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Found 10 results

  1. We are on the verge on relocating to Melbourne and have already engaged with a shipping company. The shipping insurance is way more than what we expected. How many people out there had to claim due to breakages, lost or damage and how easy was it to claim. Thank you so much.
  2. Swaartbaard

    Life Cover To Protect Assets Back in SA

    Hi all, Settling into Sydney well! Been challenging and rewarding at the same time. I have a query - my fiance and I still own 3 x properties in South Africa. We both have life cover with Discovery back in SA to cover the value of the properties should something happen to us. We did let Discovery know we were going overseas and they upped our monthly installments slightly before we left. Now that we're more settled in Oz we're trying to reduce our debit orders back in SA so we can send less money hope each month and keep it in $ instead. Wondering if it might make more sense to take out life cover in Australia and cancel Discovery. Anyone have any experience with this? The main requirement for me would be that any potential payout would need to be channeled back to SA to cover the property value over there. Very confused on this one Thanks!
  3. HI there For those who have done this before, what travel insurance did you use for your one way flight? I've just read that my ABSA auto cover doesn't cover one way flights.
  4. Hello peeps. Ok, I see some posts about this that are quite old. Been in Sydney for a few weeks now. Started a job and getting things ready for my family to come over in Dec. Wanted to tap into the collective knowledge regarding private health care. I found it confusing in SA and ditto for AUS. I am 45, wife is a bit younger than me and we have two kids just under 6 years old. Has anyone done a study on the best private medical plan to go with? A mate swears by MediBank, but his circumstances are a bit different (same age, but no kids). First one to come up with a good answer can win my SA passport.
  5. Kanniewagnie

    Life insurance & other policies in Australia

    Can anyone recommend who to see regarding building up our retirement & life insurance again? Do you take out through your bank, or super annuation, or other institutions? Hubby's employer did not really gave info on how his super is formulated, so not sure how it works ...
  6. Hi there, Can anyone help me how is the work opportunities over in Oz? As I am currently in the insurance industry, and not sure how their quilifications work regarding this. And if I want to change my career path, is there any opportunities to do so...
  7. Hi All, This is a question that has been asked a thousand times, but I cannot find the perfect answers and would like to make the best decision from day one. ** As with SA, there are good and bad medical schemes - I would like to get the inside scoop for the Aus (NSW) market. I will be looking at "Private Medical" insurance (NSW) within the next month or two. * My son has "grommits" and his tonsils will have to be removed in a year or so - thus need to jump the queues if it needs attention as it is falling out every 6-months. ** I had a look at Bupa and HCF thus far and trampled through iSelect.com.au Which Medical Insurer would you recommend and if possible if they will provide "Continuation Cover" as we are moving from Discovery. I would like to make the correct decision from day-one as a some procedures they cover only from x-months and the longer you are with them the more cover they will provide - I don't want to make a mistake and move after 6months and then again after that from the one to the other insurer. Any guidance would be appreciated!!
  8. Dear forum members, I think it is good news to be asking questions about insurance - means that I have now gathered "stuff" to have insured Well, it sounds impressive, but about a toaster, fridge and washing machine is what needs to be insured for now. The biggest question is about Car Insurance - not perfectly sure how and where to go form here. * Sold 2 cars back home and bought a new Toyota - funny thing, can buy a new one for cheaper than a good second hand one - go figure. Will pick it up on Sat 16Feb. Looked at some adverts about insurance and looked at Allianz (seems expensive) - also browsed online and noticed that almost every shop and bank also does insurance (Coles, Woolies, ANZ...... Budget, Direct, ... and the list goes on) Please help and guide me in the right direction (and also who recognises SA drivers experience)
  9. GideonVD


    So, who would you recommend for insurance? Tell us what type of insurance and on average the weekly/monthly cost. Looking forward to see what's the insurance landscape like in Auz. Thanks
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