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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All, We are ready to apply for citizenship but the dreaded decision is holding us back. "Do we apply for retention of ZA citizenship?" I have read many posts here and understand that it is a personal choice based on our own circumstances That accepted, I am needing to know the following in this scenario: We (Adults) don't apply for retentionKids (both) under 18 will by default retain their citizenshipWe (entire family) travel to South Africa on holidayWe (Adults) use Aussie passportsWhat passports do kids enter South Africa on?In this article (2013), a Swiss-Aussie living here for 40 years could not return to Australia as the Aussie government cannot interfere when you are in a country where you hold dual citizenship. Assuming South Africa make military service compulsory for a specific age group and we travel to ZA; our kids could be forced to serve and there is nothing the Australian government can do about it. Information sourced: http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/2013/10/30/aussies-warned-pitfalls-dual-nationalityFrom SmartTraveller.com.au: http://www.smartraveller.gov.au/tips/dual-nationals.htmlWhat is dual nationality?Many Australians are migrants, children of migrants or were born overseas. This means that many Australians are dual nationals or could be regarded as dual nationals by another country. You may not even know that you're a dual national. If you are a dual national, your dual nationality may have implications for you if you travel to the country of your other nationality. For example: you might be liable for military serviceyou might be liable for prosecution for offences under the laws of that country, even if they were committed outside itif the government of that country doesn't recognise dual nationality, the ability of the Australian Government to provide consular assistance may be limited.Confusion does not begin to describe... (..and it's true; this is a first world problem...)
  2. Hi guys and gals. I would like some opinions and views on this, just for interest sake. My cousin and her family have been in Brisbane for a few years and their citizenship tests are coming up. When I asked her if they are going to give up their South African citizenship, she said yes. Because they don't ever intend coming back. Now I understand the logic, and I think that when (notice I did not say if, but WHEN) I get there, I would probably also not mind giving up my South African citizenship. However, it got me thinking about it. - One never knows what the future might bring. Say, by some unhappy chance you have to come back, for whatever reason. Now you will have to deal with the super efficient South African Home Affairs to apply for a visa, work visa, etc etc. - Say one of her children, who are about to leave school, wants to come back to SA, same thing. And if they do, they will have to get tourist visas every time they want to visit their grandchildren. - Even though the South African passport is kinda useless, would it not be better to have citizenship in both countries? Seeing that our roots are here, and most of our families, would it not be easier for travel purposes between the two countries. Let me have your opinions please, from those of you that has given it up, some of your thinking around it and why, and same for those of you that decided on dual citizenship. What are some pros and cons, and what are some of the headaches associated with keeping your South African citizenship as well?
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