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Found 13 results

  1. My wife, daughter and I received our 189 visa grants last year on 1 September which we activated in March. We are currently living in Dubai and plan on moving to Australia in the second half of next year. Last week Wednesday my wife gave birth to a little boy in Dubai so he is entitled to a South African passport which we will apply for as soon as we receive his UAE birth certificate. My question is how should I go about applying for his 101 visa? We could start the process as soon as we receive his SA passport. The official website says that these visas are taking up to 11 months to issue (75% of applicants) and 14 months (90% of applicants). If we apply and the visa is issued within a few months we might have to activate the visa before we intend moving there which would mean another holiday and the cost of more flights. If the visa takes too long we might be ready to move and he won't have a visa. The alternative (according to my agent who helped with our 189 visas) is to not apply for the visa until we have moved to Australia. We would need to apply for a visitor's visa and request that it is void of an 8503 (no further stay condition) and once we are onshore we can apply for the child visa. The benefit of applying for a child visa onshore is that the baby will be issued with a bridging visa whilst holding a visitor’s visa and this will allow the baby to remain in Australia until such time the visa is decided. Has anyone recently been though this and which route did you decide on? If we apply for the child visa once we are living in Australia will the time that my son spends in the country on the visit visa count towards his citizenship or will the four years only start once his child visa is granted?
  2. G'day Please advise if I have to apply for a RRV (Resident Return Visa) under the following circumstances: Partner Migrant Visa granted in 2010. Date of first entry - December 2010. Returned to South Africa December 2011. PR - granted in 2014 PR - activated in September 2014 on entry to Australia for 2 week holiday. re-entered Australia in 2016 for 2 week holiday. PR expires in September 2019. Never lived in Australia under PR, only lived there for 1 year under Spouse Visa prior to PR in 2011. Want to return to Australia in 2019, possibly in June (3 months before expiry of PR (5 year travel allowance) Intention to remain in Australia permanently - will apply for citizenship when the time is appropriate. Please advise if I have to apply for a RRV before I enter Australia, 3 months before expiry of PR? Confused, as I read up about having to stay in Australia for a minimum of 2 years in the last 5 years. Also read something about not being allowed in Australia when the PR is "about to expire" how long before the expiration date is "about to expire" Thanks
  3. veinkamerer

    Immigration laws

    This past week I've read some articles regarding probably changes to visas and visa grants. From time periods of applying for PR to qualifying and receiving citizenship. There is also an article about "is Australia big enough for the the migrants entering Australia?" and that they could maybe cut on the amounts of visas issued. My question is... when we apply for a visa and you buy into its rules and regulations at that specific time, can the dep. of immigration change the conditions for that specific visa? eg. 489 regional sponsorship ... 2 years living in a regional area and 1 year work to qualify for 887 PR and then 2 years on that 887 you qualify for citizenship. Maybe a stupid question, but one that got us a bit thinking and are uncertain about. Thank you.
  4. Hi, we are really anxious, my husband was offered a job in Sydney but the job is on the STSOL, the company wants to apply for the 457 so he can start as early as April and the 186 simultaneously so we can get PR still. But if I'm reading correctly with all the changes happening now in March we won't be able to apply for the 186 as the occupation is on the STSOL and not on the Medium or long list, is that right? Is there any option to get PR then? Thank you for any help.
  5. Hi, We are so close to getting 60 points to apply for a sub class 190 permanent residents visa, but will be 5 points short. My wife turns 45 at the end of October. We think we would get 55 points, with age, qualifications, state nomination (ACT), etc. She writes the IELTS exam this weekend with the aim of getting 8 for each category, and that will get us to the 55 points. She could get the additional 5 points by doing the Credentialed Community Language assessment in German, but NAATI, the organisation that runs the assessments, tells us that they would need 5 weeks to prepare the test and another 10 weeks before results came out. That would mean we would only get the results after her 45th birthday. We are so close, but just not there. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what we could do? We would need to get an EOI in well before her 45th birthday, probably at the end of September at the latest. Appreciate any ideas or thoughts. Many thanks!
  6. Hi I am hoping someone in the know can confirm that if you are in Australia working on a 457 that the occupation is no longer on the skills list, construction estimator, can still apply for PR in the future? My 457 was approved in 18 January 2017. I have been living and working in Sydney since February. I am yet to bring my wife and children across as I wanted to see if the job was right for me first. On a 6 month probation. I was due to apply for my family (dependants) visas this week and then Malcolm Turnbull dropped the bomb. I would just like to confirm before I pay for visas and sell up everything and up root my family to bring them over here. According to the original statements made by government the PR pathway is still open to current 457 holders. Which is great. But then my migration agent phoned me on Friday to say that because my occupation is no longer on the skills list I am no longer eligible for the PR pathway. I hope someone may shed some clarity on this subject. Much appreciated. Graeme
  7. Hi All Probably been asked before, but anyway, My brother has a 457 currently and wants to know if he needs to redo his IELTS when applying for a PR. Also if he does, what score does he need? Thanks Joseph
  8. Good morning all My partner's passport is expiring in Feb 2016. We are in Australia on a PR visa and don't intend to leave the country in the next 6 months. My question is - does he have to renew it before it expires as part of any terms of a PR visa or is it only necessary when we leave Oz? We would do it now, but the only place that does fingerprints in WA is in Perth and we can't get there until April school holidays... Any advice would be much appreciated! Jo and Byron
  9. Hi, we are privileged that I have been offered a position as financial manager in North Lakes. The 457 nomination has been approved, just awaiting the approval of the 457 visum. This was submitted at the end of April, subsequently they have requested medicals and on the 15th they requested the birth certificates of the children (19 and 15) and proof that the eldest is still a dependant. Any idea on how long this process will take. Getting nervous as I have to start on the 1st of August and the family following in December. Any recommendation on the PR application, I have gathered that the best will be a 189 application and then VETASSESS, but will that be the easiest or rather the quickest. My wife has a Phd in entomology, will it be easier for her to apply for PR. The cost for international students is astronomic, any idea on how I deal with this, until I have PR (what is the timelines on PR appications and any suggestion to use an agent or do it ourselves). We will be moving in December, what movers will you propose and when do we start the process? We have two dogs, which company will be the best to use? What is the cost of living in North Lakes? Do we rent or buy a house and if we buy, what will be the process to get finance and even a bank account? Anybody that can assist with either housing or the finance thereof. We are a sporty family, are there any cycling or badminton clubs? Do they do regular rides or is everything laid back? What will be the best travelling option from North Lakes to Brisbane University? We are really looking forward to this move, as the situation in South Africa is only worsening (although the Stormers are still better than the Reds.
  10. Hi All Well, we have left PE, and said all our goodbyes. It was really tough. We are now in Cape Town and saying goodbye to family before flying on the 14th. So as I was showing my MIL the visa grant notice it said that if we enter Aus after 24 Oct 2018, we have to apply for a RRV. Does this mean that is we live here full time until then and then go on holiday, we have to apply for a RRV? Or does that mean if you come, and go back to SA and then want to return after 5 years you have to apply for a RRV? And lastly, on a PR, how long before you can apply for citizenship? (Because I am NEVER immigrating again). Any clarification would be appreciated.
  11. Hi, Our friends are over here on a 457 visa, they are now doing the company sponsored PR Visa, is it necessary for them to do the IELTS test, they are both English and can show English on their Matric Certificates, I never had to do IELTS but not sure if things have changed.. Thanks, Jill Barry
  12. Hi Guys, Need some info regarding the transition from 457 to PR. With all the changes last year to all the visa structures it`s left me a bit confused to what my options are. I have been in OZ now for a year on a Business Long Stay 457 ENS visa. As far as I know you can do a Independant Skill Migration 189 application at any point IF you have the right qualifications. If not you have too wait two years and then your employer can apply on your behalf, but then you would have to work for them for at least another two years which is not something I want to do... Now unfortunately I do not have the relevant qualifications.... I did an online assessment on MigrationExpert and got approved based on my work experience for a State Sponsorship visa with 65 points. I redid the assessment for 189 which gave me 60 points, but no approval ( as far as I know you need a minimum of 60 points...) I checked on the SOL list and unfortunately my occupation is not listed (Telecommunications Technician), although there are some similar occupations.... Any advice? Or am I basically screwed and need to wait another year for my employer to nominate me again? And how good a option would the State Sponsorship be?
  13. jnv108

    Our Journey Begins

    I am Jay. My family and I (Wife and two kids) are on the Journey to move to Oz. Have our PR VISA. We are planning our LSD trip on a few weeks time and need to figure out exactly what to do. Load of things in our heads at the moment. . . Selling the houseWhat to keep in the house and what to sell?Buy from SA or in AusContainer or not?Which city is best for us. . . Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney?Freaked out about cost!Hearing that the rand dollar keeps going the wrong wayWe still need to figure out exactly what to do and where to go for our LSD. All we have completed thus far is flights, accommodation and car rental. Lots more to do and feeling a bit overwhelmed.
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