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Found 16 results

  1. AngelaA

    Partner Skills

    Hi. I'm trying to calculate my points for the highly skilled Visa (189). I would like to know how the skills assessment works for my husbands qual. In order to get the partner points it states "Your spouse or de facto partner must also be an applicant for this visa and meet age, English and skill criteria.For you to be eligible for the award of these points your partner must be an applicant for the same visa subclass and must not be an Australian permanent resident or an Australian citizen. Additionally, you will need to provide evidence that when you were invited to apply for this visa
  2. Hey guys and gals, A quick question: With the changes to the points system in November this year, is the total points required (currently 65) going to increase as well? If so, does anyone know what the new total will be? Thanks in advance.
  3. I completed a BA degree and then was employed as a pre school teacher for over theee years, then i received my PGCE and this is my third year of teaching. I want to apply for the 189 visa as an ECD teacher but I am wondering how many points I will get for work experience? Does my post BA experience count towards ECD work or would they only credit my Post PGCE experience? Thanks in advance for all of your help
  4. Hi all, My hubby is an ICT project manager , which is on the 190 list. He has 18 years experience in this field but no formal qualification. He will be applying to ACS , with a RPL application and all seems on track that he should get a positive report resulting in a positive skills assessment and then some work experience points too. On the other hand, he has a hotel management diploma that could apparently give him 10 points additionally to his RPL, although he has no experience in the hospitality field. If it's not related to the IT field can he still get it assessed? By who?
  5. So I got good news and bad news today...good news...i have passed my general ielts, giving me the 20 points I need for visa application...however, in total I have 60 points...and only people with 70 points are accepted for the 189 visa...my only option now is to hope for state nomination to get a 190 visa...or the tasmania 489 visa, which only provides me with temporary residency...which means my options are now limited...I guess I should stay focused on the goal here...but it's hard to stay positive and I'm wondering whether I should even continue...what if I don't get a state nomination? #dr
  6. Hello Please could someone help confirm the process for attaining points in the following categories (Software Engineer - 261313): Qualifications (15 Points): At least a bachelor degree from an Australian educational institution or other degree of a recognised standard Skilled Employment (15 Points): In skilled employment for at least eight and up to 10 years (of the past 10 years) For Qualifications I understand that these are dependent on the ACS evaluation. In my case I assume: Bachelor Degree or Higher with an ICT Major which is closely rela
  7. robynbergs

    which visa

    Hi there, I am just quite confused and don't really know where to begin - I might have to get hold of an agent. We are in our mid to late 40's and our skill set does not appear on the list (being in the creative industry: advertising and product design), so we don't score enough points. We have a lot of family in Australia but also some in SA, so don't qualify for a last relative visa. We don't really have the money to invest in starting a business in Australia so that crosses that visa off the list. There doesn't seem to be a perfect visa fit for our circumstances. What are our options for a
  8. Immigration was not a topic we ever really discussed in our marriage since we are both gainfully employed, live in our dream house and bought a generator for when Eskom acts up. We were thus quite surprised after a recent holiday in Australia to discover that both of us want to move there permanently. With the decision made, we are now busy examining our options on how to gather enough points to lodge a EOI, but this is where it gets complicated. The following applies to our situation: My wife is a veterinarian (234711) and her job is on SOL with open space according to the current intake upda
  9. Hi Wondering if anyone can give an opinion on the likelihood of obtaining an invitation with the minimum 60 points? Does it take longer to receive an invite than it would for someone with 65 or 70 points? My concern is that we only have 60 points (Age (25), Degree (15), English (20)), due to the fact that I had to complete additional subjects for my skills assessment I am not expecting to receive points for skilled employment, which is acceptable if we still stand a good chance of an invitation with 60 points. I did investigate applying for state sponsorship for additional 5 points but it wou
  10. Hi guys, Just got a very good e-mail this morning. ICAA has given me a positive assessment and deem my ND and BTech to be equal to an Aus BA. Also they deem all of my work experience submitted as suitable. So that being said would like to ask for some of your thoughts and help with the points I would be able to claim on the EOI (because I really DON'T want to over claim or stuff it up some other way). I think that I would be able to claim points as follows: Age - 30 (I only turn 33 in October) English - 10 (I got at least 7's across the board in IELTS) Qualifications - 15 (Degree equal to Aus
  11. Hi Folks, My husband has asked me to get in touch and we're hoping you can shed some light for us. Considering the minimum required number of points for a 189 visa is 60 points, I was wondering whether anyone had done an EOI on exactly 60 points and been invited to apply for a 189, and how long it took to be invited on 60 points? By comparison, anyone with 65-70 points, and how long that took? My husband did his General IELTS in October and got 8-8-6.5-6.5, not individual scores of 7+, so although the requirement for IELTS in terms of positive skills assessment has been met, he won't be gran
  12. Hi there, Can anyone please clarify? I am SO confused... I am applying for Vetassess for the Corporate Services Manager as this is the closest to my current employment of 4 years which I can find on any list (South Australia). I have a Psychology degree. 1. Does anyone know if this degree is compatible with the Corporate Services Manager job title? 2. In order to get points for a degree on the points calculator for a State Sponsored visa, does the degree need to be in line/relevant to the vetasses job or will I get points just for having a degree? I really hope someone can clarify this for me!
  13. After receiving a positive skills assessment for an occupation on the WA SS CSOL we now still need 5 points due to the dreaded IELTS (Writing) - Who writes by hand these days anyway I have a Bachelors Degree in a different field, not related to the SS Occupation, but not sure if claiming these points are allowed - it does add an additional 15 points to the total, but is this allowable? As this was never part of the plan, we also do not know what the process is to get this qualification 'verified' as well as how long it takes... Will it be better, safer, quicker to just delay (again) while wa
  14. As most read in my previous post (http://www.saaustral...1-the-decision/), we had started with our fateful journey along the hoops and hops that is known to most as getting the EOI in to get an invite. Our agents (Global Visas) assigned Rene Smith as our case manager. We had our first telephonic "interview", basically a get to know one another session. After that we received access to our very own case management portal on their web site to track actions, upload documents and send messages between the parties. Very cool indeed. Not to mention all the other related services they offer like bank
  15. Hi, I havent posted in a while... Couldnt remember my log in details so I have just been reading as a 'guest'. All is well with me, settling in nicely! Made some friends, learning to surf...what can I say? I am worried about something on my BIL's EOI and invitation. I worked out their points and they should have sat at 60, but they have 65. I asked him about it and he sent me the points breakdown. They got 5 extra points for 'australian study requirement'. But he did not study in Australia? I was afraid they filled it in wrong so I asked. He says they only got asked about his qualification
  16. followmylead

    Points, IELTS - all very confusing

    Hi all We are investigating a possible job offer in WA. We fly out on the 17 May to our prospective employer. We are coming on their invitation and expense. As I understand things and if all go according to plan - after our visit, they will formally offer us a job in WA. So, as I understand things, they will nominate us and sponsor us to go over. The visa in question is a RSMS 187 (PR) . He has a masters degree directly relevant to the job and 14 years directly relevant work experience. His profession is on the skill select 2 list. He also holds a British passport, What is confusing me, is a
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