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  1. I completed a BA degree and then was employed as a pre school teacher for over theee years, then i received my PGCE and this is my third year of teaching. I want to apply for the 189 visa as an ECD teacher but I am wondering how many points I will get for work experience? Does my post BA experience count towards ECD work or would they only credit my Post PGCE experience? Thanks in advance for all of your help
  2. G'day All, Seeing as though I have relied quite a lot on this Forum for information and moral support in the time leading up to our departure from SA, I though it might be good to take stock and give some account of our experience since arriving in Brisbane, Australia on 5 January 2019. But first, a short history of how we got here... My wife and I got married in 2010 and ever the years whenever big negative events happened in SA (Nkandla, Axing of Finance Ministers, Ratings Downgrades, Load Shedding, SOE Bailouts, Land re-appropriation policy changes, visit
  3. Hi everyone I am in the process of applying for a 189 as a secondary school teacher. I would like to clarify what immigration will regard as: "closely related skilled occupation" in this field. I've worked as a secondary school teacher for 4 years and I am currently involved in teacher training at a University (for the past 4+ years). Does anyone know whether my current experience will also be taken into consideration when applying as a teacher? It will make a difference between getting 5 or 15 points. TIA, Anne
  4. Hi, I am very new to this site and is still trying to figure out how it works. Anycase, here we go... I am a Regitered nurse in Pretoria at the moment, in the process of moving to Aus. My Sister has been there for the past 6-7 years and my parents will be going soon. My husband and I really want to go, but I am so scared. I am scared of being in a work situation where I am not sure what to do. I am good at my job and I absolutely love my job, its just that I am wondering if they do things alot different there than here in SA...In the nursing industry. Is there a bridging course that you need t
  5. I wrote this as a response to another post and it grew its own head so i created a post for it rather: I work in an industry where i visit a lot of different businesses and deal with management and staff so i got beaten into shape pretty quickly. I am writing this in such a way as to hopefully illustrate why people’s attitudes will not fit in here, I had to fix the below in my own attitude when I got here especially as I am an expert in my field and used to people listening to me….. There is that good old RSA arrogance coming out J The reason why companies interview for people fitting i
  6. Hi there, Just wanting to check the legitimacy of this firm, Australian Home Away -> http://www.australianhomeaway.com.au We are contemplating renting a place in Melbourne through them, but just want to make sure there's no dodgy history before we commit to any deposits or such. Thanks Gideon
  7. Where to begin? Well, this would have been easier if I started when I started the process. But yeah, I didn't think of it at the time, so now I'll have to make do. Let's go back to the start, or slightly before the start. Ever since I married my wife, she's been poking and prodding to "get the hell out of Dodge". We did the whole going overseas trips about every year, seeing that we don't have kids as yet. After our last trip to Scotland during March this year (2012), I truly started seeing the reality of what I chose to conveniently ignore... South Africa has become a shadow of it's former s
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