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Found 14 results

  1. Hi Everyone Just wandering if the August 2019 EOI draw has taken place. Has ANYONE received and invite yet? Many thanks.
  2. Hi all, I submitted my EOI for a 189/190 application during December 2018. My ANZCO code is for external auditor (221213). My 482 sponsor indicated that they will submit their application for accountant (general) (221111) and recommended I also update my skills assessment from 221213 to 221111. I am in the process of doing this with CAAnz. Question: Can I just update my existing EOI for 221213 with the new occupation number being 221111 when I receive the updated skills assessment, or should I submit a new EOI. I would obviously prefer to retain the previous one since its been in the queue now since December 2018, but concerned that an update to the specific occupation, may cause issues with the Department later on?
  3. CAN


    Hi, as a family we are 99% decided that we'd like to emigrate to Australia. Looking at some of the other posts, we have very similar motivations. It is amazing how we have become accustomed to some unacceptable living conditions such as the violent crime, corruption, employment discrimination, the devaluation of the currency and the realisation that despite paying relatively high tax rates, we still end up spending large portions of our salaries on medical aid and private education. We have 2 boys (ages 6 and 9) and this decision is largely influenced by our concern for their futures. Our tipping point has been reached. Australia sounds so similar to South Africa in terms of climate and culture and we would love to live on the coast. The toughest parts of the decision are 1) that we will be moving away from our dear family and 2) we are relatively comfortable financially in SA so the fear of the unknown in this regard! Thanks for this forum - it has already been a great source of insight and support. I am aiming for a 190 visa and have booked my IELTS and am busy with the skills assessment submission. We're doing it on our own but I would like to consult an agent before submitting this. Any recommendations of who may be able to offer advice on the submission would be very welcome!
  4. Hi guys, I need some help from those who have gone before please So I got my invite last week and on my SkillSelect EOI Home page there is a nice shiny new "Apply Visa" button which is calling out "click me, click me". I am not quite ready to submit my application yet so I was wondering, what happens when I give in to the temptation to click on that nice shiny new button? Will I need to complete the application in one go or would I be able to complete part of it and them save it so that I can finish it at a later stage? As always, thanks for all your help. Regards
  5. So I was asked to provide Payslips, Bank Statements and Tax Documents and PCC So on Friday I uploaded 23 payslips representing the last 5 years of work onto Skillselect where I had uploaded all the other docs. No problem. But today I was busy uploading the corresponding bank statements of those 23 payslips and suddenly I got an error message stating I had reached my limit of uploaded docs?!? Has anyone experienced this? I don't know what to do now...it seems like once a doc is uploaded then you cannot delete it or else I would have tried deleting the bank statements and providing half of them or something. I am worried now...because I cannot upload a PCC or a tax document now cos I have used up this "limit" I did not know about!!! I am feeling so stressed out about this I wrote to the CO to tell her about the quandry...but they only get back to you in 7 working days...so now what?? Can anyone provide some info on this?
  6. This is an interesting link I found detailing how visa priority has been established Fact Sheet 24 – Overview of Skilled Migration to Australia Fact Sheet 24a - Priority Processing for Skilled Migration Visas Fact Sheet Index
  7. As a matter of interest: has anyone tried to post MORE than one occupation for the Skillselect EOI?/ How do you do it? On your profile it allows for only one occupation/ skills assessment...what do you do if you have two skills assessments for two different occupations & it is for the same person...i.e. we cannot put a spouse down for the second application...any ideas?/ has anyone done this yet? Thks!
  8. Hey all, Well this is my first post. Just to give you an idea. I applied for my ACS assessment in November and have just received the confirmation. I've now put through my EOI with 65 points for ICT Business Analyst and am waiting for feedback. Hopefully all ICT Business Analysts can record all their experiences and help devoted to purely this skill set. So if anyone else is applying or has applied under 261111, I'd love to hear from you.
  9. Hi all, So my agents are ready to submit my final VISA application, but now Skillselect has severe technical problems. So much so, that they can't seem to upload any documents or complete any forms without being kicked off every other minute. According to Skillselect's notice they will be fixing this problem over the weekend. My question is what happens to applications whose cut-off date for submission is within the next few days? Will DIAC extend those dates due to these unforeseen problems? My cut-off date is 9 December, so hopefully the issue will be resolved well before then. If anyone has any news or info on this matter, please shout. Isn't there any other channel of submitting your application in situations like these?
  10. Hi We received communication from our CO on the 23rd October 2012 requesting documentation. I emailed the documents........twice.....I'm just a tad OCD. I know I need to be patient, but he has not responded to say that he has received the documentation or even that my meds have been referred. I found out about the meds may mailing Global Health and they confirmed within 2 days. Last week I sent another email stating that PCC and Meds were done, seeing this was not requested and just to let inform him. Is there anything I can/ should do besides wait? Should I be concerned? Thanks in advance Leslie
  11. was just wondering if anyone else is having the same problem or is it just me?
  12. Hey everyone, Is there anyone that has submitted their EOI's and that have received an invitation yet? If so, how long did it take to get invited from date of submission? I'm guessing everyone is still waiting anxiously to see how the new system works? My EOI was submitted on Thursday 5 July.
  13. To whom it may concern. SKILLSELECT: I would firstly like to thank the DIAC on implementing the skill select system. As a prospective migrant it is comforting to see a nation such as Australia allowing only the best of the best to become residents and help build the nation. In addition you definitely provide all the required information to assist prospective immigrants in making the correct choices with regards to visa type and requirements. Suggestion: The information on your website with regards to the next invitation round states 15 September. This could be confusing for new visitors to your site as they may think it implies 15 September 2013. In addition those prospective immigrants that have submitted an EOI and have been following the process desperately want to see the report from 15 September invitation round and how many invitations will be allocated in the next round and when that will be. Perhaps a more scheduled approach or a simple statement on the website indicating when this information will be available would go miles towards settling our nerves. Suggestion: The current points score places definite emphasis on English language ability providing 0 points for IELS score of 6 10 points for IELTS score of 7 20 points for IELTS score of 8 A difference of 10 points is a lot. Perhaps a more scaled scoring system would provide a better shift between candidates. For example: 0 points for IELS score of 6.0 5 points for IELS score of 6.5 10 points for IELTS score of 7.0 15 points for IELTS score of 7.5 20 points for IELTS score of 8.0 I thank you for all the hard work the department has already put into the system. Regards Jacques Voogt Feedback successfully sent Thank you for your feedback which has been sent to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. The Reference Number for this feedback is: IMMI-12-13755 You will receive an acknowledgement email in the near future.
  14. Hi The Skillselect website is live! http://www.immi.gov.au/skills/skillselect/
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