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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone - first post here. Thank you for creating such a supportive community, I was truly relieved to discover saaustralia.org In a nutshell: I'm posting here because I'm desperately trying to find out whether it is possible to successfully obtain a Contributory Parent visa for someone who suffers from Alzheimer's. I have done a fair bit of reading online but as yet have been unable to find detailed answers, so I'm truly hoping somebody here might have gone through a similar experience and be able to provide us advice. A bit more background of my situation: I migrated to Australia several years ago and now live there with my Australian wife. A couple of years ago, my mother, a SA resident, was diagnosed with early on-set Alzheimer's disease. She is only in her sixties and other than her mental state is still as fit as a fiddle - she still has many years ahead of her. I visit my mom here in SA every year (in fact, I am writing this post here in SA right now, on one of my visits) and whilst her mind is gradually deteriorating, her situation has been fairly stable and secure. Until now. Just a month ago we learned that my mom's partner was diagnosed with a terminal pathology and might only have a short time left to live. Which means that once her partner is gone (which could be as little as 6-12 months from now), there will be nobody* here to look after her - and that's why I am trying to bring her over to Australia, so that I and my Australian wife can look after her there. So I've been researching the Contributory Parent visa, which looks like a straight-forward process. The cost is steep - but fortunately, we *can* afford it. The only potential hurdle we've identified is the medical examination. I quickly learned that one of the most common health conditions that result in unsuccessful medical examinations, and therefore a failed visa applications, include cases in which the applicant suffers from Alzheimer's / dementia. I looked online and I found two cases of people reporting their medical exam/visa application declined for this very reason. The reason for the declined application is because the Aus Government doesn't want to grant visas to people who might be heavily reliant on Medicare. Which I suppose is understandable. But surely Australia would not have a policy of shutting it's doors to ALL people suffering from Alzheimer's? That would be inhumane. So I am assuming there IS *some* process for determining whether an applicant with AD can be allowed to migrate to Australia. And I am trying to find out what that process is. Which is why I am posting here: I am hoping somebody here has gone through a similar application in recent years - ie. applying for a visa to bring a parent to Australia who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's - so that I can find out 1) whether it's possible and 2) what factors resulted in the success (or failure) of the application. (I would also be interested to hear from people who may have had their visa declined on the basis of their parent's Alzheimer's) To be more specific: I need to find out what criteria is used to determine eligibility for an applicant suffering from Alzheimer's (eg age, financial capacity of the sponsor); and, if it is a matter of financial capacity, how much money Australia wants to see in my bank account in order to grant the visa. Then I can decide whether I can proceed with the application; and how much money I'd need to raise to ensure a successful application. Can anyone assist me with my situation? I hope you can understand we are pretty desperate to get this process underway as soon as possible given our situation. But I first want to make sure we have as much information as possible so that we go down the Contributory Parent visa path we have a good chance of success, and are not simply wasting our time. * I should specify that I am not my mother's only child. If I were, then I would investigate the Remaining Relative Visa. But I cannot apply for this visa, as my mother also has a second child, who also lives in SA, but who is unable to take on the responsibility of looking after our mom. Which means that either I get her over to Australia where I can care for her; or else she will have to go into residential care somewhere in SA, which would be terrible as she is still at the stage of her journey with Alzheimer's where she absolutely needs contact with her loved ones. Thank you sincerely for your help! Luca
  2. Good day Can some please advise me on what parental visa to look at for sponsoring my parents a visa permanently. They are both at the ages of 55 are qualified with a master's and doctoral degrees and are both of good health. I am a permanent resident for almost 2 years now. I have this list but don't know which one to look into.. https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Brin/Pare Thank you for your help Have a great day.
  3. Hi All, We have recently joined this website, and spent many hours trolling through the numerous contributions for things which might help in our great adventure to Australia. Because we have experienced some difficulty finding things which relate to our specific visa, and as some of these posts go back many years, and are now outdated, we thought perhaps it is time to start a new thread, specifically and uniquely for those of us applying for the 143 - Contributory Parent Visa (Migrant). To start this thread, I thought I might offer some insights and tips we have gathered along our journey to date, which you may find useful. Hopefully others in the same situation will also contribute. And if you have questions related to this particular visa, please ask, and we (or others) will try to assist you. #1. PLAYING THE WAITING GAME We are currently in limbo (or as someone has aptly coined it "the waiting room") while we await the appointment of our Case Officer ("CO"). Our application was registered on 17 May 2013, although confirmation of this was only received by us on 15 July 2013. Initially, we were advised that the delay in processing our application would be "less than 12 months", but this has gradually moved out over the intervening months to the current official delay of "18 months". This waiting game has proven to be the most frustrating part, particularly as there is no way of knowing quite where you stand. For those of us in this visa class, there is no official queue, as has been created for the Non-Contributory visa classes. But we can still get an idea of what is going on from other sources. Firstly, I suggest you send an email at month-end to parents@immi,gov,au. You don't need to write anything, as this will generate an automated response which provides you with the latest update and information on every class of parent visa. About halfway down the email, you will see which month the authorities are currently processing for the 143 visa class. Note that this date does fluctuate - for example, in the beginning of June 2014, the delay it was reportedly down to "16 months"; but by the end of that same month it had returned to 18 months again. The next place you can visit is a website at www.gainwave.co.uk, which publishes a "CPV Progress Tracker". Here other visa applicants are posting their timelines, and you can get a good idea of how long it is taking to complete the whole process. Finally, there are other websites similar to this one, where people are posting their time lines - such as www.pomsinoz.com and www.perthpoms.com Now that the Australian authorities have permanently closed applications for all other classes of parent visas (since June 2014 only Contributory Visa subclass 143 and subclass 173 are being accepted) we are hopeful that more resources in the Parent Visa Centre will be allocated to the processing of our visas, and that the lead-time will shorten I hope this has been helpful, and I shall continue to add to this thread in time
  4. Hi there, We are looking at the possible VISA options that we can look at to bring my mother-in-law over to Australia as soon as we have settled (2 years according to the VISA information). At the moment I can only find two possibilities: - 103 Parent Permanent VISA - 143 Contributory Parent Permanent VISA The latter seems to be the quicker and hell-of-a-lot more expensive option. What would you recommend? Any other options I've overlooked maybe? Any feedback or suggestions welcome. Thanks Gideon
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