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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all I've decided to document our experience thus far to help anyone in a similar position. 189 skills visa application for engineers. Husband civil engineering degree (me). Wife chemical engineering degree. Civil engineer to be the main applicant. Decided to move Feb 2018, just did basic research and no real action. Booked our Ielts rest for end of July 2018 - clearly we became more serious. Please see ielts section for my experience and advice. Booked engineers Australia assessment end of August. Please see EA section below for our experience and advice. Submitted EOI with 80 points on 1st week of November. Age 30 points, qualification 15 points, English 20 points, work experience 10 points and partner qualification 5 points. Awaiting outcome. Received an invitation 11th Nov 🙂 A few days after this we went to do our police clearance - weekdays only during work hours, not all police stations do it please check before. Cost is R114 , you need a copy of ID, cash and original ID. Wife and I went out of our way to go there together, but it seems that it is not necessary to go at the same time since it's separate applications. Obviously means one might come before the other. Ielts test: Since we both were having our degrees assessed, we assumed that ielts was the requirement. Not the case, pte is accepted by EA Requirement was above 8 for me and above 6 for my wife - partner just needed competent English Prepared for 2 weeks, were both comfortable - English is our only language, and we consider ourselves to be very good at it. Wife got above 8 for all except writing. I got 8.5 and 9 for all except writing - 7.5. Devastating. I walked out of that test thinking it was a breeze, but this happened. Wasn't a major setback as we used it to apply for EA assessment - just needed to prove competent English there. In general I would not recommend the ielts test - given the price you pay, it is definitely not well managed. Even if you choose a convenient date, you won't always do the speaking part on the same day. The speaking part is done at a dodgy spot - could easily be someone's house. The other tests are done at a large external venue which is very disorganized. After writing the test we were given someone else's vehicle keys, they insisted it was mine (no safes - they gave you a ticket number and kept your stuff in the book store). Should have taken the keys it was a Mercedes :-). The ielts people seem to bite off more than they can chew just to make money. Booked the pte about 1.5 months later for myself - got a day about 2 weeks later - Saturday early October. Prepared for 1 week. Heed the advice about adjusting the mic and making sure it records you correctly as it is a computer. Pleasant experience - venue was packed to capacity - 8 people 🙂 I walked out of that test feeling I failed it, was already looking for the next closest test date. It was tough to me. Got my result that same evening (Saturday) - 90 for everything. Full marks! Engineers Australia (EA) : Also not the most pleasant experience. Wife and I both had trouble uploading all our docs - system was always down. Tried different times of day, browsers, computers, etc. Degree assessment only (wife) - copy of degree, academic record (only gave that later), ID, passport, change of surname, marriage certificate, English test. After about 6 weeks we logged a query online and received an email back requesting additional information - academic record. After uploading (took a while to try due to the faulty website) we received her confirmation letter 2 days afterwards. Cost R4474 EA work assessment: I did skills assessment too. I'm currently in my 3rd post grad job, but with the first 2 it was above 5 years so I did not have current work experience assessed for obvious reasons. Submitted the necessary docs like my wife did as above and also my cv, letter from both employers (letterhead, stamped, work duration, salary and job title), SARS docs (statement of account and ITA34). Followed up after 6 weeks, got picked apart by the assessor - forget to upload passport, needed pension documents and job duties. Advice to all is to get the job duties in the company service letter, but one company's HR refused to do so, they wanted me to contact all past managers and get them to first sign off on the 5 duties I wanted to be added to the letter. So I instead uploaded the job duties and performance review docs with the company letterhead, these were acceptable. Pension docs were also a mission they needed it detailed month by MO th showing the contributions. Reached out to absa and momentum as they were the ones it was done with. Took almost 2 weeks, absa gave it to me on a spreadsheet with no letterhead so I had to beg them to write a letter confirming the spreadsheet was correct and the duration that funds were contributed for. Took another week to upload these - the site had technical difficulties whenever I tried to upload. Had to finally phone them, and they agreed to accept it via email. Then waited another week before phoning again. They said they're still busy. I was worried that they were not going to accept the job duties one... Early November I received the results : relevant Australian work experience: nil. Relevant overseas work experience: *dates that I was assessed for*. Misread the doc at first and thought that they rejected my work experience claim :/. Cost R7976. Been researching places to stay - likely going to be Melbourne. We're glad we're not going on the sponsored visa given that you are slave to one employer, although this will mean the process is more expensive. I'm hoping that once we get the visa, I can do interviews via Skype and maybe secure a job (wishful thinking I know). Maybe that job will pay for relocation - container so we can take stuff from here to Aus (super wishful thinking). Last option is we will pack up and leave, should get a job within a month. Haven't gotten into the finer details to do when getting ready to leave, but will be rushed - selling house and cars and everything we own, etc. Started the visa application just need to upload the police clearance when we get it and we have already booked medicals for next week. Any questions and advice?
  2. Could someone kindly assist me with understanding whether I am entitled to claim 7 or 8 years relevant skilled employment for 189 EOI. I received a Engineers Australia skilled employment outcome letter and was awarded skilled experience outside of Australia for the period March 2010 to February 2017. To me this is 8 years of experience. I'd like to know whether I'm interpreting the letter correctly. Any assistance will be appreciated...
  3. I received feedback from Engineers Australia saying that they were rejecting my letter of employmentand third party documents and that I need to submit alternative documents. The full text of their feedback is Did I miss a paragraph or misinterpret what they want in the MSA book? Both my letters are on a company letter head. It is endorsed by my HOD (and a senior Lecturer at UJ who supervised me for two years during a joint project) Both letters have company stamps, are on official letterheads and contain all the other information they require in the booklet. As far as I can see, nowhere does it say I can't write the letter and have my manager endorse it. The third party proof of employment that I submitted is an ITA from SARS? It doesn't contain the name of the employer because SARS doesn't put it on. As I have absolutely no chance of getting SARS to change their documents, what must I submit? Neither the IRP5 nor a pay slip would count as third party? I hope someone can give me some clarity on this.
  4. Hi Guys, @RedPanda @Odendaal @SD_MOA I have received an invite for 189 and now I am a tad worried. My degree has been certified by Engineers Australia as "Mechanical Engineer" and I am claiming 3 years working experience. 1. Does your years experience claimed need to be assesed by your skills assessing authority? According to the 189 booklet, see attached pic. "Your relevant Assessing authority may be able to provide an opionion.." Otherwise it mentions all the docs needed to support your claim. Has anyone just uploaded all these documents without getting a letter from your assessing authority provong years exp? Thanks
  5. Hi Everyone, I hope you're having an amazing week! I'm thrilled to say that we finally received our final unabridged birth certificate 2 weeks ago (6 months after applying); and this morning, my husband's positive skills assessment arrived in the post - woohoo! Now we can finally apply for the EOI with all documents in place for this stage. I'm wanting to submit the EOI but want to make absolutely sure I don't make any mistakes, as we're not working through an agent. Please advise on the following: My husband's skills assessment from Engineers Australia states that his "...qualification meets the current academic requirement for standing as a Professional Engineer (Skill level 1) in Australia....", and "Your above qualification has been assessed as broadly comparable to an Australian Bachelor degree for the purposes of awarding points for qualifications under the General Skilled Migration Points test." My question refers: http://www.immi.gov.au/Visas/Pages/189.aspx - in the section for points based on Qualifications, which of the following does he qualify for: At least a bachelor degree from an Australian educational institution or other degree of a recognised standard 15 OR An award or qualification recognised by the assessing authority in the assessment of the skilled occupation 10 Your help is much appreciated!
  6. Today came with the shocking news that DHL lost or had stolen from them, they aren’t actually too sure, our Engineers Australia approval certificate. Shocking to think that we thought by actually using them we would get the certificate safely. And we have no idea where it went missing? In SA or Aus? All of this gets too stressful and expensive when stuff like this happens. Now we will probably have to pay another 105 AUD to get the certificate reissued. Just had to let some steam off.
  7. Hi there, My wife and myself are interested in applying for a AUS visa and we've started doing some reading whilst getting our paperwork ready. I hold a Bachelors degree in Engineering From UP. According to http://www.immi.gov....ls/skillselect/ We need to complete a skills assessment and or a job ready program before we can submit an expression of interest (EOI). However according to http://www.engineers...ssment#overseas I don't have to complete a Stage 1 Assessment of my qualification because my qualification is accredited under the Washington Accord as a Professional Engineer (SA has been a member since 1999 and I enrolled in 2003 and completed in 2006). Does this only apply to ECSA's PR ENGs? From the same website however it says that the Stage 2 Assessment isn't really required for everyone. Does anybody have experience with how the Washington accord fits into this equation? I have contacted Engineers Australia but haven't yet received any feedback other than an email stating that they are experiencing high email volumes. Thanks in advance!
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