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Found 5 results

  1. JJDLmoving

    Sales (Food Service / Hospitality)

    Hi Everyone I will be moving to Australia in NOV / DEC 18. I am urgently looking to make contact with a few people who are in the Hospitality industry in Australia, specifically in HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants, Caterers). I have been in this industry in SA for over 15 years (both on the production side and on the sales into the industry side). I would love to chat to someone in AUS that can just give me a few basic pointers on how things work there. EXAMPLES: Can i just cold call on a restaurant and try sell something to them? If you are involved in the industry or know someone please let me know. I promise i wont hound them for a job, i am just looking for some insight. I can call, text or email if they prefer. Your help will be very much appreciated ! 😎 Regards, JJ
  2. JJDLmoving

    ONLINE Business Ideas

    Good day everyone, I am looking to start an online business in Australia. I am looking for any ideas or advice? I looked on my LSD trip everyday for items to sell. It was much more challenging then i thought? Please can you send me any ideas of items you think would sell online? Or if you can advise if you think there are any items not available or in high demand. Many thanks in advance. JJ
  3. JJDLmoving

    Consulting (Sales and marketing)

    Hi all I am doing some research on what i can do when we relocate to Oz. My wife will have a job when we move but i wont. I am currently a Sales and Marketing Manager for a company in the food sector. I have over 12 years experience with sales and marketing in various food businesses. Does anyone know if there would be an opportunity for me to become a consultant to small / medium businesses in the food industry. I have tried to look for other people doing this in Aus and i have found nothing. Any feedback would be much appreciated JJ
  4. Hi to all! My wife, Daughter and I are getting ready for the massive life changing move, and off course, with that, comes many doubts and even more questions. we don't currently have too many questions on the visa application itself and trust the process while using an established agent to guide us through all the steps. The biggest concern off course is the unknown. Where will we end up? will the cost of living surprise us and make us live a poor life, even after all the online research and budgeting? Have we missed any important financial elements while budgeting that will surprise us when we arrive, is this a mistake leaving what we know and our extremely close family etc etc. All very daunting if you are not 100% positive. But all we have to do is look at our 3 year olds face and we know that what we are doing is exactly the right thing. The immediate advise we are seeking from anyone who can help is more about the current job market in Melbourne or Perth areas. We have chosen these two areas purely because we have friends and Family in both areas for a support base. I am currently leaning more towards Melbourne at the moment and looking at residential areas around 10 km out of the city for more affordable rental options. Have had a look at areas such as Balwyn, Camberwell, Ivanhoe, Essendon and Glen Waverly as we have heard there are many good school in these areas for our daughter and perhaps work for my wife. My wife will be the primary applicant applying on her secondary school qualification under the short skills 189 visa. She would however, once the visa has been granted, prefer to continue working in Primary schools as this is where most of her experience and passion lies. Hence the reason I am reaching our for advice from any current teachers in these areas for information on how the job market is currently for Primary school teachers and any other advise that can assist us in planning interviews on our first visa activation trip. This is is the scariest part for us, securing employment before completely packing up. I am a regional sales manager for the PVC pipe and fittings manufacturing industry currently supplying the civil, mining, building and agricultural industry and will also have to find something as soon as possible. Any advice on how the market is on Sales type jobs would also be much appreciated. Apologies for the long winded intro and all the questions, but just chucking it out there and who knows what great advise we might receive. Looking forward to chatting with you all on the extremely helpful and kind forum. Shaun.
  5. Hi I am a recent graduate from the University of Pretoria looking for a job in Australia, preferably Melbourne, but really anywhere will suffice. I am an experienced windscreen technician and I have a Bcomm Communication Management degree, I have a working knowladge of Adobe illustrator, soundbooth and photoshop. I am highly skilled in MS Office. Currently I am a client relations manager for a National Auto Glass branch. Rueben Durand CV 2012.pdf
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