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Found 8 results

  1. iceogre007

    Just Joined

    Good day Everyone, Me and my wife has started the process for a 189 visa. My wife will be the main applicant for a secondary teacher. I am currently in IT as a systems engineer. We are still at step 1 but hey we are already very excited. We were looking at Queensland maybe brisbane. This forum is a great resource and I enjoy reading everyone's experiences and information. Regards
  2. Hi all I am new here. Just started the process - busy getting my evaluation/points done through intergate-emigration. Myself and my wife are planning to move over to Brisbane by the end of the year (hopefully sooner). Hopefully we can meet some new friends quickly once we've moved to Brisbane. I'm 26, Civil Engineer, Love fishing, the outdoors and spending time with good people.
  3. riaanpdaddy

    Almost Canada, now Australia

    Hi Everyone, Just a quick introduction. We have started the process of applying to Australia this week. We actually went through the whole process to go to Canada... ... but subsequently we got cold feet - literally, I think our feet will be too cold in Canaidia. So we have turned our sights towards sunny Australia, specifically, and hopefully - Brisbane. Thanks for the great forum, already we have found so much great information and we hope to contribute. If anyone wants to know the process of applying to Canada, then feel free to ask - we went through the whole process (including an agent s
  4. eitai2001

    The start of my journey

    Hi guys. I discovered this forum just yesterday, and have already found a wealth of information, and decided to join, to learn, ask questions, contribute if I can, and become part of the community. My name is Itai, I'm a 27 year old single young professional (why does this feel like a dating profile!? )from Johannesburg and planning a move to Melbourne. I'm a chartered accountant, And managed to secure myself a 189 PR visa in April. I will be joining the ranks if the Aussies as of 2 September 2014 Luckily for me, my sister has lived in Melbourne for 12 years already, so I at least have some
  5. Hi Everyone Here goes our "immigration" journey! long story short ? we decided to immigrate in 2013 to New Zealand as oh is on the short skill list and never thought Aus would be possible! 2013 then decided it had other plans for us and we had to delay our immigration process due to medical reasons, as we were in a horrible car accident on our way back from holiday in Durban when a taxi crossed over the middleman from the other side of the highway hitting us head on, close to the mooi river plaza. A year later and 80% better we decided to start again and as luck would have it QLD added oh'
  6. dmkza

    New here

    Hi, I am new to this forum,. I am currently goint through the steps of getting to Aus. In short, we have done some research and have started looking at possible ways to get going. Any help or advice is welcome. Cheers Dawie
  7. MartinBelinda


    Hi All Another newbie here. My wife got offered a job in sydney and is about to fly there this week on a 457 visa. I will follow with our two boys (8 and 11) in mid November. Very excited...but also very nervous. Big change and also worried about the risk associated with the 457 visa. Gonna keep the faith that everything will work out. So much to research and organize. New schools...new work for me...shipping our stuff...etc. This site seems to have tons of info which is very helpful ... going to be posting lots of questions. Biggest two worries for me are the kid's schooling and me getting w
  8. Nikita93

    New to this forum

    Hi guys Wow what an awesome forum this is. Hubby and I (we have an 8yr old daughter) decided we are sick of this country, sick of tales of woe involving crime and let's not forget government corruption. We want a better future for ourselves and our daughter. We made the decision 4 months ago to immigrate to Australia and we are really excited about our future. We live in West Coast area and would love to hook up with anyone on this forum in the area (or out of). We going on hubby's skills (IT engineer - Genesys) which is on the skills shortage list. We will need to be in Victoria for first
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