse or only Children? Thank you Dependent Question - State Sponsorship.docx
  7. Hi all of you good people. I am asking on behalf of a friend here. What will the requirements be to sponsor someone to come over, for example what will the costs be to register as a sponsoring company and is there any other criteria involved? Also what is the financial implications with regards to a 457 and a 187 for both company and applicant? Any insight will be appreciated.
  8. Cnmaradza

    Graphic Design Sponsorship

    Hi all! I am a qualified graphic designer with other 2 years experience. I completed a degree at Curtin University of Technology of Australia last year and since then I have been looking for a job, most importantly on the terms of Employer Sponsorship (457 visa). I have been searching online for months now and even asked some of my contacts who are in the industry, some of whom have attained sponsorship themselves, with no success. I'm a very positive person, it takes a whole lot to get me down and even that might not be enough so my hopes are very high. At this point I am trying to use all resources and exhaust all my efforts. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice about how to achieve this? Would anyone know of how to tap into the hidden job market? I am considering submitting an EOI using skill select for ENS or 190 however, I heard that the process could take several months. I am really hungry for work and the opportunity to use my skills and to start my life and career in this industry. I am not currently in Australia.
  9. Hi guys, So I have a question pertaining to Permanent Residency and also more specifically eligibility to sponsor family to migrate to Australia. I activated my PR Visa in August 2013 and then spent 10 days in Sydney and then came back to SA. I'm now flying out on the 1st of April 2014 and will then be settling in Sydney. In order to be eligible to sponsor my parents for the Contributory Parent Visa I have to be resident in Australia for two years. The question is when will the 2 years start? From date of activation or the second case in my scenario? My gut tells me the second date and also that the two years will probably be calculated on the number of days physically spent in Australia. But I just want to confirm. Can anyone shed light on this matter? Thanks
  10. Errol357

    Architect starting the process...

    Hi guys, I joined some time ago, and have been vicariously involved in many of the posts... this is my first, big steps! I completed my masters degree in architecture in 2009 and have been working for three years in East London as an architect. My plan has always been to work abroad, but post varsity my student loan was sobering reality. I have qualified as a professional architect and am now shifting my focus towards working in Sydney. I have been doing a great deal of research over the past several months, and have already started with the Academic Qualifications Assessment 12 weeks ago. I am exempt from writing the IELTS as my degree was 5 years long, which certainly makes it easier. Currently I am working on a stellar creative portfolio / resume, and once my my degrees are accredited with the AACA, I will start looking for work. What is the likelihood of me receiving sponsorship? Any tips / comments / help will be greatly appreciated!
  11. Wow our WA sponsorship was approved. What happens next? They do say that it does not guarantee you a visa, what does that mean? What could prevent you from getting your visa? Does anyone have a time frame from sponsorship approval to actually getting the visa? We started this journey in Dec 2008 and finally there seems to be some light in the tunnel but not allowing myself to get too excited yet! Holding back with my emotions.
  12. Is there anyone who has lodged a state sponsorship application with Western Australia just before the 1st of July under the old system? My agents recommended that I do this, because if the sponsorship is granted it will then support my EOI and strengthen my chances of getting invited to apply for the Skilled PR Visa. I'd like to know if anyone has followed a similar route and if they have heard anything yet about the sponsorship being granted and, if so, how long it took WA to process the sponsorship application submitted before 1 July? Any comments would be great!
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