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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all I've decided to document our experience thus far to help anyone in a similar position. 189 skills visa application for engineers. Husband civil engineering degree (me). Wife chemical engineering degree. Civil engineer to be the main applicant. Decided to move Feb 2018, just did basic research and no real action. Booked our Ielts rest for end of July 2018 - clearly we became more serious. Please see ielts section for my experience and advice. Booked engineers Australia assessment end of August. Please see EA section below for our experience and advice. Submitted EOI with 80 poin
  2. Hi Ever since April this year I've been thinking to migrate but haven't put in a lot of effort yet except for reading. I am eligible for a 189 PR Visa as I'm a Mechanical Engineer with approximately 5 years experience in both Chemical and Power Generation industries. If I get the maximum points for the IELTS I will be having 70 points with the possibility to increase this to 75 next year April. The whole process of leaving everything behind like a decent job, properties and then most important your family is something that we still need to overcome. However ever
  3. PB111

    On the fence

    Hi to everyone on the forum Like most contributors, I've been an avid stalker of saaustralia... I initially joined sometime in 2014, but like the title of this post says, I've been on the fence about carrying through with the visa and migration process. While I'm typing this, a part of me is still anxious, and somewhat unsure whether its the best option. Hubby and I had no desire to leave SA, until our princess arrived - who, in her opinion, is a very grown up person stuck in a 6 year old body . Since her birth its been agonising to listen to the news, in particular the
  4. cutecutter

    EOI lodged!

    Hi everyone!! This is my first time posting.. We have just lodged our EOI, Civil engineer with 60 points. (189 visa). Is this the part where the anxiety and impatience starts?? How long do you guys recon we are going to wait to receive an invite? I know 60 points is not that much but crossing fingers!!
  5. Hi, Could any of the engineers out there shed some light on this for me please. Is registration with Engineers Australia compulsory to work as an engineer in Australia? I am not currently ECSA registered but my qualifications have already been assessed by Engineers Australia and comply with the Washington Accord. I have about 14 years experience but never worked on government contracts, so ECSA registration was never an issue. Any idea on where might be a good place to start job hunting (already have PR)? Currently working in the energy management field. Planning on moving in Jan 2016. Any fee
  6. Hey guys, I had my degree and work experience assessed and I received a favourable outcome in all categories except the one which I least expected. My degree is on par with a skill level 1 Professional Engineer in Aus, and they acknowledged my five years of work experience as an engineer. Unfortunately though I studied a new discipline at Tuks which is very closely related to electronic engineering, and because of this the ANZSCO list didn't have an exact mapping for my discipline and I was put into the 233999 category which is the "not elsewhere classified" category. Meaning they don't have s
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