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Found 5 results

  1. Hi We're needing to travel to SA, but my son's SA passport has expired (his other passport is still valid). Now many people say you can only enter/exit SA on a SA passport if you're a SA citizen. From from my reading of the regs, this only applies to "major" citizens ie. not "minors" and so children/non-adults can enter on foreign passports even if SA citizen. And from the Home Affairs website: http://www.dha.gov.za/index.php/civic-services/travel-documents General information about South African passports A passport is a document issued by a national government for international travel and it certifies the identity and nationality of the holder. Applicants should note that In terms of section 26 of the South African Citizenship Act, 1995, it is a punishable offence for a South African citizen of 18 years and older to leave or enter South Africa on a foreign passport. BUT I'm still getting conflicting info from people, including a consulate official ! Can anyone verify the real situation on this issue? Thanks very much Mike
  2. Drought

    Dual citizenship and travel

    Hi Question: if one has dual citizenship of SA and Australia are you legally obliged to enter SA on your SA passport or can you select which one to use for travel? A colleague recently had to travel to SA to visit a sick relative, but postponed due to their SA passports having expired- Would appreciate clarification. Drought
  3. With the benefit of hindsight, access to internet searches or hearing from friends and fellow Saffers abroad that..... "The South African Citizenship Act provides for retention of South African citizenship PRIOR to the acquisition of a foreign citizenship. A condition of attaining dual citizenship for all South African citizens aged 18 years or older is that they must apply and be granted permission to retain their South African citizenship prior to the acquisition of a foreign citizenship". Further details here But, what happens if you did not know? What happens if you applied for and acquired foreign citizenship and now, after you have your citizenship of another country you realise that "If a South African citizen does not obtain this prior permission they will automatically lose their South African citizenship on voluntary acquisition of a foreign citizenship." This has happened to me and my family so I contacted the Dept. Home Affairs (DHA) and I was told that since we did not apply for the permission letter, the SA Citizenship of my wife and I (our kids are under 18) has automatically been renounced. I enquired about having our citizenship reinstated which I'm told is possible, well sort of! If you were born in SA it's your birthright to always have the right to permanent residence. All you need to do is move back (yes, on a tourist visa valid for 90 days) and start the process to reinstate your permanent residence. My wife however was born in UK and got SA citizenship through naturalisation when she was a child. Tough luck, she needs to start from scratch and has no rights to reinstate her permanent residence or citizenship. I've contacted DHA and had no joy talking to them so I turned to the Shadow Minister of Home Affairs, Mr Manny de Freitas. He at least replied to my emails and actually sympathises with me. The reason why he is sympathetic to my problem is that I did not know about the permission letter until I had acquired Aus citizenship. Nowhere in our passports does it say that we need to apply for permission and nowhere did the Australian Authorities inform us that we needed to acquire DHA permission. Of course it's not the Australians fault or responsibility but it is the responsibility of DHA to ensure that their citizens are informed of this very important information. The obvious place to post such information is in a current passport or have a relationship with Dept of Immigration of countries like Britain, Ireland, NZ, Aus, Canada, USA etc where Saffers would commonly apply for citizenship. Sorry for the long-winded story but I really feel like those of us who unknowingly acquired the citizenship of another country without applying for the permission for dual citizenship letter really need to stand together. I'm not asking DHA for an exemption or any different treatment other than asking them to accept the application for permission even after the foreign citizenship has been granted. There's a FaceBook page for those interested and the more support the better. http://www.facebook....alSACitizenship Looking forward to hearing from people caught in a similar situation. PS! Even if your not in a similar position please spread the word about the Face Book page. Attached is a scan of my SA passport Conditions of Issue and no mention if permission for dual citizenship being required.
  4. Can anyone confirm what happens to the rights of a SA citizen minor when the child's parents (and the child) receive a second nationality? This is what I've been told by the consulate so far: - on receipt of a second citizenship (without permission) the parents forfeit their SA citizenship, but not minor children - up until age of 16, a child can be a dual national and travel to South Africa on a foreign passport - from 16, the child must travel to SA on SA passport - a minor may not renounce their SA citizenship and this can only be done upon reaching 18 (although then the form BI-246 is mildly confusing as it states : "The responsible parent must sign on behalf of a minor child"? Does this mean, there is no way for a child aged 16-17 to travel to SA without a SA passport?? ....and a second question : Seemingly a bit contradictory, the Citizenship Act (section 7-3) states that if a child's parents renounce their SA citizenship, that child also ceases to be a citizen. Upon reaching the age of 18, can such a child apply to have their citizenship reinstated?
  5. Sunnyskies

    Approval for dual citizenship

    Question to those who have dual citizenship. How long did it take for you to get approval from SA Department of Home Affairs for dual citizenship? We applied at the end of January together with the renewal of our children's passports. Got the new passports within 6 weeks but still no sign of the consent for dual citizenship
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