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Found 3 results

  1. I have been following this forum for quite a while and haven't seen much update from Pretoria regarding Prospective Marriage Visa. I am inviting everyone who lodged their Prospective Marriage Visa PMV subclass 300 in 2019 to write their time line on this thread. If you did not apply in 2019 I kindly request you to create another thread if you would like to give your update. Below is my timeline Lodged PMV : April 2019 Applicant Police Clearance (RSA): Applied Apr 2019, Still waiting for clearance Sponsor Police Clearance: Uploaded Apr 2019 (front loaded) Applicant Biometric: Done Apr 2019 but flag still says required. This is a known issue in the system Applicant Health Assessment: Done and clearance a couple of weeks after lodgement. (front loaded) All other docs: All uploaded within a couple of weeks after lodgement Sponsor Application: Lodged same day as PMV PMV Status: Further Assessment Sponsor Status: Further Assessment Contact from CO: none
  2. Good day all After many months of leeching on the wealth of knowledge contained on this forum, I finally mustered up the courage to start my first topic. But before I do, a general word of thanks to all who share freely to make it the indispensable resource which it is. Some background about my journey thus far: In 2006 my parents were granted PR by way of a SC189 application (then SC136). As a dependent at the time, I received the same and we've been living off RRVs (SC155) to this day due to substantial business ties to the benefit of Australia. So no troubles there. Now, at long last I've decided to jump ship and take up a secondment opportunity. After nearly 12 years, I'm absolutely stoked. I've been over plenty, but the 'big move' still feels surreal. Now comes the girlfriend situation. We've been together for nearly six years and will in all likelihood get engaged within the next 12 months. De facto partner visas do not apply to us. Also, since pharmacists do not currently appear on the MTLSSL, neither the TSS nor SC189 options are available to us. A state/regional sponsored visa is an option, but would not be ideal since my job is essentially fixed in place (Perth) and we wouldn't want to be separated. The PMV remains as the only viable option as far as we see it. I should point out that, fortunately, the exorbitant cost of the visa (approx. $7000) will be covered by my employer. Granted the processing times are well over a year these days, she currently holds a visitors visa (SC600) without the "No further stay" condition. The plan is to apply for a bridging visa type A (BVA) immediately following the substantive visa application (PMV300) which could allow her join me pronto and to work in the meantime. So, my questions then are: Has anyone tried this approach with success? Any pitfall or snags which we need to be aware of? Are there any other visa options I should be considering? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello I'm looking for a little bit of reassurance if you can call it that.. There may already be a similar question but I couldn't find it as I only signed up today so bear with me My partner and I recently applied for a prospective marriage visa (Start of June) from South Africa (online with Pretoria) and we were wondering what is process if anyone has similar experience or can give us any information on the processing times, when you know you have a case officer and generally just the steps of how its processed? We have been in SA since September last year and cannot wait to return to my home country Australia. Thank you a million in advance we really appreciate your help!!
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